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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Troy: the New Fantasy Island

Troy's mayor, Janice Daniels, recently spoke on WJR with Frank Beckmann.  You can hear the delightful conversation by clicking HERE.

Among the fictional tidbits of misinformation the illustrious and controversial Ms. Daniels provided are the following pieces of fantasy:

-- that the recall is a "tragic misuse of an important legal process" that Daniels feels is only for removal for crimes.  The law does not back up that assertion. What then, exactly, is the PROPER use of the recall statute?
-- that two former "Liberal" mayors are behind the effort.  In fact, one former mayor who supports the recall is Liberal, one is a WELL-KNOWN and very active CONSERVATIVE.
-- that the recall is "silly, petty and personal."  Well...ok, if you call being upset that Daniels insulted entire groups of residents with bigotry and hatred "silly, " she might have a point.  If you call slandering city administration in public during a ranting diatribe "personal," she might have a point.  And if you call being upset that she voted against a ten-year long investment in a transit project under the guise of saving our tax dollars (that would have gone to ANOTHER CITY, not the federal debt) "petty," you might have a point.
-- that the recall group is a "small group of well-connected political malcontents" who don't like Conservatism.  I believe I've already addressed who the recall supporters are in this post HERE.  I don't believe that over 10% of Troy's population who had a chance to sign the petition during a very small window of opportunity match Daniels's fanciful description, do you?

If those whoppers weren't enough to help Daniels sleep at night, she continued on with her glorious list of accomplishments thus far in her "honorable position" of Mayor of Troy:

--  the library being open on Saturday as her doing.  Let's review:  MAYOR DANIELS VOTED AGAINST THE RESOLUTION TO OPEN THE LIBRARY ON SATURDAYS.  Now, she will back-peddle and try to explain that she voted no against HER OWN resolution because she wants only a SEVEN day library.  She neglects to mention that her seven-day plan would cost the city an additional 1 MILLION +  above what the dedicated library millage provides.  *(see note below)
-- ownership of the Smart Meter resolution approved this past week -- after over 98% of Troy residents already HAVE Smart Meters, and without admitting that the resolution does NOTHING more than affirm a position that is nearly word for word from a state level resolution that is years old.
-- attended two funerals for fallen heroes.  Doesn't mention if they are Troy residents...and God rest their souls.  But what does THAT have to do with being the mayor???
-- working to establish a "Community Marriage Initiative" that somehow she feels will reduce our tax burden and provide dollars to fight youth crime.  ?????????????????????????????????  Are you confused, too?  And again...Why is Daniels working on SOCIAL ISSUES when she just told  Charlie Langton a few weeks ago that is exactly what she DIDN'T want to focus on??

Finally, the mayor ended the interview with some wonderful news.  She's hosting a State of the City speech on September 20, 2012 FREE OF CHARGE!!!!  She had already mentioned the freebie during the council meeting Monday night! Wow!  What a BARGAIN!

Wait...hasn't it ALWAYS been free of charge?  Isn't it a public event by a public official working in a public capacity???

Oh, and then she not only invited Frank Beckmann and other local "media superstars" to attend, she gave him the FABULOUS opportunity to donate to her campaign to fight the recall effort in which she'll need to raise a "significant amount" of donations to fight this "silly" effort.  I wonder if she'd have voice-over experience, because girlfriend can work a plug like no one else!

Which begs two questions:

First, if it's so silly, why would it take significant amounts of someone's taxpayer dollars to win?

And secondly, will our Honorable Mayor EVER develop any class or a sense of decorum???

*The additional funding to keep the library open was proposed to have come from our fund balance/emergency fund.  Daniels also proposed using that fund to cover the refuse and debt service millages in the new budget cycle, rather than simply passing those costs on to the residents as has been the historic behavior.

So in other words, Daniels wanted to hit the general fund up for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the next three-year cycle, ignoring the facts that with no additional revenue to that fund...Troy would be bankrupt by 2017.

