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Friday, July 13, 2012

On Transparency

Janice Daniels claims she is transparent.

When she was a regular old citizen, she DEMANDED transparency.  She PROMISED it as a mayor.  Here is how transparent she is...

On her mayoral Facebook page, she loves to share wonderful things and ask for citizen input.  As of today, at roughly 4:11 PM, here is what is on that page:

But just a short while ago, here is what was there:

Do you see the difference?  When I saw the page yesterday, I added my queries.  I waited and waited...and there was no response yesterday.  Today when I went to see if the Mayor-Who-Demands-Transparency would answer my queries, I was SHOCKED to see my responses had been deleted.

Ok.  I lied.  I was not shocked.  That's why I actually did a screen shot of my initial postings.  Lots of us do that because lots of us have everything we ever post deleted.

Oh, and by the way, I am now blocked from commenting on that page.

Janice Daniels has said repeatedly that she'd like people to get to know her.  She says she's available and ready to share who she is.  She states over and over how she is open to new ideas and to doing what will make Troy great.

The reality is that with every action, we already know her.  She's already shared who she is.  She's shown that she is clearly NOT open to any idea that doesn't match her own, and what's great for Troy has to be great for Janice Daniels or it's deleted.

Janice Daniels doesn't like being asked questions she doesn't want to answer.

None of that seems like transparency to me.



  1. Maybe someone could also ask her how it is that a child whose last name is Jasky just happened to be chosen as a winner. Oh, that's right, Daniels made a huge point to say that someone else picked him. Right.

  2. Wary and Weary in TroyJuly 13, 2012 at 4:39 PM

    I live by the Kmart building. I happened to go to IKEA today. IKEA would never put their store away from an exit. And there is no way in hell I would let an IKEA store go in my backyard/residential/elementary school area when Troy has an overabundance of land throughout the city. If she actually suggests this she is more of an idiot than I could imagine, and I have a great imagination.
    Neighbors that live near that property are very involved and interested in its future. Mr. Forbes who owns it has proven himself to be a good neighbor to date.
    What the heck...

  3. I have heard this story about IKEA for a long time, particular when revenue began declining so quickly. I recall preliminary discussions about a possible location on the S/E corner of Rochester & Big Beaver, but don't recall the specific outcome of the discussions. I assume the inadequate I-75 exits to Rochester Road had something to do with it.
    Here's a suggestion for the Mayor, check the link to council meeting agendas on the website, utilize the search function to search for "IKEA", and read the minutes. Or, ask the staff. I could look it up myself; but the question was posed to the mayor.

    1. She'll just delete the insights that don't match her ideology anyway.

  4. I saw that! I thought Sue's suggestion that she actually bone up on the history of our city and not ask citizens to post their "insights" of what happened to be very good advice. Why doesn't she care to know the history of this city? I also found it hilarious that she said one resident said we should have a movie theater at 15 and Livernois . . then she said that it was intriguing and asked for comments. What? If anyone thought there was money to be made with a movie theater on that spot, it would be there already. Does she know that going out to movies is kind of a dying industry and that we are pretty saturated with theaters in surrounding communities. I think she would appreciate solid comments like Sue's. I also don't understand why she asks the general population to provide information that she SHOULD KNOW.

  5. Deleted posts? Oh My. Not like THAT hasnt happened on other pages now has it? What a tradgedy (sarcasm intended).