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Monday, June 11, 2012

Apparently Martin Howrylak doesn't want to play with local "republicans"

Oooo, a little scandal brewing?

Looks like our local political puppetmaster, kidnapper, tax scoffflaw and hooker fan -- Bob Gosselin -- has infuriated Martin Howrylak to the degree that MH refused to play in their fixed reindeer games.

Howrylak released this message on Thursday:
Martin Howrylak for State Representative – District 41 – releases statement regarding tonight’s “debate” in Troy.
Troy, MI (June 7) – “Voters deserve a fair and honest discussion with the candidates on the variety of important issues facing us this election cycle.

I look forward to having that discussion with the voters, and my fellow candidates for office, over the course of this campaign. We owe it to the voters to have an honest, open and vigorous debate about the issues facing Michigan.
Unfortunately, there have been serious and very legitimate questions regarding the fairness of the debate that is being hosted tonight. In addition to the questions that have been raised regarding fairness is the fact that the organizer of this debate has already made an endorsement in this race. Because of these questions regarding fairness, and the endorsement already made by the organizer, I will not be able to participate. I believe the voters of this district deserve better.
Again, I look forward to a vigorous and fair debate with my fellow candidates, but rather than participating in the event tonight, I will be out knocking on doors listening to the voters and discussing their concerns one-on-one."
** This statement is in reference to an event for Republican primary candidates in the 41st State House district to be held this evening at 7 pm in Troy.
Contact Martin Howrylak – 248.649.5814
Kooky Deborah DeBacker, who tells Troy parents that our IB school is "anti-American," thinks the "forum" debate went swimmingly, as she wrote on her FB page:
Thank you very much TCRF for the fair and balanced forum last night. I believe that Matt and I were fairly treated. Very good and thought provoking questions.
I guess she would feel that way, considering everyone involved has already endorsed her.

Now here's the snotty reaction to Howrylak by Babs Harrell on the Troy Clawson Republican Forum FB page:
Barbara A. HarrellAs tired as I am, I just couldn't go to bed without thanking my TCRF members, supporters, as well as Matt Pryor, Deborah DeBacker, everyone who asked great questions, and the great production crew at CMN. They all helped make our 41st district Republican candidate forum tonight a great success! Sadly, the other candidate, Martin Howrylak, apparently had some issues he chose to keep to himself rather than discuss with us and he bailed a couple hours before the event was to begin.

Trouble in paradise?
Like Janice Daniels and her little game in Troy where only her extremist fans need bother apply to play--if you don't like the Harrell/DeBacker/Daniels filthy rules, tough.
I'm guessing Gosselin backed DeBacker because he likes his candidates weak and not-so-smart, so they will do whatever he tells them to. I guess the free-thinking Howrylak is just a little too self-assured and independent for Gosselin's taste.

But what I want to know is, why does proud Conservative Christian Deb DeBacker enjoy the backing of slovenly Bob Gosselin who has a police rap sheet and an unethical, immoral streak that are miles long?
How come people like Gosselin and DeBacker insinuate their judgmental noses into everyone else's personal lives, yet make no apology for their own disgraceful behavior?



  1. Concerned CitizenJune 11, 2012 at 3:05 PM

    Well, don't get ahead of things. MH remember was in cahoots with these folks for a long time. JD was carrying a Martin for Mayor sign in Nov. 2010 at City Hall. And MH was in a tete-a-tete with the Mayors buddy Mr. Wisz when they told him he couldn't get the alloted time at the podium in front of council. So Marty is just trying to get "centered" from the truly crazy.
    He is still a dangerous chameleon that will change outwardly to keep up his Jimmy Stewart, Mr. Smith goes to Washington facade that he and his dad have been building for years. He is being politically expedient and that is all. He is the one that slid the 2008 charter change that really hurt this city financially. Voters beware. I pray that there will be options for that office come November that will be good for the district.
    Although I have to state, Mr. Small/No Government wants to "feed at the public trough" as my uncle used to say. Marty gets a taxpayer paycheck and cadillac pension and benefits. Perhaps these tax fighters will decline them.... how about it Marty? Deborah? Matt? Will you take a stand for what you say you believe and give the money back to the state to pay down other debt?

  2. MH is just not a very smart person. If you spent any time with him discussing the budget last year, you would know that he didn't have a clue. He was parroting some bad information he rec'd. DB - that woman has a major chip on her shoulder. If you see her out and about, she is usually stomping around with a scowl. Like a bull in a china shop. Also, not very smart and talking about things she has no knowledge of. Her world view is very, very, very small and it must piss her off to live in such a diverse community. Maybe that explains the scowl . . .

  3. Make no mistake, Martin Howrylak, Deb Debacker and Bob Gosselin are classic, dangerous politicians and wouldn't know sound fiscal conservatism if it came up and slapped them across their face. Troy is better than these people. Troy is more creative. Troy is more entrepreneurial. Troy is smarter. Troy. particularly its GOP contingent, needs to clean political house. These are the idiots who propped up Janice Daniels and then left her and the city whipping in the wind when she proved herself to be incapable. There is no way I'd ever consider voting them into office. No way.