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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why don't they love Howrylak?

As the Republican primary approaches and Martin Howrylak, Deb DeBacker and that other anti-government guy duke it out to try to become Michigan State Reps so they can live off of our hard-earned tax dollars, and get all of the benefits that they keep trying to take away from our qualified and talented city workers, one has to wonder why on earth the Republicans are treating Martin Howyrlak so shabbily.
I mean, I don't even have a dog in this fight. I like DeBacker just a smidge less than Howrylak, but don't want either of them representing Troy and Clawson in Lansing. 
I'm amazed that
1) these anti-tax zealots are SO enthusiastic to get a cushy job at the taxpayers expense (for 3?-year-old Howrylak it would be his first job ever, I believe),
2) Gosselin and DeBacker are attacking Howrylak, who has carried THEIR water for years, and
3) DeBacker, the holier-than-thou Christian, is palling around with the appallingly ethics-challenged Oakland County Commissioner Gosselin, who has a rap-sheet longer than most criminals. Oh yeah, HE is a holier-than-thou Christian, too! (As long as you're in their club, you can break any ethics rules and laws you like). You can tell he's helping run her campaign, because her campaign is so nasty. Of course, she is incredibly nasty as well. 
So DeBacker and Gosselin (and Tom McMillin, to boot) claim that their big beef with Howrylak is that he's a Libertarian in Republican's clothing. But, today's Republican party has been totally taken over by tea partiers who claim they are Libertarians (they're not, as Libertarians are supposed to be lovers of individual freedoms and people like Deb DeBacker want to use the Bible as a rule book to tell us all what to do--which is not, Ms. DeBacker, the Libertarian NOR the Christian thing to do...just so you know). A Libertarian (Ron Paul, for example), is just the purist form of a Republican, right?

I can tell you that Howrylak is fighting mad that people think he is still a Libertarian. He told me so himself and he meant it. Howrylak is also the biggest anti-tax extremist I've ever seen--to a fault, in my eyes. I think he considers his former Libertarianism an indiscretion of youth. Howrylak is also a Christian. I remember hearing someone say what a good Christian he is. I was surprised because he doesn't hit people over the head with it all the time, like Gosselin and DeBacker do.

So is what the problem, really? Howrylak isn't Christian enough for these nasty, unethical, viciou, backstabbers people who use their religion as a sword against the rest of us? It's a pretty big joke about Gosselin being a moral Christian, you know, as he is everything from a kidnapper to a hooker hound.

But that's the new breed of self-adoring, self-righteous Christian extremists. Not all Christians, of course. Most of us are just normal folks, trying to get by. Zealots like Janice Daniels are another story. She prides herself (and embarrasses Troy) by continuously telling us that she must protect good people from gay marriage, despite the fact she has been divorced twice. What on earth does she know about healthy marriage!!!??? And my understanding is that while Jesus often spoke about divorce being a sin, he NEVER condemned homosexuality. I mean, aren't these people self-aware enough to be ashamed of their gross, appalling hypocrisy now and then?

Oh well. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had a theory about why these people are trashing their own darling boy, their own Eagle Scout, their own Wunderkind?

What's your theory?


  1. Thank you. Great post. You are correct, Jesus never spoke of homosexuality specifically just as he never specifically mentioned a number of other behaviors the Bible defines as sin. He was a Jew and believed in the Ten Commandments.
    While his not specifically mentioning certain behaviors may not make the conduct any less, or for that matter any more, of a sin than things he did specifically address, there are a number of teachings certain members of this group ignore regularly. Jesus interacted with all, held fast to his beliefs, treated all with dignity
    and respect and interceded when "sinners" were being mistreated (remember the adulteress who was about to be stoned?). Jesus demonstrated the love of God, spoke truth and allowed those he interacted with to make their own decision. He never compelled anyone to follow Him, although he could have. Maybe they should remember and adhere to the old acronym WWJD.
    People have the right to live where they want, have gainful employment and
    enjoy a good quality of life regardless of our beliefs about their lifestyle choice as long as that choice doesn't endanger or harm others. Tolerance doesn't mean that we have to accept the beliefs of others as correct or equally as valid as ours; it means they have right to hold those beliefs. I have no problem with that and can't figure out why they do.

    From a Consevative Christian

  2. If someone did a documentary today about animals who eat their young, they would have to interview DeBacker because that is the sort that she is.

    1. Oh geez, that's a bit much. How'd you manage to sound more harsher than me??

    2. It's a dog eat dog world and many of us wear bacon pants. In my experiences with DeBacker she has shown herself to be a very nasty person towards anyone who doesnt follow her narrow, dogmatic views.

  3. Wary and Weary in TroyJuly 29, 2012 at 7:19 PM

    My guess is that there was a good deal of manuvering and in-fighting about running for the State Rep seat. Marty was being groomed for years for that spot, biding his time. Then after the negative stuff during the library campaigns and Marty's real and imagined connection to that, they dumped him for DeBacker. Plus, I don't think Marty was far right enough on social issues.
    Frankly, DeBacker went radio silent during the library millage and let her husband do her talking. I bet they were pretty miffed that Marty decided to run against DeBacker. He went against "he that shall not be named"... Gosselin/Voldemort. The rest of the death eaters got in line to continue to stay on the winning team. And Marty was persona non-grata. That's my theory.
    I just got his campaign lit with all the pictures of a wife that was gone 8 weeks after the wedding. Does she live in the parents basement too? I felt that his lit was so obviously pandering that it was actually somewhat embarrassing. And DeBacker's lit has no real accomplishments on it except parent and precinct captain, which anyone with time and interest can do. Gee whiz.

