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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bottom Line

What the Recall Janice Daniels campaign IS:
  • The citizenry exercising their right to participate in the prescribed legislative process – JUST AS JANICE DANIELS WOULD HAVE US DO. 
  • A Constitutionally protected right of the citizenry. Janice Daniels LOVES the Constitution.  Ah, but there’s the rub…Daniels prefers us to exercise only SOME of our Constitutional rights.  She’d rather we leave the ones that affect her alone.
  • An opportunity for ALL voters to have a “re-do” after experiencing the real evidence of Daniels’ true merit, behavior and skill in her position.  That means that if YOU DO support her…you get to say so again.  Why would that upset anyone?
  • A civics lesson.  Countless individuals have become engaged, educated and knowledgeable in the workings of a municipality.  Never again will some residents cast a ballot without being 100% sure of their vote.  We could call this a win for that alone.
  • An overwhelmingly successful endeavor carried out by some of the most respectful, caring, intelligent and sincere individuals I’ve ever met. You need only compare the words and behavior of those in support of the recall to the words and behavior of those in support of Janice Daniels to see what I mean. 
What the Recall Janice Daniels campaign ISN’T:
  • Dependent on Daniels having committed a crime.  REMOVAL from office is for when politicians commits crime(s).  RECALLS are for the electorate to express displeasure with ineptitude.
  • Costly to the taxpayers; it will be on the regular November ballot at NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE.  It has been funded SOLELY by private donations from concerned citizens.  To date, any money has been from contributions by individuals, not businesses: 85% from current residents, 15% from FORMER Troy residents.
  •  Bound by time limits beyond those prescribed by statute. The recall team was well within their legal rights to start the process when they did. But Daniels's supporters are whining that it's too soon -- we should simply let her finish out her term and let voters decide her fate in four years. However,  NONE OF US should be subject to Daniels finishing her term on the sole premise that she won an election when the overwhelming evidence shows that she is incompetent and, in fact, harmful to the best interests of all of us.  The reality is that if the city really WERE run like a business as Janice Daniels would have it…she’d have been fired in January after her despicable tirade on the City Manager and employees at large.  No one would have waited around to allow her to keep making more and more mistakes.
  • Borne out of “sour grapes.”  There are very real and valid reasons that Janice Daniels needs to be recalled.  It goes far beyond simple displeasure with an outcome of an election.  Were that true, a few council members would be up for recall, too…
  • RELATED TO HER REPREHENSIBLE JUNE 2011 FACEBOOK COMMENT ABOUT HOMOSEXUALS.  Try as many like to cling to that (like Charlie Langton; listen to the podcasts here), it’s all about her HANDLING of issues like that – and more – WHILE IN OFFICE.  A comprehensive explanation of why she must be recalled can be found HERE.
  • A partisan/Liberal effort by “cry babies,” “spoiled children” or “frothing window-licking mouth breathers” as Randy Jasky ( would say.  You can see his delicate treatment of the 9,300 signers of the Recall Janice Daniels petition on the Troy Patch HERE  and HERE
Trust me:  not all 9,300 Troy residents who signed the petition belong to the same political party.  Lots of them told us they actually voted for Daniels but have now seen her for what she really is and want her OUT.  Signers include registered Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents or undeclared allegiance, and range in age from 18-94. They are your friends and neighbors.  Inordinate numbers of them were BEGGING to sign the petition – grabbing it out of our hands before we could even finish asking if they’d like to sign.

The Recall Janice Daniels campaign is a necessary endeavor.  Residents of this vibrant and diverse community must come together to do what is right for all of us.   

We must Recall Janice Daniels.


  1. Thank you for articulating this so well. It's too bad "Removal" isn't an option for repeated, blatant leadership failures. It's not that she posted the slur on her Facebook, it's how she failed to handle the fallout responsibly. It's not that she voted "no" on the Transit Center, it's how she brought in an "expert" known to her to be at risk of bigoted public comments and how she asked for business input and blatantly disregarded it. It's not that just that she refused to include the City Charter in her oath, it's that she publicly stated it's "whimsical," and just a document with text to be changed at the "whim" of the people (not so!) and made a public mockery of herself, the city and her first night in office. It's not that she doesn't have a right to have disagreements with the city manager, it's how she handled those disagreements in such a public attack ... an attack that, in and of itself, should warrant "Removal." If folks want to play the "she should only be recalled if she has committed a crime," I would argue that it's criminal how she is acting in office. In the private sector she would be fired for willfully creating such divisiveness in the workplace. And if Dave Henderson dares to offer his "2 cents, IMHO," in defense of her idiocy even one more time, he should be recalled, too, for the crime of being thick headed.

  2. The original post and the response from Anonymous are right on!!!!! This needs to be communicated throughout the community.