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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shocker! Deb DeBacker is a xenophobic anti-intellectual

Wow, I spent 5 minutes seeing if I could find evidence online that Deborah DeBacker is a wacko. I found it in 3 minutes!
Here is one (of many, no doubt) letter to the editor she wrote to the Oakland Press about something ridiculous and anti-intellectual.
I mean, really? Is this what she sits around getting angry about?
This is a person who has a very miniscule world view and wants everyone to think exactly as she does.
She is running to be our representative for the 41st District seat in the Michigan State House. Does she represent you?
Published: Monday, March 29, 2010

International Baccalaureate schools are anti-American
The recent article about International Baccalaureate schools quotes the program’s aim as to encourage students to “understand that other people, with their differences can also be right.”
This type of curriculum intends to create a critical thinker; someone who thinks right and wrong are situational — what is right today maybe wrong tomorrow in a different situation. He thinks that truth is fluid, with no absolutes. The IB-created student is a dialectic thinker who truly believes that perception is reality and who makes decisions based on feeling, not cognitive thought.
The dialectic thinker is at the opposite of a didactic thinker, whose decisions are based on facts, who believes in absolutes, who believes right and wrong are static, not situational. The didactic does not abandon individual principles for consensus derived group principles. A dialectic thinker is easily manipulated while a didactic thinker is not.
IB programs aim to create citizens who do not believe that our system of capitalism and free markets are the best way to live as a free person. Patriotic Americans should never enroll their children in IB schools.
Deborah DeBacker


  1. Critical thinking skills help us examine the assumptions of our culture. It gives us the tools to understand our own moral structures in a deeper way. A dialectic thinker and speaker is open to dialog. This simply suggests a thought process that is open but skeptical and discerning. I hardly think that thinking critically would cause someone who can be easily manipulated. I'd argue it's the opposite.
    DeBacker is equating truth with obedience to authority. No one is easier to manipulate than someone who unthinkingly follows authority. I think that what DeBacker is attempting to do here is Orwellian. (bad is good, up is down, etc.)

    1. You go, Patty!
      Yes. People like Deb DeBacker want to keep the populace obedient, uninformed, closed-minded and easily manipulated. Now there's a sign of the times. And this is their kind of democracy.

  2. Not on your life. No more than Janice Daniels, her good buddy does.

  3. And this disqualifies her for consideration how? For your information, she is 100% accurate. Maybe you should investigate IB a little closer before making irresponsible statements.

    I'm saying this as a long time Troy resident who is trying to decide whom to vote for in the Republican primary. I'm not supporter of Ms. DeBacker but she certainly has more of my attention if she is opposed to the IB program. Thanks for bringing that out.

    1. That the IB teaches a global view is probably accurate. That a global view is dangerous is foolish, xenophobic, anti-intellectual, provincial, paranoid drivel. But...consider the source.
      You think the Founding Fathers didn't absorb everything they could from everyone they could read or listen to? Yes, they did. Why is it always the ones who bask themselves in the glory of our Founding Fathers and call themselves patriots who believe and do the exact opposite of what the Adams and Washingtons and Jeffersons believed and did?

    2. Yes, another way out of the mainstrem opinion from a Troy Tea Partier. Sharon, you are right, the Founding Fathers were both inspired, and borrowed from other countries, they didn't start from scratch.

      Debacker's statement that the IB program aims to create a "critical thinker", that's good, isn't it? But her definition of a critical thinker that follows I have never hear of.

    3. My kids go to Bloomfield Schools though we live in Troy. The BH schools have embraced the IB program and I can say unequivocally that the very idea that unAmericanism is taught is patently ridiculous and indicative of unfounded paranoia. There is nothing unAmerican about my children, their classmates, or their schools. One of the reasons the IA is consistently rated as one of the best in the country is the IB program.

    4. Try an stainless steel (NOT ALUMINUM!!!) colander instead of the tinfoil hat 4:58.

      If that doesn't provide relief, then add some tinfoil antennas to the colander. Or make something like this for maximum protection. All other members of your family will need them to prevent subversion from within your own house.

  4. The flat-out paranoia of this extreme cabal of tin-hat nutcases might be amusing if it wasn't so scary to think of them being voted into positions to "govern" the rest of us. So please, Deb, keep those cards and letters coming. The more you talk like this, the more rest of the buying public will stop sleeping and start realizing just what's in their midst.

    And Sharon is absolutely right about our Constitution and the founding fathers cribbing from other cultures. Hey, anonymous, take a look at the Magna Carta sometime. Those men weren't gods. They were intellectuals who were truly smart enough to know they didn't know everything.

    And FYI, Deb, the IB is consistently rated the best school in Michigan and one of the 100 best in the country. So good job throwing mud on yet another of Troy's actual shining lights--you worked hard to kill the library, so why wouldn't you go after the top school in the area, too.