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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Real Coffee Party

There was a Coffee Party in Troy today -- did you hear?  Robert St. Mary from WDET came to Troy to hear about our great city.  He wanted to know WHAT ELSE is newsworthy here besides our controversial Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels.

Of course, he drank tea.  But don't judge him on that...he was VERY engaging, open and unbiased!

And there IS a lot of great, newsworthy information about Troy.  Despite our inept mayor, we are STILL a destination city for shopping, dining, and attractions like the Troy Public Library, Lloyd Stage Nature Center, Aquatic Center,  Historical Museum and golf courses.

In spite of the attempt to paint Troy otherwise, we are NOW and always HAVE BEEN a fiscally sound municipality.

And the schools?  Well, EVERYONE can agree that our school district is top notch.

Troy is the City of Tomorrow...Today.  We'll continue to move forward with innovation with our planned Transit Center.  We'll stay on the charts of education with a world-class library to complement our schools.  We'll provide first-class dining and shopping for visitors.

And when we recall Janice Daniels, we'll show the surrounding area that we expect our city government to be a common sense entity of elected individuals who represent the best interests of ALL Troy residents.

Troy is worth talking about.  Thanks for finding that out, Robert!  Come again.  Heck, we'll even spot you a cup of tea next time.


  1. Isn't it interesting that our Mayor can travel 230 miles to Wolverine Michigan for their Lumberjack Festival, but can't make it to a local coffee shop to meet with a local radio host to discuss the positive aspects of our fine city? What's wrong with this picture? Could it be that Wolverine plays into her ideological ideas????

  2. There are so many, many great things about Troy. This is exactly why I have been openly frustrated by those who have criticized where no criticism is warranted. I understand differences of opinion about civic centers, baseball stadiums, etc. I do not understand why that evolved to criticize the very aspects of Troy that make it stellar. It's services. It's planning. It's relationship with the business community. It's cultural gems (the Museum, the Nature Center, the Library). It's diversity. It's city management. It's city employees. It's police department. It's DDA. It's Master Plan. It's Fund Balance. All of it criticized loudly by a vocal minority that demonstrates time and again it doesn't even know what it is talking about. All criticism in the name of anti government paranoia, fueled by a sudden plummet in property values. All criticism that is penny wise and pound foolish, designed to protect my "pocketbook" while sabotaging my over investment portfolio. We must return the conversational tone in this city to one of aspiration. It is important not only to Troy, but to the region. I see folks rising up in that regard in an informed and genuine way. It is awesome to see.

  3. Sue and Ellen for Council/Mayor!