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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Janice, I Have Questions. Dare You Answer Them?

Dear Janice,

In today's Oakland Press, you said that you “will defeat the recall effort [you] face,” and laid out the reasons why you will not be thrown of office. You believe that you have “the silent majority” and if given “fair press” you will “win again and defeat this...effort.”

Your first reason for not being fired is because you "stand for something.“  You say that your statements about gay people are your "personal opinion,"  and it's "nice" to see elected officials expressing personal opinions.

Second, you believe you shouldn't be fired because you campaigned against the Transit Center.  And you think it's "refreshing" when elected officials vote the "way they campaigned."

Finally, you believe you were put into office because the "voters of Troy...were tired of big government."  You believe that the people who are participating in the recall have been running a "smear campaign of historic proportions to destroy [your] name...because they hated the fact that [a] proponent of smaller, more efficient government won office.”

Really, Janice?  These are your reasons why you shouldn't be removed?

Tell me, Janice, did you campaign against John Szerlag?  When you read your "position paper" in which you concluded "I have no confidence in our city manager’s ability to continue to perform the duties granted him in this position” were you keeping a campaign promise?

And tell me this:  When John Szerlag, accepted the job offer in Cape Coral, Florida, and you were quoted as saying you "enjoyed working with Mr. Szerlag," were you lying?  You went from "no confidence" to "[he’s] a proven leader and a good person" really, really fast.  Did you change you mind or were you being a hypocrite?

Let's not forget that you simply didn't vote against the transit center.  No, you brought in a Birmingham patent lawyer to destroy the whole project.  You tried to force the Council to grant him extra time to speak, even though you knew that he called the transit project the "mugger mover."  Tell me, was destroying the 10 plus years of work by countless city, state, federal, and private workers a "promise?"

I know you're not going to answer my questions, Janice.  You're unwilling and incapable of answering hard questions.

But here's the one I really want you to answer:  Is it fair of you to play the press for sympathy when you show none to others?

You see, Janice, you made it a point to everyone know that you've had "a heartbreaking life."

I'm sorry for your losses.  But do you want to know who else has had a heartbreaking life?


Every person alive has suffered loss and pain, far beyond what is fair.

And I believe it's our obligation as human beings to try to alleviate the pain of others, when we can.

But you, in having a "personal opinion," turn a blind eye to the suffering of every child who was bullied for being gay.  You would ignore the pain of every gay person who has found lifelong love, yet can't have that love solemnized and celebrated.  You would tell the people struggling with their sexual identity that they have a disease.

Therefore, Janice, I am supporting the Recall with a "yes" vote this November.  For all the reasons listed on the petition, plus one:  Because your claims about loving all people is a lie.

So, no, Janice, it's not nice to see a politician standing for something.  Especially when that "something" is having a government that can tell people who they may love.

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  1. Sometimes opinions are politely kept to yourself for a reason. Quality leaders understand this. I pray for her every day. I pray for her sons. And I pray for those harmed by her insistence that she has done nothing wrong voicing her opinion. I pray for those who keep telling her she has done now wrong. I hope she considers the parents who have lost their children due to the very words she defends as personal opinion. It's stunning when we know we lose children to such willful verbal conduct. The pain those families suffer knows no healing. Does she not think of those parents and the tremendous senseless heartbreak they have known?

  2. "I'm sorry for your losses"

    No, you are not.

    1. How dare you say that? Anyone who has lost a child or a loved one can empathize sincerely with Janice Daniels in her loss. What is appalling (to most of us at least) is that she is using this as a political strategem, which (most of us, at least) would NOT do.

    2. To state so boldly that anyone would not be sorry about the loss of her son is ... well. I can't find the words. Of course everyone is. Good Heavens. No one would wish that kind of pain on their worst enemy. This is the very reason people are speaking up against her comments about gay marriage and the gay "lifestyle" (as she calls it). People have suffered the loss of their children from the perpetuation of that conversation. I've personally known of a such a loss. The hypocrisy here blows my mind. We must fight to protect our young people. And I can't figure out how in God's name that is not something everyone can agree on.

  3. Just when I think Ms. Daniels cannot say or do anything worse than what she already has, she whips out her personal tragedy to garner support for her stupidity. She attempts to draw comparison between what her son -- and every member of the military -- does and what she is as a small-town mayor.

    She is a disgrace and an embarrassment. And her comments in this article are appalling.

