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Monday, July 16, 2012

DETROIT NEWS: Troy mayor loses bid to prevent recall election in November

Read it here, fans of non-radical, sane government:


  1. You think someone who tries to reign in excessive government spending is radical and insane. While those that want to continue unwarranted spending are the sane and non-radical ones. Example why are we building a transportation center for a small number of riders. It will never be viable enough to carry its own weight like Amtrak and all other public transportation.

    1. Yeah great concept, but completely unapplicable here. As has been stated endlessly to deaf ears such as yours, Daniels' turning down the federal transit center money would not have resulted in it being sent back to pay off the debt, but instead, it would've just gone to some other community that had applied for it. So Spokane, Washington would have gotten a 9.5 million influx of their own tax dollars being spent in their community, employing construction workers, architects, materials movers, etc. Why is this so hard to understand? Janice was turning down an infrastructure investment in her own city, just to make a point that no one outside of her narrow-minded supporters cares about.

    2. Face it. Janice Daniels is in over her head. Her deceptions and divisiveness have lead to the citizens speaking out via recall.

      By the way, how profitable are the taxpayer subsidized highways that you driven on? Or do you ride a bike instead? To state that mass transit doesn't pay it's way is to state the obvious. Neither does commercial aviation; so where is the anti airport outrage? My goodness, does FED EX deliver it's socialized product to your house? The taxpayer subsidizes big oil and its consumers by trillions in military spending and invading places like Iraq and Kuwait.

      By the way, isn't the warm weather nice? It does wonders for the yards and crops. Do you like the extra large utility bills? There isn't any connection, is there?

    3. In today's Free Press there is an article that indicates a UM Transportation Institute study shows that in 2010 only 63% of 19 year olds had acquired a drivers license as opposed to 80% plus in 1983. The study reports today's young people aren't interested in cars, like urban areas and favor mass transit. The article states this information guides auto company marketing and vehicle development strategies. I have further read that auto companies have found that the younger market prefers connectivity and aren't interested in the auto as previous generations were.
      The applicability to the Troy decision regarding the transit center? I remember as a child the building of the Top of Troy and the discussion as why build such a big building on a two lane road in the "middle of nowhere". Well, roads were built; not by the building's developers but by the tax payers, including those who never drove on it and never went in the building. As it turns out, the developers knew what they were doing and Troy benefited. As the population moved from the city to the suburbs extensive roadways were constructed, including I-75, to facilitate those traveling from their new homes to work and back. Again, the taxpayers built those roads and that included many who didn't personally need them. The result? I-75 built Troy and the economy boomed. The taxpayers widened Big Beaver and it became the "Golden Corridor; by the way, I recall opposition to that improvement.
      So, along comes business and says the transit center is good and will aid business. But, the opponents say it'll fail and let private business build it. Well, as history has proven government aids business by facilitating transportation. I didn't support the entire stimulus concept; but, that was my money too and it seemed the transit center took advantage of an overall bad plan.

  2. Conservatives claim to be pro-family and pro-community. Suburbs by their car dependent nature create communities that are not walkable and interactive in that they require driving to get anywhere. Families spend their time shuttling children and hours are consumed in driving somewhere not to mention energy consumed and wasted. In addition, small businesses that could be a part of a walkable town suffer. People drive to big box corporations at the expense of growth for small, family-owned enterprises.
    Public transportation is meant to be for the public good. It is not and never has been a revenue generator. Like roads, that don't generate revenue but still cost the public and are necessary. But go to any major city with a vibrant center and suburbs with excellent public transit, like Chicago, and you will see a win-win for everyone. No one complains about the public transit unless it is running late.
    What I feel that I hear from conservatives is that they do not want ANY services from the govt. unless it is their social security and medicare check and unless they use it, they don't want to pay for it. Excessive spending is not acceptable, we just can't agree on what we think is excessive. For instance, I didn't want to spend trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet the govt is doing that at the behest of GWB. I also think that shoring up the oil industry with subsides is wrong. But get the republicans to stop that.
    So, we could sit down to the US budget over coffee and donuts all day long and you would cut any and all social programs and anything that is for the public good and I would cut defense spending and pork and subsides. We still wouldn't get there. That is the difference in the view.
    As far as the Transit Center, if we do not progress we regress. We have to grow and move forward. Would Steve Jobs have stopped creating a new and better way to compute? Did he not envision the future of computing and see what direction communication was moving and want to be on the front edge of it? When he built the early Apple computer and it sold very few did he say "geez such a small number of people want this, maybe I will just forget it." Of course not. Progress requires long term commitment and vision for the future. If Troy doesn't progress, we will soon be left behind by both business and community.

  3. You can't see the forest for the trees, anonymous 10:17 ... this woman is not fit to serve in this capacity. If you truly hated the Transit Center, you should be even more frustrated than anyone else. She completely fumbled that football bringing in her "expert" David Wisz, treating the Troy Chamber like dirt and allowing the bigoted comments to reflect poorly on Troy. And where was her so-called budget/business woman acumen during the April and May Budget Process? She had nothing to offer. Nothing. I think someone who paints herself as some sort of expert to the community when she is not is radical and insane. Add her blatant bigotry to the mix and it's game over.

  4. What proof do you have to back up anything you say?

  5. Gov. Snyder thinks it is viable and will be for more riders. Young people, who are leaving Troy and Michigan in droves, want cities with public transportation. It's of the future. You are of the past.