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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Somehow I missed this last fall....

Jeff Watrick of MLive (now of Deadline Detroit) NAILED it!
And pounded Deb DeBacker as a bonus!
Sorry, I have to show it in its entirety, but giving the credit where it's due.
Do NOT fail to read the last paragraph! This is the point of everything we do in the fight for Troy's future.

Ad firm Leo Brunett funded satirical Troy library 'book burning' campaign
Published: Monday, October 10, 2011, 8:45 AM Updated: Monday, October 10, 2011, 11:26 AM

By Jeff T. Wattrick |

Leo Brunett, the advertising agency that inspired “Mad Men,” apparently funded the satirical “book burning” campaign during Troy’s library millage fight earlier this year. The disclosure has riled up the local get-off-my-lawn set.
Oct. 10, Detroit Free Press: Troy anti-tax protester Debbie DeBacker spoke last week to the City Council about Leo Burnett Detroit's funding.
"Why would an international company care about a library millage in Troy? There is no way to know who really funded the burning-books campaign," DeBacker said.
Yes, why would “an international company” such as Leo care about the fate of Troy’s library? Leo must have funneled money from some nefarious force that wished to unduly influence the sovereign voters of Troy.
The operative word here is international—like the communist anthem “The Internationale.” After all, companies that make money helping other companies sell things like Marlboro cigarettesand Frosted Flakes must be part of some kind of elaborate Trotskyite conspiracy. Yes, it all makes perfect sense.
Now that it’s settled, Mandrake, go fix me a drink of rain water and grain alcohol.
Or, just to play devil’s advocate, maybe Leo was interested in the library debate because their metro Detroit office is located in Troy.
It’s probably hard enough trying to recruit top talent to suburban Detroit—especially when the firm is also located in decidedly more cosmopolitan cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto. That process probably becomes that much more difficult if Troy became known as the troglodyte backwater that can’t or won’t fund a library.


  1. Deb DeBacker couldn't see the "big picture" if it came up and bit her on the nose. She is all CPA speak. She's perfect in the corner cubicle to run the numbers to give to the CEO, but completely incapable of being CEO herself. She needs to stick to number crunching in the private sector and get her nose of creating municipal mayhem with her clever political mailers designed to attack and misinform.

    1. As a CPA, I must insist that this woman does not represent the profession. Otherwise, I agree with the comment.

  2. It is delicious to see the TCUer's start to devour one another. The robo calls from both she and Marty against each other are entertaining. As their "team" slashes out and says the stuff that we have all been saying about them all along.
    Deb Debacker is probably mid 50's and looks like she is still living in the 1950's. Her old fogey look goes with her old fogey views. Luddites all of them.

    1. Haven't received any of the robo calls yet. But did notice Martin touting on his website that he is "the only licensed and practicing CPA running in this district". Wow, "I'm more CPA than you are", can it get any uglier than that?

  3. The "the local get-off-my-lawn set" comment is complete genious.

  4. I note that Deborah (Debbie) DeBacker is a member of the Clay Twp. Phragmite Advisory Board. Clay Twp. Documents indicates she represents Mallard Bay; it appears this is our Ms. DeBacker. In reviewing her online bio and resume I can't find any mention of it. Anyone know if it is same Debbie DeBacker, if so why she serves on a board where she doesn't live and why she fails to mention this public body experience. Is she a closet "environmentalist"?
    In documents relating to Boards's actions they indicate the Board is focusing on the control of phragmites on State land (phragmites are apparently an invasive vegetation). Obviously, this impacts the home/property owners in the Algonac/Clay Twp. area. As I, and most people, do not own property or reside in that area is she asking that we (the taxpayers) underwrite the expense eradicating a weed doesn't impact our lives? Perhaps those affected should pay. Also, is she advocating more " government regulation"? If so, how does she justify these position given her political positions here in Troy? I'd like someone to ask her if she is indeed on that Board, how she qualified to be on it and what the Board does.

  5. Kevin the AdvertiserJuly 13, 2012 at 1:20 AM

    Seriously, it took you how many months to realize your library dialogue was hijacked by what essentially is a SuperPAC? Leo Burnett lied. It's not reverse psychology. Striving for responsible use of a decreasing pool of tax revenue is not the same as book burning. You were played. You were herded. Communities are declaring bankruptcy. Gas is through the roof. There are fewer jobs. People are struggling just to pay their mortgages. So what's another 2% when a family sees their income cut in half, right? Suddenly saving a library, even one that's less than five miles from another library, isn't so honorable when it means kicking someone out of their home. Didn't see that anywhere on the book burning Facebook page, did you? You vote like you shop. You deserve yourselves.