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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Say What Now?

Janice Daniels proclaims to stand for smaller government and fiscal conservatism.  Yet since taking office, she has advocated for "big brother" government oversight/regulation of the following:

-- your marriage and family
-- your social views -- which she'll fix with her marriage initiative.  Check out her explanation on her mayoral FB page.
-- your electrical meter
-- your right to speak at council with a full page of new rules and procedures that "simplify" matters.  I mean...unless you are one of her cronies.  They get to speak whenever they want for however long they wish whether or not they've signed up.

She has asked the city to spend an additional $35,000+ PER YEAR to keep the library open on a DIFFERENT day, not an EXTRA day.  That's because she was denied the opportunity to spend OVER A MILLION DOLLARS to get it open seven days a week as she promised.

She voted against a civic membership with the Michigan Municipal League "on principal," but when the majority of the council approved it, she was THE FIRST ONE to speak up for taking advantage of travel opportunities and conferences via MML ON THE CITY DIME.

That's right, she wants to spend OUR TAX DOLLARS for her personal networking benefit.

What Janice Daniels REALLY stands for is a government that SERVES HER OWN PURPOSES and spending of tax dollars THAT BENEFIT HER.

RECALL JANICE DANIELS.  We can't afford her,  we don't want her, and she's bad for Troy.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Twice-divorced Troy Mayor Janice Daniels Promotes "Troy Community Marriage Policy"

When will Janice Daniels get her nose the HELL out of our personal lives?
If you look up this plan, you will see that the point is to convince ALL churches and houses of worship in one area to refuse to marry anyone unless the bride and groom jump through the hoops these people deem necessary.
The goal is to make divorce really difficult, as it includes pushes for making "no fault divorce" illegal. That's neutral for rich people who can afford costly lawyers and long court battles, but may force poorer people to stay married because they can't afford court cases. This from Janice "Don't tread on me" Daniels. Janice "personal freedoms" Daniels.
Please write Janice Daniels and tell her she is NOT our minister. She is our mayor and we are wondering when she is going to start acting like one!
Janice stay out of our homes! Stay out of our bedrooms! Get your OWN house in order and leave us alone.
Go here to write all the council members:

So just how many people in Troy are "religious?"

Tietz running a Tea Party demo in 2009

I didn't really know Tietz was Tea Party till I saw him here at :30 seconds.

And he's here at 6:37

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why don't they love Howrylak?

As the Republican primary approaches and Martin Howrylak, Deb DeBacker and that other anti-government guy duke it out to try to become Michigan State Reps so they can live off of our hard-earned tax dollars, and get all of the benefits that they keep trying to take away from our qualified and talented city workers, one has to wonder why on earth the Republicans are treating Martin Howyrlak so shabbily.
I mean, I don't even have a dog in this fight. I like DeBacker just a smidge less than Howrylak, but don't want either of them representing Troy and Clawson in Lansing. 
I'm amazed that
1) these anti-tax zealots are SO enthusiastic to get a cushy job at the taxpayers expense (for 3?-year-old Howrylak it would be his first job ever, I believe),
2) Gosselin and DeBacker are attacking Howrylak, who has carried THEIR water for years, and
3) DeBacker, the holier-than-thou Christian, is palling around with the appallingly ethics-challenged Oakland County Commissioner Gosselin, who has a rap-sheet longer than most criminals. Oh yeah, HE is a holier-than-thou Christian, too! (As long as you're in their club, you can break any ethics rules and laws you like). You can tell he's helping run her campaign, because her campaign is so nasty. Of course, she is incredibly nasty as well. 
So DeBacker and Gosselin (and Tom McMillin, to boot) claim that their big beef with Howrylak is that he's a Libertarian in Republican's clothing. But, today's Republican party has been totally taken over by tea partiers who claim they are Libertarians (they're not, as Libertarians are supposed to be lovers of individual freedoms and people like Deb DeBacker want to use the Bible as a rule book to tell us all what to do--which is not, Ms. DeBacker, the Libertarian NOR the Christian thing to do...just so you know). A Libertarian (Ron Paul, for example), is just the purist form of a Republican, right?

I can tell you that Howrylak is fighting mad that people think he is still a Libertarian. He told me so himself and he meant it. Howrylak is also the biggest anti-tax extremist I've ever seen--to a fault, in my eyes. I think he considers his former Libertarianism an indiscretion of youth. Howrylak is also a Christian. I remember hearing someone say what a good Christian he is. I was surprised because he doesn't hit people over the head with it all the time, like Gosselin and DeBacker do.

So is what the problem, really? Howrylak isn't Christian enough for these nasty, unethical, viciou, backstabbers people who use their religion as a sword against the rest of us? It's a pretty big joke about Gosselin being a moral Christian, you know, as he is everything from a kidnapper to a hooker hound.

But that's the new breed of self-adoring, self-righteous Christian extremists. Not all Christians, of course. Most of us are just normal folks, trying to get by. Zealots like Janice Daniels are another story. She prides herself (and embarrasses Troy) by continuously telling us that she must protect good people from gay marriage, despite the fact she has been divorced twice. What on earth does she know about healthy marriage!!!??? And my understanding is that while Jesus often spoke about divorce being a sin, he NEVER condemned homosexuality. I mean, aren't these people self-aware enough to be ashamed of their gross, appalling hypocrisy now and then?

Oh well. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had a theory about why these people are trashing their own darling boy, their own Eagle Scout, their own Wunderkind?

What's your theory?

