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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anti-DIA Tietz

From a brave soul who went to Tietz's anti-DIA-millage panel discussion...

Tonight, I attended Doug Tietz' panel discussion about the DIA millage.  It wasn't really a panel discussion, though.  It was was a febrile diatribe against the big evil government and it's horrible, no good, very bad tax and spend ways.

It lasted about an hour, with Tietz "moderating" four panelists:  Bruce Walker of, Rep. Tom McMillin, Simon Haddad of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, and County Commissioner Robert Gosselin.  Total attendance was approximately 35 people, including Deb DeBacker, Janice Daniels and Martin Howrylak. As you could probably guess, the parking lot was full of cars with Ron Paul bumper stickers.

Was there anybody from the DIA invited to speak?  Of course not!  Tietz defended his snubbing of DIA supporters for two reasons:  First, the DIA is running an organized advertising campaign.  And because they have an organized campaign, they shouldn't be invited.  Second, because there is no "organized" anti-millage campaign, it was up to these five men to get the "truth" out.

After a short powerpoint presentation on the language of the millage, Doug had questions for the panel.  Nothing terribly challenging, of course, because we wouldn't want to have and actual discussion, would we?  

So Doug set out to challenge the panel.  How did he do it, you ask?  By passing around index cards and asking the audience to come up with really hard questions.  In other words, Dougie put together a group of libertarians to bitch about a proposed millage and then expected the audience to challenge the BS.  This is more than fair, right, Dougie? 

It was exactly what you would expect from people who make a living by whining in public.  The arguments were as predictable as they were lame.

First, McMillin argued that the DIA is completely sustainable without the millage.  In the Free Press, McMillin claimed that the DIA had $100 million in unrestricted dollars for use.  Tonight, McMillin claimed that the figure was $185 million!  Where did McMillin find the extra $85 million?  Who knows!  But trust him, he's a CPA!

Simon Haddad complained about the horrible, nasty, no good unions!  He said that the people who work at the DIA make too much money, because its run by private sector unions and we all know that public sector unions steal your money!  He went on to say that because the DIA isn't a government agency, he can't FOIA copies of the union contracts to scrutinize.  Haddad actually claimed that the DIA is run by an unknown number of unions!  (Anybody besides me see the contradiction here?)

Bruce Walker blathered on about the unfairness of taxpayers having to pay for a museum.  He vomited up the standard free market ideas, saying that the DIA should be paid for by people through attendance fees.  Otherwise, we're going to have millag s on EVERYTHING!  Because if the voters approve the DIA millage, your local theater multiplex will be getting government handouts!  And we all know what that is, right?  Socialism!

Finally, the shambling mound of ordure known as Bob Gosselin spoke.  He threw everything else in.  First, the millage was written and sponsored by Democrats.  Then, the initiative was on the August because if it fails, it will be on the November one too.  Of course, he threw in the "free enterprise" nonsense for good measure.  Bob even claimed that the millage was a government handout and encouraged slothfulness!  And everyone knows that government handouts are an attack on the family!

And the slimiest argument that each of these four implied?  That this is a Detroit issue.  That those people can't be trusted to run the DIA because they'll mismanage it, forcing all the operating expenses to be borne by Oakland County.  This was just another example of Detroit trying to steal Oakland County's money!

So there you have it.  This is Doug Tietz' idea of "open" discussion.  Implied racism, attacks on unions, and outright lies.

Frankly, I feel dumber for having listened to it.
Here's Tietz when he was candidate, claiming he's just a businessman and family man and wants to help out for a while as a service to a community. He didn't let on that he was an anti-tax Tea Party fella, now did he?


  1. I hope you are having a stiff drink after that meeting of the Taliban elders. We need to buy a bus and send these loonies to Mississippi where they belong. Brooks would up port it.

  2. Whoever wrote this is a brave soul for going into that discussion. I hope he/she didn't drink the grape juice they were serving. This is another political stunt to put people's names and faces in front of voters. Tietz is nurturing the next step of his political career. He will run for his next office -- as Howrylak is -- as a "Tax Fighter" against the "tax and spend liberals!" I'm hearing about 35 people attended, he Gosselin, Glenn Clark brigade of political crud. These people are frightening.

  3. Wary and Weary in TroyJuly 27, 2012 at 9:50 AM

    Tietz is a political opportunist and operative. He had a political background when he ran for council. The thing that sends me off the deep end, is that ALL of these anti-govt people want to get govt jobs with govt paychecks and govt benefits.
    This craziness must be good for the bar business in Troy. The rest of us need lots of stiff drinks to live through this mess.

  4. Not everyone who attended was against the tax. John K. of the recall campaign was there, as were a few others who are definitely not part of the Gosselin-Debacker-McMillin gang.

  5. I wonder if any of them have ever been to the DIA? It seems that their brand of conservatism requires opposition to the arts and aesthetics. 35 people and some of those were opponents? Great draw!

  6. It seems like Mr. Tietz has spent his entire adult life working against people of color. First he worked to fight affirmative action, which we still need unfortunately because of people like him. Now the DIA is a target because it's in Detroit, where most of the residents are African American. It also makes me very angry that panel member Bob Gosselin and attendee Martin Howylrak are both taking from the taxpayers. Mr. Gosselin owes back taxes on his residence and Martin lives in his parents basement, never paying property taxes. They get the benefit of all the great things my taxes are paying for without contributing a dime. The word "deadbeat" comes to mind.

  7. While an anti-Detroit motive is possible, let's not forget that they opposed the funding of cultural facilities here in Troy also (the library). Their position in opposing such efforts is always the same (1) mismanagement (2) union costs (3) they really have the money. My personal opinion is that they don't like anyone who doesn't share their very narrow views.
    I once contacted Mr. Gosselin and asked to speak with him regarding an issue he opposed and I supported; his response to me was (paraphrased) " we can talk but I'm not going to change my mind". I didn't follow through on the meeting, it would have been a tremendous waste of both our times. This is the mind set of that group. Please known that not all conservatives share their views.

  8. If you are not a supporter then why attend? To spy?

    Then you claim to not like what you heard! Who's fault is that?

    Either make sausage or get out of the kitchen.

  9. It's not about not liking what you've heard, it's about understanding what our anti-tax extremists are up to.
    Trust me, every pro-library, pro-Troy event I've ever been to was infiltrated with TCU/Tea Party spies, including Janice Daniels' lawyer giving out a fake names whenever she shows up.

    1. "every pro-library, pro-Troy event I've ever been to was infiltrated with TCU/Tea Party spies"... Spies? Double naught spies? What is this, the cold war?