    Just my theory.

  4. I believe Martin's wife lives in Austrailia . . so I also cringed at the obvious attempt to persuade the Asian population of Troy. I personally believe that Libertarian means you stand for nothing but your own self interest. You decide what you are going to do no matter how that impacts yourself, your family, your community. It's almost hedonistic. The same level of "me-centricness" can be found with members of the Tea Party. They will take Government funds, but they don't want pay into the system. So, with this level of self interest only, they will throw anyone to the wolves as long as they feel they can benefit from it. No loyalty, no sense of community, no values. So is it any wonder they will prey on their (former) friends?

    1. I agree, I don't like either Libertarians or Tea Party Republicans, they're both extremists and selfish in my eyes; "for the common good" does not exist in either of their vocabularies.

  5. The campaign literature is just politics as usual, IMO. They'll buddy up, and endorse the winner in the race against Mary Kerwin in November. Wasn't Howrylak at the anti-DIA thing and weren't they all civil there? I think they all understand that's the way the game is played.

    What I find funny is this "I am the only (such and such) in this race" that Debacker and Howrylak are shootig back and forth at each other. First, Howrylak with the only "practicing CPA", and then Debacker with the only "parent". I couldn't care beans about either of those doesn't make either less of an extremist right-wing ideaologue.

  6. When you start making references to someone's family, marriage, divorce, financial situation, etc. etc., you lose a lot of credibility. Personally, I'm no fan of Gosselin, but the things you keep referring to happened years ago. I suppose, from your perspective, your glass house windows are sparkling clean? It doesn't matter what they do. You need to rise above it. Pathetic.

    1. Gosselin's house is still not clean and his behavior during the last few years proves that.

    2. It's the self-righteous hypocrisy that is galling, Anon 8:02. Yes, we are ALL sinners. But this pack, Gosselin, Daniels, etc. act like they have never sinned and also are quick to state what they consider sins in others. Frankly, Daniels would have more credibilty with me if she was as open about her divorces as she is about her Marine son or her tragic loss of her other son. Also what better way to validate her voice in the Marriage Initiative thing than speaking as one who has had experience with bad marriages. Anon 8:02, divorce is not the stigma that it used to be (3 out of 4 marriages end in divorce) and it is only narrow-minded, intolerant people that would would see it that way....ah, but there's the rub, that is a large part of Daniels's constituency.
      As for Schepke's financal mismanagement or Gosselin's tax delinquency, that is absolutely information that the public should have. Schepke is/will be potentially making financial decisions affecting the city, we have a right to know if he is horribly naive in that area. Gosselin is a county commisioner, FCOL, should be like Caesar's wife as far as the law goes (you pay your taxes!) and sets a very poor example for the rest of us.

    3. Wary and Weary in TroyJuly 30, 2012 at 5:08 PM

      Conservatives entire platform hinges on social issues and telling others what they should and shouldn't do on those very topics. How is it that other independent thinking people are not able to discuss them? There is no loss of credibility in bringing information up to talk about.

      When Conservatives tell others how to raise their children and what books they can read, then they open themselves up to scrutiny. When a politician uses their marriage or parenting as a campaign slogan or their family values as a banner, then they better be prepared to have their marriage and values questioned. When they say that gay couples that want to share their lives together and have the same rights as others can't do so, then they are going to hear from the other side. When a mayor tells citizens that she is holding a marriage forum on the importance of marriage when she is divorced, then criticism is fair. When political groups tell lies about the financial status of a city, museum, library and if they complain/lie about the salaries and benefits of public workers, or more importantly they claim greater financial savvy over everyone else, then financial conversation is on the table. Especially if their own financial decisions are found to be unwise or possibly unethical.
      People choosing to run for public office invite vetting. That is the way it is. If there are skeletons in the closet then they better be prepared to face them or stay out of the public eye.
      The past behavior of a politician is just as important as the present. I guarantee if Bill Clinton were to try to run for an office or get a cabinet seat, the right would have a fit about his past behavior. Bob Gosselin's past is public record and he has to own it, because people will continue to talk about it, like it or not. If he can't stand the heat... well you know the rest.

      So don't try to pretend that you are squeaky clean Anonymous 8:02am. Pathetic, really? I think the fact that the tone of your comments, which anonymous or not, have the same combative and nasty sound to them, makes me think that you need to take a bit of your own medicine and rise above whatever is eating you too. Your comments aren't constructive in case you haven't noticed. They just sound mean spirited each and every time you post.

    4. And yes, Anon 8:02, I will rise above my pathetic ways, make my way to the voting booth and vote both their a$$ess (Gosselin and Daniels) out of office.