A few words in support of Michigan, art and the DIA

As we struggle with our own anti-tax, homophobic extremists in Troy (Janice Daniels, Glenn 'takes-one-to-know-one' Clark, Bob Gosselin and Doug Tietz), Rochester/RH has its hands full with just one who creates enough trouble to match our scoundrels on his own. Tom McMillin is behind many of the make-Michigan-weak-stupid-and-unattractive bills in Lansing (just look him up -- it will stun you). So I asked a person familiar with museums, public funding, and McMillin to send a few words in support of something they all seem to find evil -- funding one of the world's great museums, right here in Michigan.

from Diane Young:
A lot has been said about the DIA’s proposed millage. First, I must admit I believe the DIA will survive for a while if the millage proposals don’t pass. However, it would show the state and the world how little vision we have in our community. If this millage doesn’t pass, it would mean severe cuts to an already stressed budget. It would mean students from less advantaged school districts would lose out on field trip opportunities. This small millage would give the DIA time to build up its endowment to the size of similar art museum around the country and give students and family’s access to its collections.

I am a financial planner, and as part of my community service I sit on several non-profit boards, including a local non-profit art organization. I am very familiar with how non-profits run and how they struggle. Since the state stopped supporting the DIA several years ago, it has struggled to replace the lost operating income. Please understand the operating income is different than endowment money. Endowed funds can only be used for the income that they generate generally up to 4-5% of the fund. The bulk of the operating funds come from memberships, ticket sales, grants, and gifts. If the DIA relied solely on ticket sales to cover the cost of operations, they would have to charge $62 for every man, woman and child to enter the museum. Ultimately, fewer and fewer people would attend and a vicious cycle of rising ticket prices would possibly cause the doors to close. Donors would stop giving, art donations would plummet, and the museum would not have the resources to buy art or host exciting exhibits.

On the other hand, we could come together as a community and pass the millage. Homeowners would pay a nominal fee to ensure that all in the tri-county area have unfettered access to this cultural gem.

Recently, I was in New York City visiting friends and we went to the Museum of Modern Art. They were exhibiting Diego Rivera’s traveling murals that he created for the MOMA when it first opened in the early 1930s.This work was done several years before his Detroit murals. It was amazing. Two weeks later, my friends were in Detroit visiting me so we went to the DIA to compare the murals. They were speechless. Lucky for us there was a professor giving a lecture to college students so we huddled in close to hear what he had to say. We learned so much about the work and about Diego Rivera. What a treat.

What shocked my New York friends most about the DIA was how empty it was. Didn’t people know what wonderful work was in here? Perhaps if the barriers of admission were lowered more folks would come to be inspired.

My own state representative, Tom McMillin, has decided to lead the opposition to the DIA millage. I asked him how he decided that the citizens of Rochester were against the millage. Did he take a poll or a survey? No-- he just looked at the financials and decided he knew what was best. Does he have a background in art curation? Art exhibits? Did he read the recent study that shows that art is one of the main economic drivers of a region? NO. He just looked at some numbers and thinks he knows best. Because CPAs know numbers. Well, perhaps that is true but they sure don’t have vision. I don’t see too many people standing in line to see a completed 1040 tax return from a hundred years ago. But I do see them lining up to see “The Faces of Jesus” or the art of Degas.

I also asked Mr.McMillin when was the last time he had been to the DIA. He admitted it had been years. How can you advocate for the demise of an organization when you have not even investigated it? This is a terrible lack of leadership on his part. He also forgets that he is taxpayer funded and receives over $70,000 a year plus benefits and perks to work for the citizens of Rochester-- not to go run around Troy trashing the DIA.

To me, this millage is about re-building our whole region. It shows the world we care for our cultural gems and that we are willing to invest in our future. The generations that preceded us made such an investment – we owe it to our children and our grandchildren to be responsible enough to do the same.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anti-DIA Tietz

From a brave soul who went to Tietz's anti-DIA-millage panel discussion...

Tonight, I attended Doug Tietz' panel discussion about the DIA millage.  It wasn't really a panel discussion, though.  It was was a febrile diatribe against the big evil government and it's horrible, no good, very bad tax and spend ways.

It lasted about an hour, with Tietz "moderating" four panelists:  Bruce Walker of, Rep. Tom McMillin, Simon Haddad of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, and County Commissioner Robert Gosselin.  Total attendance was approximately 35 people, including Deb DeBacker, Janice Daniels and Martin Howrylak. As you could probably guess, the parking lot was full of cars with Ron Paul bumper stickers.

Was there anybody from the DIA invited to speak?  Of course not!  Tietz defended his snubbing of DIA supporters for two reasons:  First, the DIA is running an organized advertising campaign.  And because they have an organized campaign, they shouldn't be invited.  Second, because there is no "organized" anti-millage campaign, it was up to these five men to get the "truth" out.

After a short powerpoint presentation on the language of the millage, Doug had questions for the panel.  Nothing terribly challenging, of course, because we wouldn't want to have and actual discussion, would we?  

So Doug set out to challenge the panel.  How did he do it, you ask?  By passing around index cards and asking the audience to come up with really hard questions.  In other words, Dougie put together a group of libertarians to bitch about a proposed millage and then expected the audience to challenge the BS.  This is more than fair, right, Dougie? 

It was exactly what you would expect from people who make a living by whining in public.  The arguments were as predictable as they were lame.

First, McMillin argued that the DIA is completely sustainable without the millage.  In the Free Press, McMillin claimed that the DIA had $100 million in unrestricted dollars for use.  Tonight, McMillin claimed that the figure was $185 million!  Where did McMillin find the extra $85 million?  Who knows!  But trust him, he's a CPA!

Simon Haddad complained about the horrible, nasty, no good unions!  He said that the people who work at the DIA make too much money, because its run by private sector unions and we all know that public sector unions steal your money!  He went on to say that because the DIA isn't a government agency, he can't FOIA copies of the union contracts to scrutinize.  Haddad actually claimed that the DIA is run by an unknown number of unions!  (Anybody besides me see the contradiction here?)

