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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daniels credits herself for the library being open on Saturdays???

Have your cake and eat it, too? 


Janice Daniels takes credit for opening the library on Saturdays, even though she voted AGAINST opening the library on Saturdays!

After fighting against funding our Troy Public Library for a year and a half, Janice Daniels claims now to be its savior, and says we owe the current, six-day-with-Saturdays-open operation of the library to her.
But check out the actual vote from 11/28/11 below.
So just HOW can she take credit for something she didn't do?
What else is new?

CITY COUNCIL MINUTES – Final (REVISED)      November 28, 2011

Resolution #2011-11-273
Moved by Slater
Seconded by Campbell

RESOLVED, That the preceding resolution for Item I-5 d) Proposed Resolution for Seven-Day Operation of the Troy Public Library Effective January 7, 2011 be SUBSTITUTED with the following:

b)             Proposed Resolution for Six-Day Operation of the Troy Public Library – Closure Day Friday

WHEREAS, The 2011/12 Troy Public Library Budget and the Troy Public Library 3-Year Budget were approved on September 26, 2011, and provide for Library service Monday through Friday, and Sunday.

WHEREAS, In order to amend Library service days to include Saturday and close on Friday, an amendment of both budgets is required.

RESOLVED, That Troy City Council hereby AMENDS the 2011/12 Troy Public Library Budget and the Troy Public Library 3-Year Budget to reflect an additional $35,000 in expenditures per year.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Troy City Council hereby DIRECTS City Management to continue six-day operation of the Troy Public Library with the day of closure being Friday effective the week of January 1, 2012.

Yes:    Slater, Campbell, Fleming, McGinnis
No:      Tietz, Daniels, Henderson

And as for her whole library lover routine, don't forget this:


  1. I know, this is exactly why I find Janice Daniels exasperting. She makes herself out to be a champion of the library, pushes for the Saturday opening even though Cathy Russ, the library director, explained Saturday opening would be more costly and was not planned for in the .7 millage (that Janice Daniels fought against incidently). Still at that same council meeting, Daniels also pushed for the 7-day a week opening, which would cost even more.

    And then when it comes down to voting, she votes against her idea that she initiated. WTF??

    I really would have liked her to do something like Dave Henderson does, a "Tuesdays with Dave" on FB where he explains his voting rationale. Oops, maybe Daniels should stay away from Facebook!

  2. Janice and her TCU supporters kept telling us, "the money is there" and we didn't need the 0.7 mill increase to save the library. If that was actually true, then why didn't Janice (and Dave Henderson for that matter) make an effort to REDUCE our tax rate by 0.7 mills during the budget sessions?

  3. Janice Daniels is very tricky and should never be trusted. The library is now open on Saturday which many people like and she can trick most people into thinking that she did that. At the same time she can turn on a dime when it becomes convenient and demonstrate that she didn't vote YES because it cost more. Of course I think she was too stupid to actually do this on purpose but there it is. In reality I think she was going on her ideology and campaign promise for a 7 day library and since she couldn't have that and is unwilling to compromise, she was "forced" to vote No because she always votes on principle. No matter what, she is an ignorant ideologue and she needs to go.

  4. Wary and weary Troy voterJuly 6, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    An aside... candidate Deb DeBacker and her husband Tom Berk were against the library millages...ALOT. He especially stood at the council meetings (probably so she had no culpability for her state rep run) week after week disparaging library supporters. He once complained that a campaign mailer showed pictures of "kids and old people, what next puppies?" That's a family man right there.
    If you look at the Oakland County campaign site you will see that she was the treasurer of the anti campaign. Her family contributed enough money against to pay their household millage amount for about 6 years.
    Let's see what lovely, expensive piece of campaign lit she puts out about the library. It seems to be a hot button for candidates trying to rewrite history on who and what saved it. Perhaps she will thump her chest about how she tried to get books with anti-Christian themes removed from the library. Yes, she did that.
    She claims to be Republican (they all do now), but on paper only. She is TCU, Tea Party, Libertarian all the way. Don't be fooled.
    Troy voters, please pay close attention this November.

    1. Totally agree. This woman and her husband are absolutely frightening. They used to both speak at Council and portray themselves -- because she didn't take his last name -- as "separate" speakers. I can't believe this is the best the Troy/Clawson Republicans can come up with. Martin Howrylak is a career politician also of the Libertarian bent and Matt Pryor was a complete mess as Mayor. There are good, solid conservatives in this city; these are the crazies. God help us.