  4. Delusional...she's delusional. That's the only explanation.

    *I* want an efficient government! But guess what? TROY ALREADY HAD ONE LONG BEFORE SHE GOT HERE!

    *I* want judicious leaders and administration. But guess what? TROY ALREADY HAD THAT BEFORE SHE GOT HERE!

    *I* want fair press. But guess what? REPORTING HER EXACT WORDS IS FAIR!

    There's no smear campaign unless you consider having your own words and actions flung back at you a smear.

    Stop talking, Janice. Just stop talking...unless it's to say, "I resign."

    1. " Just stop talking...unless it's to say, "I resign."

      You know thats not going to happen.

    2. All I see is that you are part of the liberal problems that are ruining this country. What you call efficient is the spending of tax dollars for unneeded projects like the transit center which serves a small number of people that will never be able to cover the operating costs of the center. So once again the taxpayers will have to fill in the void. Another project that was a waste of taxpayer dollars was the blvd. on Rochester Road which only served to provide as a monument to the Mayor and the council. We need more fiscal conservatives, not going back to the old ways of spend, spend, spend and hope the taxpayers have enough to pay for it.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. First, the deleted comments are for typos. Sheesh! Typing after wearing new glasses and I can't see straight anyway...

      I digress...

      Can you share the proof you have that it will never cover the operating costs? Can you show the research you have that shows it will serve only a small number of people going forward?

      Oh, and Rochester Rd.? Not your tax dollar unless you own a business/building in the DDA district. And it was a cesspool of construction junk prior to being redeveloped into a retention pond/walk-way. Now, if being Conservative and frugal means you PREFER a cesspool to an attractive gateway...have at it.

      But at least get your facts straight.

    6. Anonymous 12:42 pm: I'm all for a solid conservative being Mayor. Someone fresh and new is fine, too. I'm a Republican and would love a solid conservative in there. Daniels is not solid; she has shown herself to be anything but. We need to get her out of office and put another conservative in there. Someone with true business experience. Let's put someone new in that chair for now and start fresh. Please.

    7. Regarding the Rochester Rd. Improvement, that project was in the works for about 20 years. Yes, it takes that long for these projects to come to fruition. Every time I drive it I appreciate the improved safety and yes, aesthetics. Also, notice how traffic flows smoother through Wattles & Rochester?
      I remember when Rochester Rd. was two lane black top. Remember the poles that protected the vestibule of the old Alibi? Ah, we didn't need those improvements, did we? Blvd's are safer than undivided highways.
      How ignorant that the author of anon 12:42 thinks the previous mayor and council put project in motion. Also, it was funded through road improvement funds, not city tax dollars per se, but our tax dollars paid through gas taxes. So, we got some of our money back.

    8. Anonymous 12:42: I thought conservatives valued the private sector and business. If so, explain the following:
      * business supported the transit center
      * business supported the I-75/Long Lake interchange
      * business supported the minor league baseball stadium
      Why such opposition? Clearly, infra-structure that only government can provide is required to facilitate such projects (private companies cannot just decide to build a road, although Troy frequently requires they finance additional lanes in front of their business or pay for traffic lights, just check if you don't believe me). Now, I do not believe government does this for us; we create the demand, provide the capital (through taxes...sorry, but it's true) and perform the labor (through private businesses). The result? WE create an environment where business can flourish, create jobs and establish stable communities. It's government's job to do only what's required of them. All three of these projects were strongly supported by the business community; they saw these as necessary. Only one got approved. A strange breed of "conservatives" shot two of them down and scaled down the third.
      This is what frustrates me; you are not conservative! You're just oppose everything. Sorry, some of this stuff is good.

  5. She clearly has no empathy for others. It's all about her. She can't relate to the pain and suffering of others who have lost children or loved ones because of bigotry. They don't feel the "heartbreak" any less than you Janice, so why do you make their pain worse?
    I saw no evidence of a "record" that she was trying to defend. Do any of you go into your bosses office and say, "my life has been really hard so you owe me?" That is what she is doing, she is telling taxpayers that since her life has been difficult (and I have to assume that some of her difficulies are due to poor life choices) we should be stuck with her. And, please your son being in the military has no bearing on your performance. His honor is his, not yours.
    There are plenty of ways she can serve country without being Mayor of Troy. You can volunteer to pack care packages for soldiers, volunteer at the polls, or many other volunteer opportunities. Why did she pick the one she is the least qualified for? She would show some dignity and grace by resigning.