Bruce Walker blathered on about the unfairness of taxpayers having to pay for a museum.  He vomited up the standard free market ideas, saying that the DIA should be paid for by people through attendance fees.  Otherwise, we're going to have millag s on EVERYTHING!  Because if the voters approve the DIA millage, your local theater multiplex will be getting government handouts!  And we all know what that is, right?  Socialism!

Finally, the shambling mound of ordure known as Bob Gosselin spoke.  He threw everything else in.  First, the millage was written and sponsored by Democrats.  Then, the initiative was on the August because if it fails, it will be on the November one too.  Of course, he threw in the "free enterprise" nonsense for good measure.  Bob even claimed that the millage was a government handout and encouraged slothfulness!  And everyone knows that government handouts are an attack on the family!

And the slimiest argument that each of these four implied?  That this is a Detroit issue.  That those people can't be trusted to run the DIA because they'll mismanage it, forcing all the operating expenses to be borne by Oakland County.  This was just another example of Detroit trying to steal Oakland County's money!

So there you have it.  This is Doug Tietz' idea of "open" discussion.  Implied racism, attacks on unions, and outright lies.

Frankly, I feel dumber for having listened to it.
Here's Tietz when he was candidate, claiming he's just a businessman and family man and wants to help out for a while as a service to a community. He didn't let on that he was an anti-tax Tea Party fella, now did he?

Troy: the New Fantasy Island

Troy's mayor, Janice Daniels, recently spoke on WJR with Frank Beckmann.  You can hear the delightful conversation by clicking HERE.

Among the fictional tidbits of misinformation the illustrious and controversial Ms. Daniels provided are the following pieces of fantasy:

-- that the recall is a "tragic misuse of an important legal process" that Daniels feels is only for removal for crimes.  The law does not back up that assertion. What then, exactly, is the PROPER use of the recall statute?
-- that two former "Liberal" mayors are behind the effort.  In fact, one former mayor who supports the recall is Liberal, one is a WELL-KNOWN and very active CONSERVATIVE.
-- that the recall is "silly, petty and personal."  Well...ok, if you call being upset that Daniels insulted entire groups of residents with bigotry and hatred "silly, " she might have a point.  If you call slandering city administration in public during a ranting diatribe "personal," she might have a point.  And if you call being upset that she voted against a ten-year long investment in a transit project under the guise of saving our tax dollars (that would have gone to ANOTHER CITY, not the federal debt) "petty," you might have a point.
-- that the recall group is a "small group of well-connected political malcontents" who don't like Conservatism.  I believe I've already addressed who the recall supporters are in this post HERE.  I don't believe that over 10% of Troy's population who had a chance to sign the petition during a very small window of opportunity match Daniels's fanciful description, do you?

If those whoppers weren't enough to help Daniels sleep at night, she continued on with her glorious list of accomplishments thus far in her "honorable position" of Mayor of Troy:

--  the library being open on Saturday as her doing.  Let's review:  MAYOR DANIELS VOTED AGAINST THE RESOLUTION TO OPEN THE LIBRARY ON SATURDAYS.  Now, she will back-peddle and try to explain that she voted no against HER OWN resolution because she wants only a SEVEN day library.  She neglects to mention that her seven-day plan would cost the city an additional 1 MILLION +  above what the dedicated library millage provides.  *(see note below)
-- ownership of the Smart Meter resolution approved this past week -- after over 98% of Troy residents already HAVE Smart Meters, and without admitting that the resolution does NOTHING more than affirm a position that is nearly word for word from a state level resolution that is years old.
-- attended two funerals for fallen heroes.  Doesn't mention if they are Troy residents...and God rest their souls.  But what does THAT have to do with being the mayor???
-- working to establish a "Community Marriage Initiative" that somehow she feels will reduce our tax burden and provide dollars to fight youth crime.  ?????????????????????????????????  Are you confused, too?  And again...Why is Daniels working on SOCIAL ISSUES when she just told  Charlie Langton a few weeks ago that is exactly what she DIDN'T want to focus on??

Finally, the mayor ended the interview with some wonderful news.  She's hosting a State of the City speech on September 20, 2012 FREE OF CHARGE!!!!  She had already mentioned the freebie during the council meeting Monday night! Wow!  What a BARGAIN!

Wait...hasn't it ALWAYS been free of charge?  Isn't it a public event by a public official working in a public capacity???

Oh, and then she not only invited Frank Beckmann and other local "media superstars" to attend, she gave him the FABULOUS opportunity to donate to her campaign to fight the recall effort in which she'll need to raise a "significant amount" of donations to fight this "silly" effort.  I wonder if she'd have voice-over experience, because girlfriend can work a plug like no one else!

Which begs two questions:

First, if it's so silly, why would it take significant amounts of someone's taxpayer dollars to win?

And secondly, will our Honorable Mayor EVER develop any class or a sense of decorum???

*The additional funding to keep the library open was proposed to have come from our fund balance/emergency fund.  Daniels also proposed using that fund to cover the refuse and debt service millages in the new budget cycle, rather than simply passing those costs on to the residents as has been the historic behavior.

So in other words, Daniels wanted to hit the general fund up for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the next three-year cycle, ignoring the facts that with no additional revenue to that fund...Troy would be bankrupt by 2017.

Daniels further provided to insight as to how to INCREASE revenue during those budget talks.  And now her proposal for "intact families" is being touted as a way of saving tax dollars to spend on youth crime.

I know...I don't get it, either.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back Stabbing 101

Since the discussion on the post directly below seemed to take a partisan turn in the comments, I thought we could discuss partisan games-playing in  Troy.

