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Friday, August 10, 2012

And now, in lighter news...

Janice Daniels makes the 'How NOT to' section of 'A Politician's Guide to Social Media.'


  1. Wow. There are many lessons to learn! Politwoops is my favorite! Great word!

  2. It's good advice to think before posting to social media. Of course, it's easier to just NOT be intolerant.

  3. Does the City of Troy have a social media policy for its city council? It seems like it needs one with Janice Daniels personal FB page which is made to look like an official city site (i.e., her title displayed next to her name, picture of city hall as backdrop). The majority of her posts do not relate to city business, and are her opinions or are reports on her personal, not city-authorizd and non-mayoral activities.