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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Janice Daniels - A Woman of Principles? Nahhh

Have your cake and eat it, too!

Janice votes against Troy's Michigan Municipal League membership, then one minute later votes to send herself to their convention!

Here's one of the great ridiculous moments of Janice Daniels' "leadership of principles."
When it came time to vote to spend $11k on the annual membership for Troy's in the Michigan Municpial League, Janice Daniels was against such a waste of money and voted bravely against it, yet it passed.
Then when all were asked if they wanted to go to a conference on Mackinac Island, Janice Daniels panted breathlessly that she couldn't wait to go and take a bunch of classes. Yippee!

She was against it before she was for it.
From minutes of the meeting:

J-4 Standard Purchasing Resolutions:
c) Standard Purchasing Resolution 9: Approval to Expend Funds for Membership Dues and Renewals Over $10,000 – Michigan Municipal League

Resolution #2012-06-137

Moved by McGinnis

Supported by Slater

RESOLVED, That payment is AUTHORIZED for annual membership dues to the Michigan Municipal League, for the time period of May 1, 2012 through April 30, 2013, in the amount of $11,301.

Yes: Campbell, Henderson, McGinnis, Slater
No: Fleming, Tietz, Daniels

J-4 Standard Purchasing Resolutions:

b) Standard Purchasing Resolution 10: Travel Authorization and Approval to Expend Funds for Council Member Travel Expenses – Michigan Municipal League’s Annual Convention – October 3-5, 2012 Mackinac Island

Resolution #2012-06-138

Moved by Fleming

Supported by Campbell

RESOLVED, That Council members are AUTHORIZED to attend the Michigan Municipal League’s Annual Convention on October 3-5, 2012 in Mackinac Island, Michigan, in accordance with accounting procedures of the City of Troy.

Yes: Fleming, McGinnis, Slater, Daniels, Campbell
No: Henderson, Tietz



  1. Another great example that's "caught on tape".

  2. By now I'm used to Janice's hypocrisy. It's just how she rolls. However, did you notice what CM Fleming did?

    He (along with Daniels and Tietz) voted against the resolution to renew Troy's membership in the MML. The resolution passed. CM Fleming then made the motion to approve registration and travel expenses for a council member to attend the MML conference on Mackinac Island. So, tHE Two council people who VOTED AGAINST MEMBERSHIP in the MML were the first IN FAVOR OF ATTENDING the MML conference.


    Sounds like these two "financially conservative" council people actually don't mind sucking on the teat of city government after all. Based on their "financially conservative" beliefs, wouldn't attending this conference be considered a BOONDOGGLE?

    More hypocrisy.


  3. They'll throw our money back to Washington if it's for the transit center, but will happily take our money if they can get a free trip and a few meals out of it.

  4. Once again, penny wise and dollar foolish. Membership gives the city cost breaks on items like insurance. This was explained to these idiots before they voted, yet they still voted no. Then want a vacation because you know she doesn't really believe she has anything to learn. Her arrogance is astounding.

  5. On her web site, she proudly proclaims that she has never submitted an expense report. I wonder if she will do so for this trip? And what are the chances she actually removes that from her web site?

    1. So she's going to suck on the government teat?

      I think an expense report will be required.

      Is Janice working on her own t.v. show like (former) Rep. McCotter?

  6. Hard to submit an expense report when she has done absolutely nothing.

  7. Wary and weary Troy voterJuly 7, 2012 at 12:09 PM

    She could submit the receipt for the Subway sub she bought when talking to Troy teens :) or the printing costs of her 5 page screed against John Szerlag. (Hope he is enjoying the cooler Florida weather).

  8. I don't understand the issue with the MML. Henderson has proven himself to be a complete idiot about what that professional organization is all about in numerous comments he has made on social media. Sometimes I think he should have been recalled, too. The narrow mindedness and lack of understanding of what being a professional is all about makes me cringe. How did the voters of Troy allow such naive, ill-informed folks to take leadership positions?