Some wonder why it is that many residents in Troy have stopped identifying themselves with the organized Republicans.  The postcard pictured above is one reason.  It was received in mail boxes this week, and it has ALL the markings of what we've seen in the past by the partisan heavy hitters in Troy.

A specific group of Republicans in Troy DO THIS EVERY ELECTION.  This style of hit piece has been traced back to names like DEBORAH DEBACKER, BOB GOSSELIN, JANICE DANIELS and even MARTIN HOWRYLAK and/or their supporters numerous times over the years.  When you follow the money with each newly registered PAC, you can see that yourself.

Simply put, some of the Republicans in Troy would probably eat their own young if they thought it would win an election.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who We Are

When I first became involved in Troy politics, I didn't really know who Troy Citizens United were until I saw a mailer in opposition of the February 2010 millage vote.  The mailer was laughable -- filled with so many inaccuracies, rudimentary stick figures and over-the-top fear-tactic laden phrases that I thought, "Wow, this fringe group of zealots is surely some silly little hate group that will vanish!"

Boy, was I wrong.  What I found out was that they were fully backed by some of Oakland County's biggest and best funded power-hitters, had been around for a LONG time, and regularly received many and generous donations from people I had know for YEARS.

(Obviously not enough to help spell-check or fact-check mailers, though...but I digress...)

And their tactics WORKED.  They target a specific "universe," the political term for intended audience.  This universe is known for disliking tax increases for anything, believes the myth that Troy has been over-spending for those luxuries like good roads, adequate drain systems and the best police/fire force around.  They hate that Troy had become THE place to work -- that we had hired regularly the most qualified and competent and educated employees and paid them a fair living wage.

So when a voice of opposition arrived, first with TRUST and then their off-shoot, SAVE TROY -- the group mainly responsible for saving the library with the successful millage last August -- the TCU didn't know what to do.  Then came the RECALL JANICE DANIELS team, and that sent them over the edge.

Suddenly, they weren't the only voice or even a voice anyone gave credit to anymore.
Suddenly, someone was opposing their spurious claims.
Suddenly, PEOPLE BEGAN TO LEARN THE TRUTH.  And the TCU can't handle the truth, as the saying goes...

So the smoke and mirrors came out.  TRUST, SAVE TROY, RECALL JANICE DANIELS...they all must be WELL-ORGANIZED AND WELL-FUNDED.  We must all have been POLITICAL OPERATIVES.  Surely we were all LIBERALS, too.  (GASP!).

Lies...all of it lies.  You want to know who it is that helped save that library?  Who tried to elect a new council with ALL OUR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND?  Who stood up to a BIGOTED MAYOR? 

We are regular people.
We are moms and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles...high school students and younger.
We are Troy residents.
We are new to the ins and outs of local issues, most of us.
We've never held political office, and most of us do not care to EVER hold office.
We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Moderates, Libertarians, and undeclared.
We are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and more.
We are straight and gay.


We share one vision: to restore Troy to what we all know it was and can be again -- a thriving city welcoming to ALL citizens who want the best place in which to live, work and play.

If you saw how any of the behind-the-scenes work on the library campaign, the November council/mayor campaign, or even the recall campaign took place, you'd LAUGH.  We are earnest, to be sure, but we are NOT seasoned political savants by ANY means. 

When we DO have outside help from someone who knows how to run a campaign, we argue and fuss and fight to do things OUR way, not the politically strategic way.

We do not want to win with disingenuous games-playing  We don't want to act like the REAL proven political operatives with their well-funded (often with outside money and support) campaigns against our vision.  We don't want to win AT ANY COST...we want to win because IT'S RIGHT FOR TROY.

Janice Daniels can paint us however she wants, that's her prerogative.  But like most everything that comes out of her mouth, it's not accurate, it's meant only to bolster her sagging image, and its goal is to win a game most Troy residents don't even want to play.

Stop the games.  End the controversy the new mayor has brought to Troy.

Recall Janice Daniels.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Janice, I Have Questions. Dare You Answer Them?

Dear Janice,

In today's Oakland Press, you said that you “will defeat the recall effort [you] face,” and laid out the reasons why you will not be thrown of office. You believe that you have “the silent majority” and if given “fair press” you will “win again and defeat this...effort.”

Your first reason for not being fired is because you "stand for something.“  You say that your statements about gay people are your "personal opinion,"  and it's "nice" to see elected officials expressing personal opinions.

Second, you believe you shouldn't be fired because you campaigned against the Transit Center.  And you think it's "refreshing" when elected officials vote the "way they campaigned."

Finally, you believe you were put into office because the "voters of Troy...were tired of big government."  You believe that the people who are participating in the recall have been running a "smear campaign of historic proportions to destroy [your] name...because they hated the fact that [a] proponent of smaller, more efficient government won office.”

Really, Janice?  These are your reasons why you shouldn't be removed?

Tell me, Janice, did you campaign against John Szerlag?  When you read your "position paper" in which you concluded "I have no confidence in our city manager’s ability to continue to perform the duties granted him in this position” were you keeping a campaign promise?

And tell me this:  When John Szerlag, accepted the job offer in Cape Coral, Florida, and you were quoted as saying you "enjoyed working with Mr. Szerlag," were you lying?  You went from "no confidence" to "[he’s] a proven leader and a good person" really, really fast.  Did you change you mind or were you being a hypocrite?

Let's not forget that you simply didn't vote against the transit center.  No, you brought in a Birmingham patent lawyer to destroy the whole project.  You tried to force the Council to grant him extra time to speak, even though you knew that he called the transit project the "mugger mover."  Tell me, was destroying the 10 plus years of work by countless city, state, federal, and private workers a "promise?"

I know you're not going to answer my questions, Janice.  You're unwilling and incapable of answering hard questions.

