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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who We Are

When I first became involved in Troy politics, I didn't really know who Troy Citizens United were until I saw a mailer in opposition of the February 2010 millage vote.  The mailer was laughable -- filled with so many inaccuracies, rudimentary stick figures and over-the-top fear-tactic laden phrases that I thought, "Wow, this fringe group of zealots is surely some silly little hate group that will vanish!"

Boy, was I wrong.  What I found out was that they were fully backed by some of Oakland County's biggest and best funded power-hitters, had been around for a LONG time, and regularly received many and generous donations from people I had know for YEARS.

(Obviously not enough to help spell-check or fact-check mailers, though...but I digress...)

And their tactics WORKED.  They target a specific "universe," the political term for intended audience.  This universe is known for disliking tax increases for anything, believes the myth that Troy has been over-spending for those luxuries like good roads, adequate drain systems and the best police/fire force around.  They hate that Troy had become THE place to work -- that we had hired regularly the most qualified and competent and educated employees and paid them a fair living wage.

So when a voice of opposition arrived, first with TRUST and then their off-shoot, SAVE TROY -- the group mainly responsible for saving the library with the successful millage last August -- the TCU didn't know what to do.  Then came the RECALL JANICE DANIELS team, and that sent them over the edge.

Suddenly, they weren't the only voice or even a voice anyone gave credit to anymore.
Suddenly, someone was opposing their spurious claims.
Suddenly, PEOPLE BEGAN TO LEARN THE TRUTH.  And the TCU can't handle the truth, as the saying goes...

So the smoke and mirrors came out.  TRUST, SAVE TROY, RECALL JANICE DANIELS...they all must be WELL-ORGANIZED AND WELL-FUNDED.  We must all have been POLITICAL OPERATIVES.  Surely we were all LIBERALS, too.  (GASP!).

Lies...all of it lies.  You want to know who it is that helped save that library?  Who tried to elect a new council with ALL OUR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND?  Who stood up to a BIGOTED MAYOR? 

We are regular people.
We are moms and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles...high school students and younger.
We are Troy residents.
We are new to the ins and outs of local issues, most of us.
We've never held political office, and most of us do not care to EVER hold office.
We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Moderates, Libertarians, and undeclared.
We are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and more.
We are straight and gay.


We share one vision: to restore Troy to what we all know it was and can be again -- a thriving city welcoming to ALL citizens who want the best place in which to live, work and play.

If you saw how any of the behind-the-scenes work on the library campaign, the November council/mayor campaign, or even the recall campaign took place, you'd LAUGH.  We are earnest, to be sure, but we are NOT seasoned political savants by ANY means. 

When we DO have outside help from someone who knows how to run a campaign, we argue and fuss and fight to do things OUR way, not the politically strategic way.

We do not want to win with disingenuous games-playing  We don't want to act like the REAL proven political operatives with their well-funded (often with outside money and support) campaigns against our vision.  We don't want to win AT ANY COST...we want to win because IT'S RIGHT FOR TROY.

Janice Daniels can paint us however she wants, that's her prerogative.  But like most everything that comes out of her mouth, it's not accurate, it's meant only to bolster her sagging image, and its goal is to win a game most Troy residents don't even want to play.

Stop the games.  End the controversy the new mayor has brought to Troy.

Recall Janice Daniels.


  1. Janice Daniels claim that the recall is the result of a small group of well-connected people is hogwash. SHE is the once connected to hardcore politicians: Glenn Clark, Bob Gosselin, Deb DebBacker, Martin Howrylak. Glenn Clark is notorious in both Republican and Democratic political circles. He was a campaign "manager" for a candidate who was ordered by a Judge to apologize for the lies included in the candidate's political literature. Janice and her cronies are anything but "new" and "grassroots," though she shamelessly describes herself that way.

  2. Rhonda HendricksonJuly 22, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    When I got involved in saving the library with Prop 1, it never occurred to me that it would be anything but a done deal. In my naive mind, I literally thought "who wouldn't want a library in their town?" It was an education that has changed a good deal about how I see the world.
    You are exactly right about not being a political animal. I often disagreed with political consulting. I was told on many occasions that I needed to "go negative." But I felt that integrity meant something and that it was bad for our citizens and the community spirit. People that worked on the library campaigns were exactly as you describe, young and old and every walk of life. They represented everything that is good in Troy.
    The Tea Party does not have a corner on grassroots, family and community, faith and patriotism. There are plenty of us out here in Troy who are all that. What we also share is the right to stand up for what we believe in and raise our voices, our money and each other to a higher standard.
    So, I might be dating myself here when I say "Right On" to everyone that keeps fighting for a city we can be proud of again. Not one that is shrouded in negativism, lies, hate, bigotry and an anti-everything attitude.
    Thanks Trust, Save Troy and everyone that believes in better.

    1. Thank you Rhonda for starting the fight. Your citizens initiative to save the Library was the right direction and it's too bad the vocal opponents didn't take the time to get their facts straight. It's telling that with all of the shenanigans -- 3 false ballot proposals, the flawed Kempen petition, and Howrylak's ill-conceived and misinformed letter -- Proposal 1 only lost by some 600 votes. While Proposal 1 lost, your effort served to help folks in this city sit up and take note of what was going on. In that sense, Troy won. Little by little the apathy and lack of knowledge is going away. You started that ball rolling. And I thank you for that!