    5. So, credibility is lost by pointing out Gosselin doesn't pay his taxes? What about Gosselin's credibility? I don't understand how someone seeking to understand people who have deliberately played politics in a manner with little integrity is pathetic. What's pathetic is that people shy away from learning, understanding and figuring out who they are letting driving their community into the ground. He does this with numerous political mailers filled with lies and a blogger dares to delve deeper and it makes her pathetic? Wake up and demand integrity! Excellence! Wake the heck up!!!!

    6. Anon 8:02, what I find pathetic is that right now, in the present, Mr. Gosselin owes taxes on his Troy residence. Therefore, he is enjoying all the things that the rest of us are paying for. Same with Martin, who has never paid property taxes in Troy. The Republican Party should really be ashamed at the representation they get in Troy.

    7. Hey, 8:02.
      I hardly need to respond,as the above replies are fantastic.
      But here's the thing. Am I divorced? No. Do I tell others how to run their marriages? No.
      Is Janice divorced? Yes, twice. Does she tell others how to run their marriages? Oh yes she does! And she is using her position as mayor of my town to do it. And I say that it's wrong for a nonpartisan mayor to do and crazy for a twice-divorced mayor to do.
      We did not hire her as the High Priestess of Troy. People voted for her because they believed she could fix the financial situation of Troy, yet she continues to do nothing toward that end. Instead, she is preaching to us. Gay people are "queers" and lead dangerous lives, she tells us.
      She wants to make all the churches in Troy refuse to marry people unless they do certain things! What about the personal freedom she supposedly stands for? She just want us to live according to her limited view of the world. I want her to leave us all alone.
      She even touted an "International event" in Troy that was really a plot to bring out people of all religions with the goal of converting them to Christianity.
      8:02, is that appropriate?
      And you have the nerve to call ME pathetic?
      Who does she think SHE is?
      As my mayor she is preaching to ME that she can teach me about marriage. Well, I've been married 15 years with two kids and a real job. She's twice divorced.
      And you have the nerve to call ME pathetic?
      Gosselin wanted to force all schools in MI to teach Creationism and carried tablets with the 10 Commandments on them all over the state in his car, fighting to have the 10 Commandments put in all courtrooms or some such. Yet this is the man who seems overjoyed to break just about every one of the Commandments! He was investigated for kidnapping his rich aunt out of a nursing home to steal her money! He didn't pay his friggin' taxes till I outed him on this blog!!
      And you have the nerve to call ME pathetic?
      Religious hypocrites posing as arbiters of good and evil are pathetic.
      Informing people about their hypocrisy? Priceless.

    8. Regarding the comment that the conservative platform is based on social issues it's important to point out that both national party platforms have strong, and opposing, positions on social issues. Personally, I tend to lean toward the conservative point of view on these things; but, not exclusively so. We are all entitled to our opinions regarding social issues, painting conservatives with such a broad brush because of the actions of this group is akin to saying all liberals are anti-business due to the actions of the Occupy movement.
      The issue here is that these folks brought national, social politics to a nonpartisan City Council who's main focus should be getting the city through a very challenging situation without gutting the quality of life Troy is known for. I oppose what they're doing and I would oppose an extremist liberal group who attempted to do the same.
      This group began to exert influence with the election of Bob Gosselin and it's gotten worse. I will focus on recalling the Mayor, and hopefully let those who share her views know there are consequences for their actions. I couldn't care less what their world view is, what they do at home, who they donate money to or what they read. I do care when they fail to properly address the issues facing our community and spend their time promoting their social beliefs; regardless of whether I agree with some of them or not.

    9. " I think the fact that the tone of your comments, which anonymous or not, have the same combative and nasty sound to them, makes me think that you need to take a bit of your own medicine and rise above whatever is eating you too."

      Hey thanks for the thoughtful analysis of someone you do not know.

    10. Feel free to share your identity if you would prefer readers get to know you better. It is an observation that while there are many Anonymous contributors, your posts are easily recognizable by their tone.

  7. Oh come on. Pathetic? Really? What's pathetic is that Gosselin, a man of apparently no principles whatsoever, is allowed to get away with everything he has for years without someone in the press calling him on it and bringing it to the attention of voters who haven't been able to find these things out for themselves.

    Is there a statute of limitations on slimy behavior? Or does it speak to a lifelong pattern of deception, illegal actions and sickness? Did Bob Gosselin find Jesus after his escapades with the police and hookers a few years back? He's continued to scrape the bottom of the barrel politically without a second glance back. Sharon, keep the news coming.

  8. Ask their enemies if things long ago or unsubstantiated accusations (recall the robot calls concerning Councilman Slater, the trashing of John Szerlag's reputation, the public declarations that city officials with spotless records were liars and lacked integrity) are put aside for the sake of THEIR families. If being in the public eye causes your past indiscretions to be brought up, perhaps one should consider the impact on ones family and step away. As far as I can tell the originator of this blog didn't build a glass house to live in; some of these folks absolutely did. When you proclaim to be the judge of others lives, then you must expect your life to be examined. I harbor no personal dislike for any of these folks and truly wish them good and productive lives. But, we need to know what kind of people are representing us via an elective office.