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Monday, May 7, 2012


Troy's mayor Janice Daniels posted these thoughts on her FB page today:
In case you hadn't realized it before, she's not fond of taxes.  She's not fond of government "taking" her dollar and giving it back to her in services, schools and safety in the great city of Troy. Indeed, during the latest round of budget talks, she stated very clearly that she could not support a budget that included any millage increases.

Troy's proposed new budget includes a millage increase of $7/year on average for residential garbage pick-up.

Janice Daniels feels that she should govern and vote the way she campaigned.  According to her comments during these talks, she'd rather cancel Troy's participation in our garbage program (which includes a negotiated low rate along with several other communities) and try to bargain alone.  She'd rather risk residents paying MORE on their own or in a new contract than simply voting in the new refuse millage rate.  In some local communities that do things this way, residents pay up to and above $200/year.

Troy residents pay about $96 now...just over $100/year with the proposed increase.  But again, Janice Daniels wants you to know that she'd rather you potentially pay MORE than vote for the $7/year increase because she said she wouldn't raise your taxes.

The only problem is that you don't govern based solely on what you said while campaigning.  You should govern based on what is RIGHT for the community.  You govern based on big-picture thinking.  You govern for ALL, not just those who voted for you.

The way Janice Daniels governs? stinks a little bit like garbage.


  1. Nothing this band of idiots does anymore surprises me. Janice truly knew nothing about how a government runs before she got into office and she is determined, apparently, not to learn. She was wrong about everything coming in, and being confronted by facts (which she apparently disputes...interesting, because a fact is a fact, isn't it?) and statistics doesn't matter to her--she will just ignore them if they don't conform to her ideology-driven viewpoints.

    She is the leader of a wrecking crew bent on destroying our city. Tietz is no better. If they push a plan that privatizes the garbage collection program just to prove a point, I swear, I will dump my bags of garbage on their lawns and front doors.

    1. Concerned CitizenMay 7, 2012 at 4:59 PM

      Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said;
      "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, just not his own facts,"

      That is something that Daniels would do well to remember. She loves to spew off information from some website that she has read. She is visibly excited when she does it. She gets all smarmy and preachy. Problem is, not unlike the transit center info and "experts" she brought forward, her info is biased to support her "own facts."
      She bends, twists, contorts and turns facts on their heads more than my Yoga instructor.

  2. If they privatize garbage, that is just the beginning. Watch and wait for the police department to be outsourced to Oakland County Sheriff. Then, what's next. We will be an annex of a bunch of other communities with almost no government departments locally working in our best interest. They have a playbook and they are running it, Troy residents. Please get engaged before it is too late.
    Recall Janice.

  3. Am I missing something or isn't the refuse fee returned to "private sector" in it's entirety? In this case the refuse fee goes to the privately held Tringali, who buys equipment and hires personnel (with the money we give them) to pick up the trash. Sounds to me like our "private sector" dollars are taken by the "government" who negotiates the best possible deal based on the economy of scale (an entire city bid instead of a subdivision or individual street bid) and returns the money to the "private sector". Seems to me that in this case our dollars do multiple. But, what would I know, I've never been a part-time realtor; I've worked and continue to work.
    By the way, just imagine no organized trash pickups...trucks all over the city, everyday.

  4. SickOfThisNonsense!May 8, 2012 at 11:45 AM

    This is all part of the Tea Party agenda to ultimately dismantle government starting at the local level. Tea Party reps Janice Daniels, Doug Tietz and Dave Henderson want to further reduce city staff, outsource the Troy Police Dept. and privatize refuse collection. What's next, sell our roads to the highest bidder so that we have to pay a toll every time we back out of our driveways?

    My fear is that they won't stop until Troy goes from being a desirable community to a wasteland where it's every man for himself.

    We can stop this evil menace and save Troy.