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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back Stabbing 101

Since the discussion on the post directly below seemed to take a partisan turn in the comments, I thought we could discuss partisan games-playing in  Troy.

Some wonder why it is that many residents in Troy have stopped identifying themselves with the organized Republicans.  The postcard pictured above is one reason.  It was received in mail boxes this week, and it has ALL the markings of what we've seen in the past by the partisan heavy hitters in Troy.

A specific group of Republicans in Troy DO THIS EVERY ELECTION.  This style of hit piece has been traced back to names like DEBORAH DEBACKER, BOB GOSSELIN, JANICE DANIELS and even MARTIN HOWRYLAK and/or their supporters numerous times over the years.  When you follow the money with each newly registered PAC, you can see that yourself.

Simply put, some of the Republicans in Troy would probably eat their own young if they thought it would win an election.


  1. This is a truly disturbing and somewhat recent trend in Troy. Sue is right: EVERY election one of these hit pieces come out. Some of them are completely anonymous (such as this one). Others come from organizations that suddenly spring to life and then quickly disappear (Troy Voter Guide, Troy Mothers Against Drugs, or whatever).

    It's absolutely shameful that people can't even "own up" to their ruthless attacks. I can understand the desire for a bit of anonymity on the Internet. But what kind of cowards are afraid to put their name to their mailed attacks?

    I truly hope the people of Troy will finally see these attacks for what they are: an all-out assault on civilized discourse.

  2. 'Troy book burning party'... yea sounds familiar.

    Mary Kerwin once a republican, now a Democrat, why? To run unopposed, to run as a true democrat, or one of those 'middle ground' repbulicans who is Democrat 'in name only'?

    1. I don't see how these two examples are the same thing at all.

    2. Sue, of course you wouldnt.

    3. That's because the issues you reference aren't the same.

      The Leo Burnett agency ran the book burning campaign as an independent entity. They were not infighting with another agency to win an award the way some Troy Republicans are infighting to kill each other.

      Mary Kerwin did not run attack ads against fellow Republicans or other Democrats...or ANYONE, for that matter.

      So please...tell me how the issues you raise are at all related to what this post is about.

    4. Sue, because whether you choose to accept it or not, politics is politics. It might not be blatant partisanship, but politics nevertheless. Look up 'politics'. And in case you dont want to expend that effort and would prefer to toss the ball back again, here is an excerpt (from wikipedia)
      :" a term is generally applied to the art or science of running governmental or state affairs, including behavior within civil governments, but also applies to institutions, fields, and special interest groups such as the corporate, academic, and religious segments of society. It consists of "social relations involving authority or power" and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy."..
      I particularly like the statement regarding "social relations involving authority or power, and tactics used to FORUMULATE and apply policy (CAPS are mine)..

    5. Dear Anonymous who loves to call me by name and take me to task: let me reiterate something. THIS post was about some Republicans in Troy stabbing each other the way some of them do every single election.

      Your examples aren't.

      The rest is irrelevant to THIS post.

      Thanks for playing.

    6. Sue, obviously you get a little testy when your cage is rattled. Dare I even say a little 'angry'? Now I havent called any names, made any direct accusations against 'you', or, told you to 'move out of troy', or 'get a life'. I have, indirectly, questioned the thought process. Obviously that gets the hackles up (Hackle noun: "Any of the long, slender, often glossy feathers on the neck of a bird")

      Your welcome for playing.

    7. Dear Anonymous,
      Oh, trust haven't seen even a "little" testy. :)
      I welcome thoughtful discourse. I do, however, prefer when it's relevant.

    8. Sue, who decides what is pertinent? You?

      Should we be concerned about what "a little testy" really looks like?

      Nah. Probably not.

    9. Regarding Anonymous 2:32 PM's comment: I happen to agree with you; as unfortunate as it is, it is politics and Martin Howrylak will have to explain his affiliations and beliefs that he tried to hide. Agree or disagree with him the voters have a right to know what his positions are. Perhaps he subscribes to a very basic political philosophy- regardless of what you really think lead the voters to believe you're a centrist. He ran with an underhanded crowd and now they've turned on him. Too bad. Maybe he should just tell us what he stands for and believes.
      I think the original post was intended to point out that Howrylak was one of theirs and they viciously turned on him and thhe things they purport that he supports are in direct conflict with their stated
      beliefs. If the latter us true, why did they ever align with him? Oh, it was probably just "politics"; if so, I guess their speeches about values, integrity, transparency and truth are just "politics" also.
      My real concern isn't this state office election; it is partisan, party politics driven. Their are sufficient candidates, across the political spectrum, to afford the voter a choice. My concern is local governance, which by law (the Troy City Charter) is non-partisan. Merriam-Webster defines non-partisan as " of party bias and affiliation...". Clearly, the goal was to eliminate politics from our Council; Gosselin, Howrylak, Daniels, and the rest have disregarded this law and invoke party
      politics at every opportunity. That is just wrong.

