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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eclectablog - Americans for Prosperity hosts fake grassroots rally with Janice Daniels and Sarah Palin

The article of the year!
Don't miss it and the evidence of the company our mayor keeps.
What do Janice Daniels and Sarah Palin have in common? Both are usually introduced in the media with the words, "embattled," "controversial," "disgraced," or "sanity challenged" before their names. OK, fine, the last one is mine. And you can write me with your support of Palin, but she is a walking disaster and even her supporters know it. People who love her may love her personally, but they certainly don't want her to have any power in America, beyond her pundit role on Fox News.

Americans for Prosperity hosts fake grassroots rally with Sarah Palin, pretends to be “non-political”

Yesterday, Americans For Prosperity held a fake grassroots rally called “Patriots in the Park” in Belleville, Michigan near the Detroit Metro Airport. Around 400-500 tea party supporters and Sarah Palin fanatics showed up to bake in the hot sun to witness an event, dubbed “Kochstock” by LOLGOP, bought and paid for by the conservative group that bills itself as a non-political 501(c)(4) nonprofit group. This nonprofit status allows them to hide their donors and to sponsor these types of events around the country as long as they don’t support a candidate.
The result was a several-hour long anti-Obama, anti-Democrat hatefest where not a single Republican candidate got mentioned.
[Note: all photos are mine, taken with my iPhone. Do not hold my wife responsible for this (low) level of photography ; )]
LOLGOP and I went together (in disguise, of course.) Here I am, sporting my AFP t-shirt and wearing my “Don’t believe the Liberal Media” button:
Tea Party Troy Mayor Janice Daniels began speaking nearly as soon as we got there. It was a short speech, only a few minutes, mostly whining about the recall effort against her, seeming to suggest that the expression of democracy (the recall) is somehow un-democratic. She also suggested that her son is fighting in the military to save us all from Saul Alinsky-trained radicals. Who knew?
Here she is looking at something she just pulled … nevermind:
That lady sure can rock a hat, eh?

Read the whole juicy article here!


  1. The mad hatter! I have almost 30 years with the military, want her recalled and I don't think she is a Patriot. I would bet on Saul Alinsky over Ayn Rand any day. She is an enemy of Democracy, wanting us all to follow her particular brand of religion and her ignorant interpretation of the Constitution. She and Sarah are cut from the same cloth - self aggrandizing fools.

  2. The two of them, Sarah and Janice, are taking women back 200 years. Why is Janice posing with a guy who speaks pornographically? I thought she had Christian values? Why is she part of an event that sexualizes someone who ran for VP? I don't like Sarah Palin, but the objectifying of women has to stop. Why is our Mayor a part of this? The young women of Troy deserve a better role model.

  3. This woman is unreal!!!! She is not even familiar with the Saul Alinsky theory.

    According to Wikipedia:

    "Adam Brandon, a spokesman for the conservative non-profit organization FreedomWorks, which is one of several groups involved in organizing Tea Party protests, says the group gives Alinsky's Rules for Radicals to its top leadership members. A shortened guide called Rules for Patriots is distributed to its entire network. In a January 2012 story that appeared in The Wall Street Journal, citing the organization's tactic of sending activists to town-hall meetings, Brandon explained, "his tactics when it comes to grass-roots organizing are incredibly effective." Former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey also gives copies of Alinsky's book Rules for Radicals to Tea Party leaders.[20]"

    Here is the link to the Wall Street Journal article:

    In the article, Adam Brandon says, "While Mr. Alinsky was an avowed liberal Democrat, "his tactics when it comes to grass-roots organizing are incredibly effective."

    So, she is part of the Tea Party which was trained using Saul Alinsky's methods and now she is condemning others for using it successfully.

  4. But wait now. I could swear I heard Janice Daniels say at a Council Meeting back in December that she's not an ideologue. I really can't understand, then, why she would be at an event such as this one. Maybe it just depends upon her mood? Sometimes she is an ideologue and sometimes she isn't? Which Mayor Daniels will we have leading the next City Council Meeting?

  5. I'm just glad to see Palin is losing some luster. Only 400-500 people attended after all the event promotion this past week? That's pretty darn lame.

    Also, the judge in the patriotic shirt in the one picture is the same guy who handled her swearing in. And, apparently, told her that she didn't have to swear to uphold the city charter. So she didn't it. I now see what a "whimsical," tea-driven moment that was. Makes me furious. She is not what Troy needs. She's a nut.

  6. Alinsky - one of them non-Christian names, maybe a Ruskie sympathizer? Easy for some to bang a drum with that one...

    Find a condensed version of a recent TV report about the recall petitions here:

  7. This would be pretty darn funny except for the fact that she is representing the city of Troy. This is disappointing, disturbing and downright wrong.

  8. 'Fake grassroots rally'.. is that anything like those two wascally wabbits Mike mcGuinness and Jason Bauer who, in 2011, perpretrated some type of 'fraud'... well, no, of course not, in your mind they probably did nothing wrong, however,

    1. Not in my mind. I think what those guys did was heinous. I have met no one anywhere on the political spectrum who doesn't. I also think the TCU/Gosselin/DeBacker/Daniels/Kempen/Howrylak tactics to defeat Proposal 1 were horrific. The fake proposals submitted by people with ties to these political hacks (particularly Gosselin who was heard bragging he was behind the idea), the flawed Kempen petition, Howrylak's letter riddled with lies. Dave Henderson actually defends it as politics as usual. This grassroots rally was fake. It's all funded by a political group portraying itself as a nonprofit. Look at the signs/banners/flowers/podium at the event. That takes money. Give me a break anonymous 7:53. You're what is making my once proud Republican party look like idiots.

    2. Anonymous July, 16 7:53 am. I totally agree with you about what those guys did as being terrible. But calling that rally "grassroots" is just pure, unadulterated gamesmanship. And how about the amazing Glenn Clark?

      ... "McCarthy-like tactics by Meltzer’s campaign manager, Glenn Clark, a longtime figure in Macomb and Oakland counties’ GOP politics."

      I wish someone would sue Gosselin, Clark, DeBacker and Howrylak and the rest of the TCU clowns for their dirty campaign tricks!

  9. It appears Palin fans may have had that web page flagged. Here's another link though.

    "Sarah Palin speech in Michigan infiltrated by dirty liberals."