But here's the one I really want you to answer:  Is it fair of you to play the press for sympathy when you show none to others?

You see, Janice, you made it a point to everyone know that you've had "a heartbreaking life."

I'm sorry for your losses.  But do you want to know who else has had a heartbreaking life?


Every person alive has suffered loss and pain, far beyond what is fair.

And I believe it's our obligation as human beings to try to alleviate the pain of others, when we can.

But you, in having a "personal opinion," turn a blind eye to the suffering of every child who was bullied for being gay.  You would ignore the pain of every gay person who has found lifelong love, yet can't have that love solemnized and celebrated.  You would tell the people struggling with their sexual identity that they have a disease.

Therefore, Janice, I am supporting the Recall with a "yes" vote this November.  For all the reasons listed on the petition, plus one:  Because your claims about loving all people is a lie.

So, no, Janice, it's not nice to see a politician standing for something.  Especially when that "something" is having a government that can tell people who they may love.

Cross posted at

Monday, July 16, 2012

DETROIT NEWS: Troy mayor loses bid to prevent recall election in November

Read it here, fans of non-radical, sane government:

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Imagine my surprise when I saw that this week, nearly 300 hits on our blog came through the national political website Wonkette. Jeff Wattrick, formerly of MLive and now apparently writing for Wonkette and the wonderful new online newspaper Deadline Detroit, wrote another fiercely funny article about our bumbling mayor.

BY JEFF WATTRICKTroy, Michigan’s, beloved treasure of a mayor, Janice Daniels, famous throughout Wonkette nation for dressing like an Iranian man, would very much like it if the Oakland County Clerk didn’t count recall signatures that the Clerk’s office says it isn’t counting anyway. Did you read that correctly. Yes, you read that correctly. Daniels, who is facing a recall for being an embarrassingly nutters homophobe, is challenging recall petition signatures that have already been tossed out.
“We’ve only done a cursory review of it because we just received it, but it appears they’re challenging signatures that we already disqualified,” [Elections Director Joe] Rozell said. “We provided them a list showing which were counted and which weren’t, but they challenged the ones we didn’t count.”
Daniels had until 4:30 yesterday afternoon to challenge recall petitions. Quite naturally, she waited until ten minutes before that deadline (4:20! that’s how The Janice rolls, bitchez!) to file her not at all insane protest against already disqualified signatures.
Maybe this is a new strategy. Having pissed off the local business community, the gays, transit riders, high school students, city staff, and Michigan’s Republican Governor maybe Daniels thinks she can win votes from County Clerk employees by making them laugh with this rather (shall we say) “queer” petition challenge. 

Eclectablog - Americans for Prosperity hosts fake grassroots rally with Janice Daniels and Sarah Palin

The article of the year!
Don't miss it and the evidence of the company our mayor keeps.
What do Janice Daniels and Sarah Palin have in common? Both are usually introduced in the media with the words, "embattled," "controversial," "disgraced," or "sanity challenged" before their names. OK, fine, the last one is mine. And you can write me with your support of Palin, but she is a walking disaster and even her supporters know it. People who love her may love her personally, but they certainly don't want her to have any power in America, beyond her pundit role on Fox News.

Americans for Prosperity hosts fake grassroots rally with Sarah Palin, pretends to be “non-political”

Yesterday, Americans For Prosperity held a fake grassroots rally called “Patriots in the Park” in Belleville, Michigan near the Detroit Metro Airport. Around 400-500 tea party supporters and Sarah Palin fanatics showed up to bake in the hot sun to witness an event, dubbed “Kochstock” by LOLGOP, bought and paid for by the conservative group that bills itself as a non-political 501(c)(4) nonprofit group. This nonprofit status allows them to hide their donors and to sponsor these types of events around the country as long as they don’t support a candidate.
The result was a several-hour long anti-Obama, anti-Democrat hatefest where not a single Republican candidate got mentioned.
[Note: all photos are mine, taken with my iPhone. Do not hold my wife responsible for this (low) level of photography ; )]
LOLGOP and I went together (in disguise, of course.) Here I am, sporting my AFP t-shirt and wearing my “Don’t believe the Liberal Media” button:
Tea Party Troy Mayor Janice Daniels began speaking nearly as soon as we got there. It was a short speech, only a few minutes, mostly whining about the recall effort against her, seeming to suggest that the expression of democracy (the recall) is somehow un-democratic. She also suggested that her son is fighting in the military to save us all from Saul Alinsky-trained radicals. Who knew?
Here she is looking at something she just pulled … nevermind:
That lady sure can rock a hat, eh?

Read the whole juicy article here!

Friday, July 13, 2012

On Transparency

Janice Daniels claims she is transparent.

When she was a regular old citizen, she DEMANDED transparency.  She PROMISED it as a mayor.  Here is how transparent she is...

On her mayoral Facebook page, she loves to share wonderful things and ask for citizen input.  As of today, at roughly 4:11 PM, here is what is on that page:

But just a short while ago, here is what was there:

Do you see the difference?  When I saw the page yesterday, I added my queries.  I waited and waited...and there was no response yesterday.  Today when I went to see if the Mayor-Who-Demands-Transparency would answer my queries, I was SHOCKED to see my responses had been deleted.

Ok.  I lied.  I was not shocked.  That's why I actually did a screen shot of my initial postings.  Lots of us do that because lots of us have everything we ever post deleted.

Oh, and by the way, I am now blocked from commenting on that page.

Janice Daniels has said repeatedly that she'd like people to get to know her.  She says she's available and ready to share who she is.  She states over and over how she is open to new ideas and to doing what will make Troy great.

The reality is that with every action, we already know her.  She's already shared who she is.  She's shown that she is clearly NOT open to any idea that doesn't match her own, and what's great for Troy has to be great for Janice Daniels or it's deleted.

