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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gotta love the private sector!

Janice Daniels loves to tell everyone how much better the private sector is than the public sector. She even says that only private sector employment is respectable.
Today I have to agree.
I'm thinking of the horrible racist guy she demanded speak before the city council last year about the transit center.
Now, she knew that his basic reason for being against the transit center was because he wanted "Detroiters" to stay where they "belong." That's why he had slides in the PowerPoint presentation he gave (that she insisted he be allowed to give), that said if we had the transit center it would be a "mugger mover" and a "heroin express" to Troy/Birmingham.
Now in the private sector, that man lost his job for all of the disgusting things he said and posted on Facebook. Pretty right quick.
In the public sector, we have to work our butts off for months to get the opportunity to try to have her recalled next November, which is very hard.
Private sector fired his bigoted butt.
Public sector takes forever to try to recall Janice Daniels bigoted butt.
Private is better.

Help recall Janice Daniels, with your donations and your vote.


  1. Well said! The rest of Troy City Council should call for her resignation, quite honestly. Especially because she has clearly demonstrated an inability to learn from her mistakes. A member of the board in the private sector would be given that opportunity to leave gracefully. Sometimes it's purely to protect the reputation of the business. I wonder if City Council tried that and she refused? It's sad that she is putting the community through this. It truly is.

  2. David Wisz got fired for those comments? Was it in the paper?

  3. The dude was bad for business just like Calamity Janice.