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Friday, June 29, 2012

Daniels' "alleged" comments

Four myths about Janice Daniels' homophobic comments being perpetuated by journalists and Janny herself:
1. Janice Daniels only insulted the LGBT community before she was elected, (nope, she's still doing it!)
2. She "allegedly" said something about mental illness (nope, she really did),
3.  She said "doctors" could tell adults the "homosexual lifestyle" is dangerous (nope, she said "psychologists" and she was talking to high school students), and
4. She made her comments in a "business meeting," apparently hinting that she said it to adults and not high school kids (nu-uh).

The truth is not hard to attain, folks. It's right here.


  1. Thank you for capturing that audio ... wow. That says it all. When you listen to that and consider that 6 months later she perpetuates this with even more comments, it's disturbing. I pray for her that she sees how offensive this is and the harm it causes. I pray for her. Even more, I pray that those she is harmed know to consider the source.

  2. Not sure how anyone could click disagree on this. I have to assume that person does not know how this has hurt so many people. I also have to assume that do not understand that Janice is an adept politician seeking to spin this to garner sympathy. People need to get out from under the Fox News induced stupor they are in and get a grip on reality. This audio is so offensive it's crazy. That's why it took her weeks and weeks to even release it in the first place. Upon listening to it even Janice must have figured out she was completely out of line. The problem is that journalists/reporters aren't taking the time to listen to this and they simply go with the "Facebook" aspect of the story only. That's why Janice gets away with her self-serving PR tactics.