Janice Daniels doesn't like being asked questions she doesn't want to answer.

None of that seems like transparency to me.


Spelling Lesson

Let's talk about how to spell a few words. 

Word 1:  NARCISSIST -- common spelling JANICE DANIELS
Word 2:  EGO -- common spelling JANICE DANIELS
Word 3:  RUDE -- common spelling JANICE DANIELS

Many times during council meetings, speakers and/or fellow council members will refer to Janice Daniels as "Ms. Daniels." 

I noticed several meetings in that Janice was EXTREMELY bothered by this.  She would start with the stink eye to the unsuspecting victim.  Then, emboldened after a few meetings in which she got to play out her apparent fantasy of being in charge (albeit of a weak-mayor, mostly ceremonial position), she began displaying a new tactic.

She would INTERRUPT the speaker to say loudly, "MAYOR Daniels!" in correction for the undesired nicety of being called Ms. Daniels.

That's right...Janice Daniels was so focused on what the speaker called her that she would interrupt a conversation to correct the speaker as though he/she were a child.

MAYOR Daniels is focused on herself.  She views every issue, event, and speaker through a filter that is focused on herself.  She is the TRULY the center of her universe.

For me, that spells another good word:  RECALL.

RECALL THE MAYOR...however you refer to her.  Because any iteration of her name on our city letterhead is wrong.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


At the July 9th city council meeting, Councilman Dane Slater boldly spoke up to Mayor Janice Daniels’s claim that she is responsible for opening the library on Saturdays.

He reminded her that she voted AGAINST that resolution.

Twice she rudely interrupted him to say that was a distortion.  Twice he repeated, “No, that was your VOTE.”

So to make sure we all know the difference between reality and distortion, let’s take a short history lesson.
In the 2010 budget sessions, options were presented to the City Council in which they could choose to run a fiscally responsible city that may or may not have included quality-of-life venues.  Those venues in question were the library, nature center, historical museum and community center.  Three of those venues had possibilities to be self-funded via user fees and/or memberships.  One did not – the library – and was quickly supported by its charitable entity, The Friends of the TPL whose CITIZEN MEMBERS began a campaign to request a millage to save it.

The council majority knew of the terrible decline in revenue already being experienced so far and that was predicted into the future.  They listened to the outcry of residents to save their vital services like police, fire and streets/drains/waters, etc., first and foremost.  The council had to prioritize city services thusly.

City Council voted FOR THE BUDGET that was the most responsible choice for the future of the city and the safety of the residents.

City Council did NOT vote to close the library. They made a difficult choice to vote in a workable budget for the benefit of ALL the residents.  

Is that difference clear to you?  

And then came Janice Daniels and company. Ignoring the big picture, she fought viciously and loudly for residents to vote down any and all ballot measures that would allow an influx of revenue to bolster a sagging budget.  She was one of many vilifying the council for "voting to close the library."  That was a clear and inaccurate distortion.

Janice Daniels fought against saving quality-of-life venues like the library. I haven't seen her voting record, but I can bet JANICE DANIELS VOTED TO CLOSE THE LIBRARY.

Janice Daniels is NO FRIEND TO THE LIBRARY or to the city budget.

In fact, Janice Daniels DOESN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND how municipal budgeting works. (Watch the budget study sessions; it’s embarrassing – no, appalling -- how ignorant she appeared.)

Janice Daniels has distorted the decisions of the previous council members hundreds of times for her own political gain.  And now she is distorting her own actions.  When Daniels brought forth a resolution to open the library seven days a week, it was shot down by council members smarter than her who knew we couldn’t afford that, and a revised resolution was submitted for Saturday hours AT ADDITIONAL EXPENSE beyond what is provided by the reasonable .7 mill revenue.   

Then it came up for vote.



 Now, she will tell you it’s because she wanted seven day service, and anything less than that was unsavory.
The fact remains that she VOTED AGAINST SATURDAY SERVICE.  

Yet she takes CREDIT for Saturday service.

Distortion: anything Janice Daniels says she’s done for the greater good of Troy.

Recall Janice Daniels

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jeff Wattrick: Educating Janice Daniels

More good stuff from Jeff Watrick

Hey Janice Daniels, Science Says The Closet, Not Homosexuality, Is Real Health Hazard

So, you know how embattled Troy Mayor Janice Daniels likes to drone on about “the homosexual lifestyle” being medically dangerous and how, despite claims to the contrary from virtually every reputable medical organization, she says she can produce mysteriously unidentified medical experts to back up her assertions about the unhealthiness of homosexuality?

Well, it turns there is a certain homosexual lifestyle that scientists now say is very likely unhealthy: The closet.

According to an article published this week in Psychology Today, “gay men who hide their sexual orientation have an unusually high incidence of cancer and infectious disease.”

The experts think it’s not so much the homosexual part of the lifestyle that’s so unhealthy, it’s the closeted part.
Psychology Today: The connection between self-concealment and pathology makes more sense when one considers that, psychologically speaking, secrecy is a lot like lying. Keeping a secret in an interview, for instance, will often set off a polygraph machine, because it triggers the same physiological responses as lying, such as increased sweating and accelerated heart rate.

Secrecy, it turns out, is taxing. In one study, subjects were asked to conceal their emotions by maintaining a perfect poker face for a set period of time. Immediately afterward, they were given a test of intellectual capacity. As it turned out, they performed worse on average than control subjects whose emotions had been given free rein. Psychologists have dubbed this kind of exhaustion, “ego depletion.”

