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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Gordon Schepke said that is causing the firestorm

Here is what Gordon Schepke said at the last city council meeting that has created so much fury. It truly shows that this man, personally selected by Mayor Janice Daniels to be a member of the extremely important Planning Commission, is rude, is a fool and does not have the temperament to serve on the commission.
He should step down.

He said:
Good evening Mayor and Council. I appreciate the opportunity to be up here tonight. I
too have been watching the budgeting sessions, and, a taking it in with great interest. A, course I think probably my conclusions are going to be a little bit different, than a the conclusions that many people have reached tonight, a that have come up here. My
conclusions is a this default that our City Manager talked about four years down the
road is a bunch of bunk. Itʼs a bunch of bunk because weʼre taking his word and his
figures that he claims are 98 to 98% effective when he has no accountability what so
ever. Heʼs leaving. Heʼs leaving in a few days, so he doesnʼt have to stand on those
figures one way or another, and it really shocks me that this council would pass a
budget, first of all budget, the budget that was presented right there budgeting is a
process, not a set in stone set of figures and I didnʼt, a, there, thereʼs many ways of
setting a budget and to me this looked like this was just a rubber stamp from an
unaccountable person. The best, the best indicator of whatʼs going to happen in the
future is whatʼs happened in the past, and John Szerlag has been far from stellar in my
opinion. Especially with his handling as executive director of the Downtown
Development Authority, and his letting that budget run away. He says, well the Council approved it, that will be the first thing heʼll tell you, but he doesnʼt tell you, just like he came to you and gave you statistics on the budget warning you this or that or the other thing on the Downtown Development Authority he rubber stamped everything right down the line and there was no a there was no fighting or challenging of that budget what so ever. So, a, I, I have no credibility with, I think he ought to resign right now. The, the everyday that manʼs here he creates another problem, gives Troy another black eye. All the papers needed is Troyʼs going into default. Troyʼs going to have a appointed receiver from the State come down and help him and stuff like that. If he is so smart, if he is so smart we should run his budget without that increase you guys just passed for a couple years and find out if heʼs, and find out if his figures are 98 - 99% right. Thereʼs an old saying that a, figures donʼt lie, but liars figure. And Iʼd like to find out if we have a lair or we have a visionary man. And, Iʼll tell you right now, I think his past indicates far from a stellar, a stellar performance. And, I would like to, it really disappoints me that this Council would more or less rubber stamp. I was there in most of those Council meetings most of the time. A, one night I came in late. But, it really makes me feel bad that this man with no accountability is has is going out the door in full control even allowed to appoint his successor to a degree, a with Mr. Darling. No, Mr. Darling, Iʼve never heard of a resume on him. I donʼt know what kind of qualifications he has as a manager.
And, another thing, that grinds me is the Transit Center. I want to see that stay on a
separate budget so that we can track what itʼs goinʼ to cost and I wanna see the
Chamber of Commerce held accountable for all of the, a, all of the, a running of this, of the budget for running and keeping the Transit Center going on a yearly basis. This has to be tracked or to me theyʼve lost all credibility with this community also.
Weʼve got a city manager right now that needs to hit the road, so that we can let the
new man do his job. And, we need to we need to get this city back on track. This is a
great city and we canʼt reach our full potential when we got people playing around with the residents, and playing around with our, with our, with our financial, our financial involvement. And, thatʼs all I got to say. Thank you.
Thanks to Tom for taking the time to transcribe this!


  1. This is coming from a man that thought nothing of investing and eventually loosing $500,000 of his own money in a big ponzi scheme. He does not seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer and he should just keep his mouth shut. He has zero credibility with me.

  2. This is worst than I had expected. A man who has lost $750,000 of his own money through buying into "a bunch of bunk" is giving us his comments on city finances? I'm thinking "he should hit the road", and take his supporter Janice with him. BTW I am certain if he had someone like our city manager advising him (and taken his advise) he would not have lost his money in a Ponzi scheme.

    Janice sure has her friends: a racist (Wisz), a tax evader (Gosselein) and a rude know-nothing (Schepke).

  3. He's right about one thing; what's going to happen in the future HAS happened in the past. Mr. Szerlag was correct in the past and given his choice of investments Mr. Schepke was not. So, who do you choose to believe?
    This gentleman sounds like an angry at life, I don't believe anyone (unless they have a radio show and promise me the moon), individual. Sad way to live.

  4. I find it ironic he was concerned about Mr. Darling's qualifications. His own lack of qualifications did not stop him from accepting his position on the planning commission.

  5. Penny-wise (trying to save a couple bucks on taxes and putting alot of energy into it) and dollar foolish (handing over his life's savings to a con man). The priorities here are all screwed up. I don't want him on our planning commission.

  6. Let us remember the council members that voted him into the planning commission position. Remember those individuals when they want to run for either re election or run for a greener pasture in another political endeavor. Mr. Schepke was said to be a kind man who would never be mean or harmful to anyone. How does it explain him still slinging arrows at Mr. Zerlag as he begins his exit form Troy and takes his experience and grace with him to Florida? This is not something a kind person does.