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Sunday, June 10, 2012

McCotter Voter fraud involves Troy "Republican"

The "republican" leaders in Troy have become so extreme, that many are leaving the party, rather than be caught in the same club with these people. How bad are they? Well, if what we read below in the Detroit News is correct, maybe there's an orange jumpsuit in Barbara Harrell's future?

Commentary: If anyone is committing voter fraud in Michigan, it is Republicans

Mark Brewer

It's been the GOP's best fear-mongering tool for decades: Scare the public that Michigan voters are engaging in election fraud in order to justify enacting voter-suppression laws. But the truth is, Michigan voters aren't the ones who've been engaging in election fraud. That's been the Republicans.

One of the GOP's favorite myths is that "dead voters" are voting in Michigan. Seeking proof, GOP Secretary of State Ruth Johnson started a secret study after she was elected. Tens of thousands of voters were studied. The Bureau of Elections staff found no evidence of "dead voters" voting in Michigan.

Undeterred, Johnson tried to prove another GOP myth by ordering all local election officials to report whether any non-citizens voted or attempted to vote in the Feb. 28, 2012, presidential primary. With about 1.2 million voters in that primary, if GOP rhetoric were true, one would expect that hordes of "noncitizens" voted on Feb. 28.

The truth? Four voters -- less than a handful, and .0003 percent of all voters -- may have been non-citizens. Were they even Democrats? No. All four came from Republican areas of the state!

While Johnson has failed to prove that dead and noncitizens are voting, it is Michigan Republicans who are busy actually committing election fraud. It began last month when former Democratic State Rep. Roy Schmidt switched parties to file as a Republican just minutes before the filing deadline.

The same person who submitted Schmidt's GOP candidate affidavit also submitted the false candidate affidavit of fake Democrat Matt Mojzak, the best friend of Schmidt's nephew. Schmidt and GOP House Speaker Jase Bolger plotted the switch for weeks and Bolger helped with the candidate's filings. The incident is currently being investigated by the Michigan State Police.

With the Schmidt and Bolger scandal unraveling in west Michigan, we learned that more GOP election fraud occurred in southeast Michigan. Rep. Thad McCotter submitted nearly 2,000 petition signatures to be eligible for the August primary ballot, but the Secretary of State determined only 244 of those were valid. Signatures from a previous campaign as well as photocopied signed petitions were used. That's election fraud. The attorney general is now investigating.

McCotter's 14 petition circulators included five McCotter congressional staffers, a candidate for the Livonia School Board, the president of the Troy-Clawson Republican Forum, Milford Township's supervisor, an Oakland County road commissioner, and GOP activists. This scam was widespread.

These hypocritical and illegal actions are all part of the GOP playbook. They don't care about giving everyone access to the ballot. They care about winning at all costs -- even when that cost is breaking the law and deceiving the public.

Mark Brewer is chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party.


  1. Another of Janice's friends in trouble with the law. Tax evaders, criminals, bigots, fired for conflicts of interest, the list just keeps getting more and more pathetic. Like Sarah Palin said, you need to be careful about who you pal around with.

  2. Hope those petition circulators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. What were they thinking?!

  3. Rep. McCotter took positions and voted in direct conflict with certain Tea Party views (he supported the auto company bailouts for example). It should be noted that the candidate designated to replace Rep. McCotter on the ballot is supported by the Tea Party. Is it possible that the fraud was intended to derail the McCotter campaign as opposed to support it? Nothing would surprise me; I have long maintained that this current group hides it's agenda behind the "conservative republican" banner and promotes a political philosophy that is self serving and in many ways extremist. If one looks at Mr. Glenn Clark's attacks on conservative Macomb County candidate Leon Droelet (not sure of the spelling; however, he is a noted anti-tax proponent), the multiple library milage proposals, the attempted multiple Mayor Daniels recall petitions, the misinformation and personal attacks contained in their fliers and robo calls, and the way former ally Martin Howrylak is being dealt with, it doesn't seem to far fetched.

  4. I suppose you don't have much to say about Mike McGuiness and Jason Bauer who were charged with election fraud (ala, "fake tea partiers")?

  5. That's a valid point; this conduct isn't restricted to one side or party, I did not mean to imply that. Thank you for pointing out the state of politics.

    By the way, I am a VERY conservative republican and an evangelical Christian. What I'm not is a mindless robot. You explain to me how a conservative Christian can defend or tolerate calling anyone a derogatory name, or how morally reprehensible conduct is condoned and overlooked, how trying to confuse voters with multiple ballot proposals thereby denying a fair vote is ignored, or how personally attacking an employee in public without giving that employee a warning is proper?

    I am glad Mr.'s McGuiness and Bauer were charged and convicted. I will not use my opponent's misconduct to justify inappropriate behavior on my part. I am a Christian because I believe there is a rule of conduct that supersedes political expediency. I believe in forgiveness, but misconduct should result in the loss of your platform. I'm a conservative because I believe in facts and analysis; which leads me to conclude the City of Troy is and was well run. I don't like the President's "sound bites" that are devoid of vision and misleading, and quite frankly I dislike the Mayor's "sound bites" that have no basis in fact.

    I do not mean to offend; however, the facts are the facts. If you wonder why I am remaining anonymous when I have such strong feelings, it's because I am not a public figure and neither I nor my family deserves the attacks speaking out incurs.

  6. Regarding Mr. McGuiness and Mr. Bauer; I do have something to say, they were charged and convicted as they deserved. Thank you for pointing out the sorry state of "politics".
    I am a very conservative, evangelical Christian; however, I am not a mindless. I cannot utilize my political opponents misconduct to justify misconduct on my part, nor can ignore the behavior of those who purport to be Christian conservatives and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects anything but that.
    To those that are driven by strong values and deeply held personal convictions, I simply ask that you look at the facts, disregard the soundbites and look at what those providing them have actually done.

  7. Yes, anon, those to cheaters should be punished, and they were. Funny thing in Troy is that whenever these TCU folks cheat, and I mean in a real, substantial, suppressing the vote sort of way like the fake library proposals that energized me and dozens of others to join the fray -- the Daniels/Howrylak/Glenn Clark/Bob Gosselin supporters say, "Oh, that's just part of the game." I should know, it was said by one of them to my face.
    So don't pretend that you all care about ethics and we don't.

  8. Sharon, I'm not politically involved and similar things have been said to me also. I will not support someone simply because they say they are "conservative Christians", I hate being rolled into their group simply because I'm a republican and have a strong faith.

  9. You might note that there are many anonymi here. I was respond unsung to the one who, on June 13, is accusing me of defending Dems who broke the rules, exactly what you think I'm doing to you. Nope I don't like any politician who cheats on either side. Tcu should not defend their own.