Sunday, July 8, 2012

FYI Janice - Separation of church and state

"We in the United States, above all, must remember that lesson, for we were founded as a nation of openness to people of all beliefs. And so we must remain. Our very unity has been strengthened by our pluralism. We establish no religion in this country, we command no worship, we mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are, and must remain, separate. All are free to believe or not believe, all are free to practice a faith or not, and those who believe are free, and should be free, to speak of and act on their belief.
At the same time that our Constitution prohibits state establishment of religion, it protects the free exercise of all religions. And walking this fine line requires government to be strictly neutral. And government should not make it more difficult for Christians, Jews, Muslims, or other believing people to practice their faith." 
Source: Remarks by President Reagan 
to Temple Hillel and Community Leaders in Valley Stream, New York

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blog Post on Patch: Janice Daniels must represent ALL people in Troy

Go to Troy Patch to read it.
But feel free to comment here.

Janice Daniels' Hypocrisy (repost)

-from Rob
(Thanks, Rob for the evidence that she's proud NOT to care about children, libraries and property values)
How convenient for Janice Daniels to suddenly get amnesia about her active role in wrecking every effort to keep the library open by legitimate means (I.e. Prop 1, any millage whatsoever).  So now, she's always supported the library and what it means to our community?  Aw, really?
Her own words say otherwise.  Janice, in case you've forgotten, you wrote a column for the Oakland Press back in August of 2010 where you complained about having to support, financially or otherwise, things like libraries, children, etc.  But don't take my word for it—here are yours, verbatim from your column:

"And, closer to home, what about those folks who prefer to keep the hard earned fruits of their labor in their own pocketbooks instead of in the taxman’s coffers or the politico’s war chest — Guilty — Uncaring, unconcerned, uncommitted to the advancement of (you fill in the blank for the issue of the moment: Children, libraries, home values, poor people, old people, safe streets, parks, museums, fairs, Washington insiders). The list of issues that you should be ashamed of yourself for not supporting is as endless as the requests for taxes or retributions or contributions or revenue enhancements or commitments or condemnations."
It's always been about nothing but the money for you, hasn't it Janice?  If you ever actually set foot in the library and saw how it is used by so many every day and what it means as Troy's real civic centerpiece, maybe you wouldn't have taken such a low road to ensure its closing. Maybe a self-proclaimed patriot such as you might have realized how important libraries are to a country like ours—you know, the old educated, informed citizen thing. But somehow I doubt it in your case.
Honestly, I don't know how you look at yourself in the mirror each day.

(see key related post here)

Friday, July 6, 2012

WDIV: Battle to recall Troy mayor moves forward with 8,882 valid signatures

Channel 4 reports that the recall will be on the November ballot, though Janice Daniels still has until the 12th of July to challenge the signatures one-by-one.

Battle to recall Troy mayor moves forward with 8,882 valid signatures for petitioners

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels recall effort will appear on November ballot

TROY, Mich. -
An effort to recall Troy Mayor Janice Daniels is picking up steam after the Oakland County Elections Division confirmed the petition signatures needed to get the measure on the November ballot.
According the the Elections Division, petitioners collected 8,882 valid signatures. Only 8,000 were required to get the recall on the ballot.
Mayor Daniels now has until 4:30 p.m. July 12 to challenge the recall effort with the elections office. If she fails to meet that deadline, or does not challenge it, the issue will appear on the November ballot.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Detroit News: Troy recall signatures confirmed

The Detroit News reported today that the Recall Janice Daniels Campaign has succeeded in getting a sufficient number of signatures on the petition to move the recall ahead.
What's most interesting about the article to me is the explanation of how very rare it is for a recall initiative like this to succeed.
Troy owes great thanks to the organizers of the recall and the volunteers who made it happen.
I got a small number of the signatures and can report firsthand that it was NOT difficult to get the signatures. As I have written here before, the most frequent comments I received when I asked people who signed the petition were:
1. She's an embarrassment to Troy,
2. She's crazy, and
3. I voted for her and I'm ashamed to admit it, but we need her out.
By the way, a failed recall was mounted against previous Mayor Schilling because she voted AGAINST allowing a Christians-only day of prayer event to take place at city hall. She and others who voted with her, including David Eisenbacher, felt that the city should not choose one religion at the expense of others. The recall never got off the ground.

Here are excerpts from today's article.

July 5, 2012 

Troy recall signatures confirmed
Mayor Daniels could challenge effort against her that will appear on Nov. 6 election ballot

Daniels )
Troy —A bid to recall Mayor Janice Daniels is moving forward as the Oakland County Elections Division confirmed petitioners have submitted enough valid signatures.
The elections division said the Recall Janice Daniels campaign had turned in 8,882 valid signatures, almost 900 more than required.
"Our office did a very detailed and thorough review matching every single signature to the voter signatures on file," said Joe Rozell, director of elections.
The office took a little more than two weeks to conduct the review.
Rozell said Daniels has copies of the petition signatures for review.
She has until 4:30 p.m. July 12 to file a challenge with the elections office, Rozell said.


Although groups frequently form to push for recall elections, most attempts never make the ballot.
Petitions filed earlier this year to recall Pontiac Mayor Leon Jukowski did not have enough valid signatures.
The last time a campaign secured enough valid signatures in Oakland County was in 2003 against Pontiac Mayor Willie Payne, Rozell said. Voters chose not to recall him.
Last year, Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc, became the first state lawmaker recalled in Michigan since 1983.

Janice Daniels - A Woman of Principles? Nahhh

Have your cake and eat it, too!

Janice votes against Troy's Michigan Municipal League membership, then one minute later votes to send herself to their convention!

Here's one of the great ridiculous moments of Janice Daniels' "leadership of principles."
When it came time to vote to spend $11k on the annual membership for Troy's in the Michigan Municpial League, Janice Daniels was against such a waste of money and voted bravely against it, yet it passed.
Then when all were asked if they wanted to go to a conference on Mackinac Island, Janice Daniels panted breathlessly that she couldn't wait to go and take a bunch of classes. Yippee!