  6. Narcissistic personality disorder can be treated. I hope MAYOR Daniels gets the help she needs.

  7. Actually, the more she talks the better the case for recall.

    Oh, poor Janice, what a tragic life she has had. While I sympathize for her loss, did she ever think about others who have endured far more hardship than she has? I think is is appalling and disgusting to use this to try to garner sympathy for support against her recall. I thank her son for his service in the military to help keep this country free. However, I want politicians in office who can stand on their own merit and defend themselves without having to resort to using their family for ill gotten gains. She can be proud of her son for his service to the country, but can she say he feels the same about hers?

  8. One thing Janice Daniels doesnt understand and probably never will is the fact that whenever she opens her mouth to say something uninformed or bigoted, which is whenever she speaks, it reflects very negatively on all of the citizens of Troy. Being a council member or mayor or member of the administration means promoting a positive image of the community that you serve. She has done absolutely nothing to enhance Troy's image. She has antagonized a vast majority of the people who live in Troy. She associates with known racists, homophobes, criminals (oh wait, it was mistaken identity, right Gosselin?)and idealogues. She has completely alienated the business community; particularly the Troy Chamber of Commerce which has some very progressive minded business people in it. I dont understand how anyone could believe that these are qualities that your mayor should have. These are the people that believe reality is like 1950's based television shows. Janice Daniels is trying to play the victim after years of unnecessary bullying of Troy council members, city staff, and not least, former manager John Szerlag. Of course in stating these truths, there are those who will dismiss my statements as being part of some "evil liberal agenda." These are the only retorts that defenders of Janice Daniels can come up with. They cant point to one positive thing she has done for the City of Troy. Yes she is entitled to her own opinions as we all are. However, when you are elected to serve constituents in your community, you have to place their needs above your own petty, delusionary, hateful ways. She has failed every constituent in Troy not named Howrylak, DeBacker, or Gosselin.

  9. I too feel sadness for Mayor Daniels' loss of her son when he was three. The grief she must feel is beyond my realm of understanding and compassion. I am sure the 20 year old son serving as a Marine also feels grief everyday. However, so do many who have lived since man came to this earth. I personally know people who have lost their children too. I just have one simply question to ask though. What does any of this have to do with local city politics? Why bring that out of your shopping bag of tricks? S
    She is is a corner and grasping at something to say to get sympathy and distraction from the real issue. She is an unqualified puppet in a mayoral capacity within a city government. Perhaps a better profession would be a grief counselor. This she sadly has experience with.

  10. In an article concerning the recall (Free Press or News, can't remember which) the Mayor is quoted as saying she reduced spending and increased revenue. What! Please cite one concrete example of either. Fact is not even the former city council can take credit for the plan that reduced spending. Certainly, the former council approved the plan; but, John Szerlag and his staff developed the plan and implemented it when council approved it. The result? An actual surplus that led the Mayor and her minions to say he had lied, things aren't as bad as he said.
    I too am sorry for her loss (REALLY), no parent should have to go through that. Personal tragedy, however, doesn't qualify one for leadership. Regardless of your view regarding homosexuality, do you think the parents of a homosexual person (child or adult) should have to hear someone refer to their child as "queer"? How do you think John Szerlag's family when he was personally attacked in a public forum? As for all you "double dipper" critics of Szerlag, do you realize the practice if hiring back a retired employee under a contract began in the private sector? Why? To save money! Since when is it wrong in America to utilize to utilize your skills, knowledge and abilities to make money? Should the retired carpenter who takes a job at Lowes be chastised for double dipping?
    To those who have advised the blogger and posters to "get a life", we have lives and they are based on reality and we really don't want you ruining our lives.

  11. Bob Gosselin, Dough Tietz, Dave Henderson, Janice Daniels, Wade Fleming, Deb DeBacker, Barbara Harrell, Glenn Clark, Martin Howrylak ... I pray every night for them to just go away. The harm they have caused in the name of putting a few bucks in our wallets is beyond description. And most people in Troy haven't a clue. I, too, thought they would eventually disappear. It is not happening. It's past time to fight them and expose their narrow, unwise approach.

  12. It's time for Republicans with integrity to split their votes and teach them a lesson. Bigotry, cheating, lying, bullying, etc. These tactics need to be stopped. They have even turned on their own now, i.e, Howrylak.