Daniels further provided to insight as to how to INCREASE revenue during those budget talks.  And now her proposal for "intact families" is being touted as a way of saving tax dollars to spend on youth crime.

I know...I don't get it, either.


  1. Check our her timeline as Mayor - my favorite is a surprise visit to her mom in Florida, which is footnoted to say that she didn't even ask for reimbursement from the city. The return trip to MI was also a timeline-worthy event as an offical duty.

    1. That's not a vacation, it's an alibi! What happened then?

  2. Since the Mayor wants to host a State of the City address and invite a lot of media to the event...I think it makes a lot of sense for the citizens of Troy to not only attend, but to also make our own State of the City address. We could do so by standing out front and welcoming all of the media who attends and express our desire to return common sense and integrity back to the position of Mayor of Troy. What a wonderful statement that would make to pack the front of the Community Center with a peaceful but powerful demonstration.

  3. A free infomercial - disgusting - sort of a State of the Union without a rebuttal. But as she always inserts foot, i am sure there will be words spoken by her that will help evict her

  4. "without a rebuttal"

    Isnt that the way 'state of...' addresses are? Why should this be any different?

    Just asking.\

    1. Usually the party not in power is given the opportunity to give a response speech to a state of speech.

    2. She will take this official speech as an oppportunity to promote herself, as she did in her self-serving and inaccurate "From the Desk of Janice Daniels" letters sent to residents. Past state of city speeches were factual in nature, and a city-booster, not a mayor personal image booster. Pardon me if I have doubts about this one, given the mayor in this case.

  5. Well, previously the State of the City address didn't require a rebuttal because the Mayor was non- partisan and the address spoke to city issues. Now that the current Mayor has turned the office into a partisan platform for national issues, perhaps a rebuttal is appropriate.
    I agree with the suggestion about attending the speech and/or peacefully exercising the constitutional right to protest, and picket the event (adhering to all legal requirements and restrictions regarding picketing of course). I don't recall the dates of previous State of the City addresses; this one seems oddly (and politically) timed.

    1. You are absolutely right! This will be a "Look at me - I'm Janice D" event.

    2. Who is giving the invocation? Westboro Baptist?

  6. A couple of the good things Daniels mentioned doing, establishing a "Blue Stars" Troy chapter for fallen heros and participating in a "Community Marriage Initiative" are things that she could have done as a private citizen, and doesn't have anything to do with the Mayor's office. Why didn't she do anything like this in her pre-Mayor days, oh I get it, she didn't NEED it then as fodder for keeping her in office.

  7. That is so true, all of the things she is working on as "Mayor" are not things you need to be a Mayor to establish or be involved in. The things she should be doing as Mayor are not being done because she doesn't understand what the job entails. What is she doing about filling commercial vacancies? How is she working with business? She is alienating the business community and is very rude to the Chamber, both of which she should be championing.

  8. I am sickened by the politicization of the young children who have won the Mayor for a Day essay contest she and Charlie Langton dreamed up as a PR event. Yes. It's a nice thing. But where the heck was her desire for youth involvement back in December and January when our teens stood up for what they believed in?

  9. I become very exhausted listening to her.

  10. I'm intrigued by the "community marriage initiative" that she is working on. Not to be too suspicious, but there is generally a homophobic undertone to these sort of things. It's great that a twice-divorced person is working with a group to lecture people on how marriage is supposed to work and how it benefits society. I'm sure that it will portray the only "healthy family" as having a mother and a father and some kids. For all of those single mothers and fathers, they're probably planning to tell them what a dangerous lifestyle that is for kids. Any families with gay parents, well they just don't exist, and if they claim to be a family, they can't be real because it's sinful. Give me a break. These self-righteous groups, made up of mostly hypocrites, make me sick.

    I don't know how this has to do with her being Mayor, but I see it as yet another imposition of her religious beliefs on the city. I wonder if her friend Dr. Michael Ross is the one that she's working on this initiative with, or if it's her friend at the American Family Association (a certified hate group). The fact that she feels it's her place to tell any family in Troy how to live or exist is just another reason why she needs to go.