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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Putting words -- or her own foot -- in her mouth?

Janice is at it again.

Earlier this week, Troy Mayor Janice Daniels was featured on Charlie Langton's radio program.  Though Langton seems inordinately preoccupied with the whole gay slur episode from before Daniels was mayor, he DID try to give her a way out of her comments.

He tried REALLY HARD to give her an out.  She either refuses to see it, or she is incredibly ignorant to the effect her words have on anyone but herself.  Try as she might, she does not seem to understand the power of a sincere, heartfelt, NOT back-handed apology.  And so, she stepped in it again.  She probably outed a client of hers by making a pretty horrifying and bigoted statement describing her knowledge of relationships with homosexuals.  It went something like this:

Langton:  Do you know any gay people?
Daniels:  Well, of course, I am working someone who I suspect very well could be gay and I even touched his arm!!!

You go, Mayor.  But let me ask you...did you wash that arm immediately, or did you wait until he left?

Today, the Freep ran an article about the episode on the airwaves. You can read it HERE.  But the most interesting paragraph reads as follows:

Daniels told the Free Press the conversation about homosexuality is being foisted on her. 

She said she continues to strive for small government, less regulation and improving the city's revenue base. She said she recently voted against the city's proposed budget because it contained a millage she deemed unnecessary.

"I'm not the person my political opposition is trying to paint me as," she said. "I'm working on building a vibrant synergy in Troy."

She might be right; she may not be the person some are painting her as.
I think she's worse.


  1. Sue and Sharon - i did not hear that "touching his arm" quote - but if she said it, that should go to youtube - viral prob. equating HIV and being gay

  2. Irv, admittedly I took some license with the actual exchange. But the reality isn't much better. Listen to the podcast; I believe it's in the first segment.

  3. It did come across very much like she thinks the guy is gay and she even touched him. That is exactly how I took it and I believe she meant it. She is so open and broadminded in 2012 she will actually touch a gay person. The whole interview was nauseating. At one point she said . ."Charlie! I.Am.The.MAYOR.Of.Troy. You.", in that halting voice she loves to use.

  4. I also took it that way. How big of her! And she lived to tell us about it.

  5. “I am refinancing a home mortgage for a man who I would suspect could potentially be homosexual and we get along famously … In fact he brought papers into the office the other day and we actually grabbed each other’s arms and kind of stood together in solidarity because we’re refinancing his home loan …” -- Janice Daniels

    I wonder if this touching moment will be included in Janice's timeline as "diversity outreach."

  6. She expects respect just because of her position? Did she show respect for former Mayor Schilling, John Szerlag, or some of the members of the previous council? Sounds to me like she's loves being important, or at least thinking she is.

    In honor of Fathers Day I'll quote my Dad; respect is earned.

  7. Finally got to listen to the first part of the interview where Langton goes over the recall reasons. One thing new that I hadn't heard before was her stating that her 20 minute tirade was allowed by the City Charter, she even recited the article and sub-article numbers. Hey, wait a minute, isn't this the document that she dismissed as "whimsical", and that she did not take an oath to? How can she use as a defense something that she (figuratively speaking) balled up and threw in the waste can? And so the nonsense of Janice Daniels continues.

  8. On part I, Janice Daniels claims that this recall is all about the "other side" regaining power. That is true if by the "other side" she means those who are apalled at her behavior. I cannot imagine former Mayors Stein or Schilling, ever having an interview about human sexuality or delivering a 20-minute public attack (yes that is the right word) on city officials...she did admit that she did not follow proper meeting procedures beforehand, but "hardly a reason for recall", as both she and Charlie smugly concurred. Wake up, it's the sum total of all these things big and small as to why she needs to be recalled!

  9. Janice Daniels is a classic narcissist, increasingly drunk with her own sense of power. Every criticism is firmly rejected before it can register, and every moment of praise by her supporters is completely taken as truth.

    Langton's interview should have come with airplane vomit bags for al listeners who know what she's really all about. She offers nothing to Troy but ugliness and shame cloaked in smarm.