    10. Anonymous, I think the point of this blog post was to highlight these shadowy political groups that send out mailers to voters, but never explain themselves or their motives publicly and ever admit who they are publicly. Only people without a shred of integrity would put out literature and not even have the honor or guts to own up to it.

      How about the Dudley Do-Right Committee that flyered neighborhoods just 2 months ago, with misinformation about the Recall? Did anyone own up to being part of that group? Nope. Are they are registered PAC on the website? YES. Ralph Savage (70 Tacoma Drive) is the treasurer. And got a waiver (because it plans on not spending more than $1000), so they don't have to disclose donors. How convenient. I guess we can expect to see more flyers from this group.

      How about the Troy Voter Guide group that distributed flyers last fall that distorted and outright lied about City Council candidate's positions? Or the flyer also from last that looks like its from Right To Life Michigan, but is not? Did anyone own up to being part of that group? Nope. Are they are registered PAC on the website? YES. Guess who is the treasurer of the group? Ralph Savage of 70 Tacoma Drive. This group was formed AND dissolved last October. Guess who donated to this PAC? Among the dozen or so donors: DEB DEBACKER donated $500, TOM BURKE (DEB'S HUSBAND) donated $500, ROBERT OUTLAND (who submitted one of the 3 fake library millage proposals in November 2010) donated $500. Interesting.

      How about Mothers Against Drugs in Troy Group that launched a smear campaign against Neil Yashinsky, a City Council candidate? Did anyone own up to being part of that group? Nope. Are they are registered PAC on the website. YES. DEB DEBACKER is the treasurer. And got a waiver (because it plans on not spending more than $1000), so they don't have to disclose donors. How convenient. And it hasn't been dissolved yet. Maybe we can expect to see more flyers from this group.

      And how about those scoundrels who put the 3 fake library millage proposals on the November 2010 ballot, Robert Outland, Kathleen O'Laughlin, and William Redfield? They NEVER explained to the citizens or TV/newspaper why they used copycat language, why they collected signatures, and why they submitted those proposals.

    11. Jill. Wow. Thank you for putting that all in one place. I'm a moderate Republican in Troy and I find this embarrassing to what I thought being a Republican meant. Morover, it's embarrassing for Troy. This political stuff is wrong, and so beneath the caliber of people who live here.

      (By the way, I'm not the original "anonymous" who seems, oddly, to want to shoot the messenger here; I own a business here in Troy and don't want these folks targeting me in any way. I witnessed Janice Daniels yell at a store owner with a "yes" sign for the Library last summer, and I just don't need that in my business.)

      By the way, Sue ... I appreciate your effort to try to keep the conversation on track, but if that "anonymous" is Deb DeBacker, or Barbara Harrell, or Cristian Teodoridis or Randy/Stephanie Jasky or Glenn Clark or Bob Gosselin or Wade Fleming or Dave Henderson, you don't stand a chance. They will defend their tactics and attempt to divert from the issue over and over again. At least they can't include stupid stick figures in their comments here! :) Don't let these prideful folks get you down. Seriously.

    12. "I'm a moderate Republican in Troy "..


      So which 'anonymous' are you? Ellen, Linda?, Irv. Sue?

  3. This comment immediately enters into my mind: The person, or in this case, most likely, a group of people, creating this piece of junk mail sent through the auspices of the USPS, can simply be described as cowards, either in the noun or adjective form of the word.

    a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.
    lacking courage; very fearful or timid.
    proceeding from or expressive of fear or timidity: a coward cry.

    Yep. Fits the descriptions to a tee.

  4. The great irony is that Howrylak has used these endlessly. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Maybe he knows how we feel now as he has used this against us before.

  5. Wary and Weary in TroyJuly 24, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    Looks like Deb is pulling out all the stops she is the only one that could fund this. Even using some of Marty's old tricks. They ALL have no integrity or moral compass. No matter WHAT they would have you believe. There will be plenty more like this, watch for the 4 page mailer the weekend before the election. Filled with typos, bizarre math and bad clip art. But mostly lies.
    Birds of a feather flock together until they fly the coop and poop on each other. A disgusting mess for everyone in Troy and a continuation of the embarrassment that is the local scene.