  3. So, question... If you are comprised of individuals from all factions of the political spectrum, why is it that when reading most of your information, posts, claimed 'factual' information, that it all 'seems' at least, to lean in a very Democratic direction? Perhaps your claim of a bipartisan viewpoint is quite accurate, but, it just doesnt read that way, most of the time. Not in who you appear to support, or in what you appear to believe.

    1. Can you elaborate?

      Better yet...why not share your definitions of a Democrat?

      Because what I've found here in Troy...the so-called "Conservatives" are really SO FAR right that those of us closer to the middle look more left than we really are.

      Though I wonder why the labels really matter...

    2. I don't usually pigeonhole myself politically. But if a Democrat believes:
      In the right to free speech
      Women, minorities and gays have equal rights and the ability to make their own life choices (all men are created equal)
      Separation of church and state
      All religions are encouraged and welcome in America and Christianity is but one of those
      Immigration made this country what it is and we should embrace diversity in a global economy
      Education is important for the greater good and advancement of all and should be supported by society
      Govt plays a role in providing for the public good in the way of public safety, transportation, water/refuse, roads, and libraries
      Society plays a role in tandem with govt, by way of their taxes, in helping our fellow man with programs that make life livable and sustainable (SS, Medicare, etc).
      Business and private enterprise have a responsibility to the community, country, citizenry that support and use their products to make them money, to re-invest and grow in a way that returns that support for a stronger community/country by providing jobs locally and being good corporate citizens
      Society and business have a responsibility to be good stewards of this planet for future generations
      So, is that a Democrat? Independent? Nothing is black and white. Most peoples beliefs are shaded. I can say one thing, there are many people you would have labelled themselves Republican in this country who now can't bring themselves to be lumped in with the list that seems to describe them. And that is why this bi-partisan blog "seems" to lean to the middle and left. Because the tent that was once the Republican party has broken camp and set up in a very remote part of the woods.
      Time to bring back the Bill Milliken Michigan Republican party.

    3. I am a conservative Republican and sometimes I disagree with the posts on this blog. However, I respect the right to an opinion and we can debate, in a civil fashion, the merits of opinions. I don't see this Mayor Daniels recall as "party line politics" and would hope the more liberal posters agree.
      Mayor Daniels doesn't have the intellect, civility or common sense to lead a city as complex and diverse as Troy. A special skill set is needed; she doesn't possess it.
      Yes, some of the posts lean, or in some cases have tipped over, to the left (in my sole opinion). That, however, does not invalidate the points made. For the life of me I can't understand why conservative, Christian people stand behind an incompetent, offensive and ill equipped leader. Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid! I will stand my ground on my beliefs; but, I will not endorse incompetence because the incompetent contends they share some of my values.

    4. This is so well said. Thank you.

  4. Sue, you really never answer a question do you. A question in answer to a question is not an answer (most usually learn that by grade school). How about you give us your definition of republican?

    1. I didn't answer because I don't know what was meant by the question. What leans 'left'? That information is presented about the mayor's incompetence? That this blog advocated for the library millage? That I express my opinions from my perspective?

      I don't really KNOW what a true Democrat or Republican is anymore. I know how SOME define themselves; I don't identify myself personally with either one.

      I also cannot speak to the other voices on this blog. What more do you want to know?

    2. Sue, give the name of a Republican you would vote for. Pick a Republican, any republican. Michigan or elsewhere. They cant all be extreme can they?

    3. I could easily list all the Republicans I've voted for over the years. They FAR out number the Democrats I've voted for.

      But of what relevance is it to this issue?

  5. First, I have never seen one claim on this site about Janice Daniels, Bob Gosselin, Glenn Clark, Martin Howrylak, etc. that couldn't be backed up with either newspaper accounts or video. People will believe what they want to believe, and if you're a Janice fan, you're not going to change your mind. But I never heard of Janice Daniels until becoming involved in the effort to save the library, and my introduction to her loose way with "facts" at the podium week after week was truly sad. Having her as mayor has been even sadder.

    Being an avowed independent, and largely agreeing with Rogue's definition of Democrats, here's my take on the other side of the aisle definition.

    I think there is a clear difference between Republicans and conservatives today, and that difference has been set in motion by yellow-journalism media organizations like Fox News, anti-realism idiots like Grover Noruist, and raging right wing bloviators like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. It's even worse out there in the country. I'm sorry, but I can't take seriously birthers, anyone who denies global warming is happening, thinks people played and lived with dinosaurs, uses the Bible as cover for bigotry and intolerance, or celebrates a lack of education as somehow noble, and vilifies those who went to school and earned advanced degrees as "elites." That seems to be the province of "conservatives" like Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum.

    I've known plenty of Republicans I admire and have been friends with. Good people who think for themselves, aren't ideologues, know public services don't pay for themselves, and don't knee-jerk into positions based on small or petty thinking. Not one of them would like to be lumped into the "conservative" description I wrote above. In fact, they're all pretty damn smart people. Just my two cents...