She was against it before she was for it.
From minutes of the meeting:

J-4 Standard Purchasing Resolutions:
c) Standard Purchasing Resolution 9: Approval to Expend Funds for Membership Dues and Renewals Over $10,000 – Michigan Municipal League

Resolution #2012-06-137

Moved by McGinnis

Supported by Slater

RESOLVED, That payment is AUTHORIZED for annual membership dues to the Michigan Municipal League, for the time period of May 1, 2012 through April 30, 2013, in the amount of $11,301.

Yes: Campbell, Henderson, McGinnis, Slater
No: Fleming, Tietz, Daniels

J-4 Standard Purchasing Resolutions:

b) Standard Purchasing Resolution 10: Travel Authorization and Approval to Expend Funds for Council Member Travel Expenses – Michigan Municipal League’s Annual Convention – October 3-5, 2012 Mackinac Island

Resolution #2012-06-138

Moved by Fleming

Supported by Campbell

RESOLVED, That Council members are AUTHORIZED to attend the Michigan Municipal League’s Annual Convention on October 3-5, 2012 in Mackinac Island, Michigan, in accordance with accounting procedures of the City of Troy.

Yes: Fleming, McGinnis, Slater, Daniels, Campbell
No: Henderson, Tietz


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Somehow I missed this last fall....

Jeff Watrick of MLive (now of Deadline Detroit) NAILED it!
And pounded Deb DeBacker as a bonus!
Sorry, I have to show it in its entirety, but giving the credit where it's due.
Do NOT fail to read the last paragraph! This is the point of everything we do in the fight for Troy's future.

Ad firm Leo Brunett funded satirical Troy library 'book burning' campaign
Published: Monday, October 10, 2011, 8:45 AM Updated: Monday, October 10, 2011, 11:26 AM

By Jeff T. Wattrick |

Leo Brunett, the advertising agency that inspired “Mad Men,” apparently funded the satirical “book burning” campaign during Troy’s library millage fight earlier this year. The disclosure has riled up the local get-off-my-lawn set.
Oct. 10, Detroit Free Press: Troy anti-tax protester Debbie DeBacker spoke last week to the City Council about Leo Burnett Detroit's funding.
"Why would an international company care about a library millage in Troy? There is no way to know who really funded the burning-books campaign," DeBacker said.
Yes, why would “an international company” such as Leo care about the fate of Troy’s library? Leo must have funneled money from some nefarious force that wished to unduly influence the sovereign voters of Troy.
The operative word here is international—like the communist anthem “The Internationale.” After all, companies that make money helping other companies sell things like Marlboro cigarettesand Frosted Flakes must be part of some kind of elaborate Trotskyite conspiracy. Yes, it all makes perfect sense.
Now that it’s settled, Mandrake, go fix me a drink of rain water and grain alcohol.
Or, just to play devil’s advocate, maybe Leo was interested in the library debate because their metro Detroit office is located in Troy.
It’s probably hard enough trying to recruit top talent to suburban Detroit—especially when the firm is also located in decidedly more cosmopolitan cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto. That process probably becomes that much more difficult if Troy became known as the troglodyte backwater that can’t or won’t fund a library.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daniels credits herself for the library being open on Saturdays???

Have your cake and eat it, too? 


Janice Daniels takes credit for opening the library on Saturdays, even though she voted AGAINST opening the library on Saturdays!

After fighting against funding our Troy Public Library for a year and a half, Janice Daniels claims now to be its savior, and says we owe the current, six-day-with-Saturdays-open operation of the library to her.
But check out the actual vote from 11/28/11 below.
So just HOW can she take credit for something she didn't do?
What else is new?

CITY COUNCIL MINUTES – Final (REVISED)      November 28, 2011

Resolution #2011-11-273
Moved by Slater
Seconded by Campbell

RESOLVED, That the preceding resolution for Item I-5 d) Proposed Resolution for Seven-Day Operation of the Troy Public Library Effective January 7, 2011 be SUBSTITUTED with the following:

b)             Proposed Resolution for Six-Day Operation of the Troy Public Library – Closure Day Friday

WHEREAS, The 2011/12 Troy Public Library Budget and the Troy Public Library 3-Year Budget were approved on September 26, 2011, and provide for Library service Monday through Friday, and Sunday.

WHEREAS, In order to amend Library service days to include Saturday and close on Friday, an amendment of both budgets is required.

RESOLVED, That Troy City Council hereby AMENDS the 2011/12 Troy Public Library Budget and the Troy Public Library 3-Year Budget to reflect an additional $35,000 in expenditures per year.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Troy City Council hereby DIRECTS City Management to continue six-day operation of the Troy Public Library with the day of closure being Friday effective the week of January 1, 2012.

Yes:    Slater, Campbell, Fleming, McGinnis
No:      Tietz, Daniels, Henderson

And as for her whole library lover routine, don't forget this:

Monday, July 2, 2012

Who's My Neighbor?

Who are Syd and Liz Doyle who are running this "multi-cultural" event in Troy this week, which claims to be about respecting others' cultures? What is the goal of the Doyles and the event Mayor Daniels keep hawking to our citizens?
From Charisma News:
Formerly based in the Northeast, the Doyles recently relocated to southern Michigan to expand their ministry focus on Muslims. They live an hour from Dearborn, home to possibly the largest geographic concentration of Muslims—300,000—outside the Middle East. The Doyles are on the ministry staff of New Hope Christian Fellowship (Waterford Foursquare Church) in Waterford, Mich.
They moved to Michigan to convert Muslims.
Thank you Mayor Daniels for showing yet another group in Troy that they are not good enough the way they are.