  6. The Troy Republican organizations have no room for anyone who isn't of the extremism brought to us by Gosselin, Fleming, Tietz, Henderson, DeBacker, Daniels, etc. I'm a Republican and wouldn't think of attending one of their functions because these people are frighteningly dogmatic. Whatever grape juice they serve at their events needs to be outlawed. I would submit that Mary Kerwin has made a logical, wise, pragmatic choice to distance herself.

    1. Very well said. I would also suggest that intelligent Republicans with integrity show this group of "bullies" that we will not tolerate their antics any more by crossing party lines and voting for those who are are intelligent, upstanding and exhibit themselves professionally.

  7. My spouse is a registered Republican who would never vote for any of these Troy "Republicans". Being devious and a dolt doesn't make one a fiscal conservative. It is truly a shame when the best candidate on the Republican side is Matt Pryor, someone who I don't think very much of. But, at least he doesn't trot out all the social issues and focuses on fiscal issues (not that I agree with him). History in this area shows that the one who wins the Republican primary will win the general, that is why they are fighting so hard. I hope this time is different and Mary Kerwin wins. If not, we are screwed.

  8. As the above comment states this particular Republican organization only has room for their cronies and will utilize whatever means necessary to promote their unique brand of "conservatism". There has been a power struggle for several years within the party over their extreme ideology. I'm not sure what Louise Schilling and Mary Kerwin's political preferences were, although I have spoken to them many times. I am sure they stood in the way the Gosselin gang; therefore, if they wanted to serve they had to place themselves in a position to able to oppose the machine. They were certainly vilified by Daniels and others; which, was simply a strategy to get them out of the way.
    This is highly different than what former CM Howrylak did, he simply changed parties to fool mainstream Republicans into voting for him. The record is clear; he is a Libertarian and has never publicly disavowed that affiliation.
    Now this flier is underhanded to say the least. They voted for him before they voted against him. He was used when he was of value to them, but now poses a political threat to Ms. DeBacker. The strategy? Trash him, anonymously of course. I have a hard time having any sympathy for Mr. Howrylak, he plays the same game they do. My suggestion him is, you were on the inside of this group, you know the dirt, fire back.

  9. I didn't get this postcard, but I have to thank the "Republicans in the 41st District who are SICK of cross-over voters and candidates in Republican Primaries" for bringing Howrylak to my attention. I love his views - he's got my vote!

    1. As a fellow Republican, I would urge caution before casting your vote. Howrylak has used the same tactics as these to get his message across.

  10. Yowza! And they were all getting along so well at the League of Women Voters Meet the Candidate Night, didn't expect that nice seeming Deb Debacker to start slinging the mud. Excessive payback for Martin saying "vote for the only practicing licensed CPA running in the 41st district", though strangely that is no longer on his website. I'm seeing mostly Howrylak signs in my part of Troy, wonder if the local Republican powers-that-be are worried and feel they resort to this, or are they just inherently nasty?

  11. Wary and Weary in TroyJuly 25, 2012 at 4:26 PM

    Anonymous 3:46-- the last 2 words of your post sum it and them up.

  12. Does we really want to vote into office anyone who lies and cheats while campaigning? What would you then expect from them once they're in, that they'd suddenly become saints after sinning? This is why we have so much corruption in politics--we keep rewarding political cretins with jobs. No wonder things are the way they are.

    No one in Troy has lied or cheated more than the good folks at TCU, which includes Martin Howrylak and Deb DeBacker. Get ready to get more of the same if they win.

    1. Excuse me..."Do we really want to vote into office..."

      Must do a better job proofing my notes. Sorry.

  13. At this point, I will be voting for Matt Pryor. It is less about voting for him, and more about voting against DeBacker and Howrylak.

    1. I will do the same. At least Pryor doesn't seem to be an idealogue, as the other two have shown to have been, from their past behavior.

  14. A couple of things about Deb Debacker- she is a book banner. I have no tolerance for these types of individuals, who cry freedom loudly while silently badgering librarians about a list of books they personally find offensive. She is also against the International Academies and calls any parent sending a child there unpatriotic. I think that's a thinly veiled reference to the fact that many ethnic groups in Troy who care greatly about education send their kids there. Seems a little jealous of those who want to work hard to obtain the American Dream.