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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rosy Glasses

Part of the reason it's difficult to ever truly believe some politicians is that they tend to play the same games.

They blame the predecessor for all the ills of the community at large.
They take all the credit for anything good that happens from the MOMENT they enter office.

We all KNOW that's not reasonable, and Janice Daniels, Troy Mayor, is no different -- not that we EVER expected her to be.

Case in point:  check out this recent post from her Facebook (PROPAGANDA) page:

Let's break this down point-by-point:

1.  New building permits -- yes, they are up from this time last year.  We heard that at a council meeting last month.  There was a portion of that time during which Janice Daniels WAS NOT THE MAYOR, so we know it's not all because of her.  We also know that overall, the economy is beginning to bounce back somewhat.  We know that's NOT because of Janice Daniels.  So for her to take credit for it is...well...worth as much as most words she speaks.

2.  The library IS open on  Saturday...but NOT on Fridays any longer.  And not seven days a week AS SHE PROMISED.  And it COST US MORE to open it on Saturdays than to leave it open on Friday.  In fact, Janice proposed that change, argued for it, THEN VOTED AGAINST IT.  Fact-check me; it's on record.  So why take CREDIT for something she VOTED DOWN???

3.  Real estate sales increases:  yes, that's true.  SALES have been up...VALUES have not been up.  There's been a back-log of inventory due to foreclosures, short sales and MASS EXODUS because of people like Janice from those who knew a different city than we have now.  Let's still not ignore the fact that leading EXPERTS WITH EXPERIENCE have predicted (at 99% accuracy) that our commercial/industrial values will continue to backslide for another 3-5 years. 

Less value overall -- LESS REVENUE TO THE CITY.

4.  Open Troy dashboard...again, in process LONG before Daniels and company showed up.  Again, another thing she wants to claim as her own that has very little to do with her.  See a pattern here?

5.  Great events being held in Troy at private venues...yep, that's true.  Troy Sports Center has ALWAYS been successful, we've always had diverse events take place here, and like one of her supporters says right there, Troy has ALWAYS been an amazing place to live, work and play.

ALWAYS...not just since November, Janice. 

But nice try.  Those of us who have been watching see rather you trying to make Troy into something different...something less wonderful and amazing.

And we're not about to let you.



  1. She has probably heard plenty of complaints lately about talking about everything but her job as Mayor. Since she has accomplished nothing, she has had to plagerize the accomplishments of others. But as she said on the radio the other day, she runs a tight meeting - like all adequate admin assistants.

  2. I wonder if she can be sued for the damage she has caused. Defamation? Slander?