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Thursday, July 12, 2012


At the July 9th city council meeting, Councilman Dane Slater boldly spoke up to Mayor Janice Daniels’s claim that she is responsible for opening the library on Saturdays.

He reminded her that she voted AGAINST that resolution.

Twice she rudely interrupted him to say that was a distortion.  Twice he repeated, “No, that was your VOTE.”

So to make sure we all know the difference between reality and distortion, let’s take a short history lesson.
In the 2010 budget sessions, options were presented to the City Council in which they could choose to run a fiscally responsible city that may or may not have included quality-of-life venues.  Those venues in question were the library, nature center, historical museum and community center.  Three of those venues had possibilities to be self-funded via user fees and/or memberships.  One did not – the library – and was quickly supported by its charitable entity, The Friends of the TPL whose CITIZEN MEMBERS began a campaign to request a millage to save it.

The council majority knew of the terrible decline in revenue already being experienced so far and that was predicted into the future.  They listened to the outcry of residents to save their vital services like police, fire and streets/drains/waters, etc., first and foremost.  The council had to prioritize city services thusly.

City Council voted FOR THE BUDGET that was the most responsible choice for the future of the city and the safety of the residents.

City Council did NOT vote to close the library. They made a difficult choice to vote in a workable budget for the benefit of ALL the residents.  

Is that difference clear to you?  

And then came Janice Daniels and company. Ignoring the big picture, she fought viciously and loudly for residents to vote down any and all ballot measures that would allow an influx of revenue to bolster a sagging budget.  She was one of many vilifying the council for "voting to close the library."  That was a clear and inaccurate distortion.

Janice Daniels fought against saving quality-of-life venues like the library. I haven't seen her voting record, but I can bet JANICE DANIELS VOTED TO CLOSE THE LIBRARY.

Janice Daniels is NO FRIEND TO THE LIBRARY or to the city budget.

In fact, Janice Daniels DOESN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND how municipal budgeting works. (Watch the budget study sessions; it’s embarrassing – no, appalling -- how ignorant she appeared.)

Janice Daniels has distorted the decisions of the previous council members hundreds of times for her own political gain.  And now she is distorting her own actions.  When Daniels brought forth a resolution to open the library seven days a week, it was shot down by council members smarter than her who knew we couldn’t afford that, and a revised resolution was submitted for Saturday hours AT ADDITIONAL EXPENSE beyond what is provided by the reasonable .7 mill revenue.   

Then it came up for vote.



 Now, she will tell you it’s because she wanted seven day service, and anything less than that was unsavory.
The fact remains that she VOTED AGAINST SATURDAY SERVICE.  

Yet she takes CREDIT for Saturday service.

Distortion: anything Janice Daniels says she’s done for the greater good of Troy.

Recall Janice Daniels


  1. It was also a distortion to call herself "grassroots" and "Independent" and then the very first night in office dump huge pots of strongly brewed tea down our collective throat. With regard to the Library vote, as I recall, she also said that they should open it 7 days a week and figure out the money part later during the next budget development cycle. Huh? That would be like saying to my spouse: "Hey, honey, let's eat out 7 days a week and we'll figure out how to afford it 6 months from now. We'll just know we're grabbing the money from next year's budget and deal with it, well, next year! Let's live it large now!" She's clueless.

  2. Good job by CM Slater. Daniels is a front for career politician Bob Gosselin (has held public office 1993 - almost 20 years). They have no core values they simply mouth slogans and soundbites they think will keep them in office.

  3. I would hate to see her personal finances. If this is how she thinks the city should operate than her checkbook is probably a mess. She has cost us more for the library and tried to make sure we all paid more for garbage collection and city insurance (by voting against the recylcing pass thru and retaining membership in the municiple league). I don't think she understands the concept of saving over the long run. She would rather save a few pennies upfront and pay big time at the end. Stupid and not the mark of a fiscal conservative.

  4. Concerned CitizenJuly 12, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    It is very important for citizens/voters of Troy to take a good close look at the people she surrounds herself with and their backgrounds and actions. Tom McMillan, Glenn Clark, Bob Gosselin, Gordon Shepke, David Wisz, Deb DeBacker and the rest of those folks. They are all very active in trying to drive an agenda that I can tell you most of the residents of this city do not agree with. Google them. See what they have been up to and against. They are zealots with a single focus. They claim to want limited small government and personal freedoms. What they actually are trying to do is take freedoms away from all those people that don't fall into their small world view... homosexuals, immigrants or foreign nationals, non-Christians and anyone that believes that we are a nation of community. One that supports one another and the services of communities, even if we don't make use of them on a regular basis, but because they make us a better community of the world.
    Please residents of Troy. Read, learn and share what is important to you and your property and family. Recall the mayor and send a message to the cronies she surrounds herself with. We will not become a hateful, narrow and ideological town. Go and vote for better. We ALL deserve it.

    1. Well said. Janice Daniels, Bob Gosselin, Deb DeBacker, Frank Howrylak, Martin Howrylak, Wade Fleming, Glenn Clark, Dave Henderson, Doug Tietz and the TCU crazies who blindly follow their frightening, narrow-minded ideological lead are ruining this city's reputation. This life-long Republican is voting for the Dems this time around in an attempt to run this evil out of town. They are an embarrassment. Janice calling out Mr. Slater as "distorting" her vote is laughable. Truly. Because she and her cronies have been distorting the truth here in Troy for some time.

    2. Very well said. You are not the only life long Republican that is voting against this crew. I know of many. They are an embarrassment to the city, county and the Republican party.

  5. She is grasping for anything remotely plausible that can be seen as a positive factor to be used as a reason to retain. That ship has sailed.

  6. Perhaps this coming primary, we should all vote for the "republican" candidates with the least chance of winning. For instance, Mary Kerwin has no opposition (fine, she's in), but Debacker and Howrylak are shadow boxing right now for the primary vote, with Matt Pryor I would guess a distant third. Which one is the least repugnant? Not sure, but I'm thinking Pryor's the one with the smallest constituency and weakest machine behind him. So that's who gets my vote. Howrylak and Debacker (as in Debacle) must be stopped.

  7. Farber Grad, you and I think alike. Actually based on the research I have done, he is the least repugnant. I hope Mary can take any of these freaks in Nov. Such choices, a man-child who lives in his parents basement, never goes anywhere without dear old dad and has a wife that lives in another country. Or, a woman who is a book banner and believes that the IA is a communist plot to overthrow America (code for "I hate those immigrants who want to work harder than me", or a guy who threw Ashley Easterbrooks father out of a council meeting for protesting Chammps getting their liquer license back early after repeatedly selling to drunk patrons and had adult temper tantrums in public. How can this be the best we have to offer?

  8. Wary and Weary in TroyJuly 14, 2012 at 12:14 PM

    It is a great worry that good, thinking, citizens who may have entertained the idea of being a part of the governance of this city because it seemed like a noble public service, would not be on the council for anything. The tenor of the public, comments, and loud aggressive partisans out there make it not worth it. So, unfortunately we may be stuck with these types of people.
    I have talked to many people over the summer so far that feel like now that their kids are out, maybe it is time to move on and out of Troy. They fear for the property values dropping and that it will be a short time when no one will want to move here, they will go just a mile north to Rochester. Sounds good to me. (except for Tom McMIllan).

  9. "Boldly spoke up...." ha! I think Slater should come out of retirement and go back to being a cop. He obviously still gets a thrill out if that "whip out the badge" mentality because it gives you authority over someone. (you know, those "stupid" people )