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Monday, August 6, 2012

A now, a word about Martin Howrylak...

from April

What a crock of *&^%

I have been on vacation for the past week and a half and just went through our wheel barrel full of mail.  Right now, as I write this I am fit to be tied!  I, against my better judgment, actually read the first paragraph of a Martin Howrylak letter.  It was only a few lines, but my blood pressure went through the roof.  Here is what he wrote and I quote:

“Sometimes we had to rally to make council aware of the needs of our community.  One example is Milverton Park.  When I became aware of the undeveloped property off Maple Rd in 2000 and realizing the lack of parts in southeast Troy, I make a firm commitment to do all I could to get a park there.  Working with residents we convinced the council of the importance of acquiring this land.  That vacant land from 2000 is now known as Milverton Park.”

I was there in 2000 and in 2001 when the idea for a park came about.  I was there for the long council meetings that the residents in this area attending to fight for this park when a developer wanted to put condominiums there.  And, I was there when Martin Howrylak, voted NO for this park when it came before council.  Is this really the type of person we want representing us Lansing, one who apparently is incapable of telling the truth or of providing all the facts?  I think not.

That felt better.  Thank you all for letting me vent.  


  1. Just like how Janice Daniels wanted a library last year.


  2. They lie and twist the facts....