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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Surprise surprise!

Janice Daniels' bright idea for an essay contest which she ran privately, not through the City of Troy (as it is designed to benefit herself, not the city), and with the help of conservative TV commentator and alleged objective debate moderator Charlie Langton, has born its fruit.
One of the winners is the child of an extreme, anti-government, anti-tax Tea Party leader in Michigan named Stephanie Jasky who writes the blog FedUp USA. If you want to choke on some goofy, extreme diatribes, go take a look.
As with all other aspects of Mayor Daniels' "rule" of Troy, the fix is in and NO one is surprised.
Only those in her club get to play. 


  1. I wonder if Ms. Daniels used the same criteria as she uses to pick her committee nominations. If so, I feel sorry for the children who will be disappointed. It is a sad lesson to have them learn education and experience are not a factor.

  2. She makes a comment on the Langton show that she does not like "cronyism". She is all about cronyism, electing her friends for committees instead of looking at qualified applicants.

  3. Let's have our kids rub elbows with an unqualified bigot who has tried to harass school kids by demanding the school district turn over personal and confidential information about them to her for retaliation purposes (request denied). Anyone who entered this contest does not know about Janice or is just nuts.

  4. Janice Daniels is against cronyism??
    That's a good one!

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  6. FYI. Jasky's son is still shown as Mayor for a Day even after another child opened the meeting on Monday. Surprised? Not!