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Monday, May 28, 2012

Observer and Eccentric Letter to the Editor - Recall Janice Daniels

Recall Troy mayor

President Kennedy's speech echoes in my head: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” He was a true American hero, a motivating speaker and leader during a critical time in U.S. history. The residents in the city of Troy are in desperate need of that level of leadership.

Troy's mayor, Janice Daniels, continues to prove that she lacks leadership qualities important to the position of mayor. Rather than unifying the city of Troy with positive energy and calm, she throws “fuel on the fire,” igniting every hot social, anti-government button. Unfortunately, voter apathy dished up this unknown, unqualified candidate to serve as mayor — an embarrassment to the highly educated, diverse population proud to call Troy home.

Troy's infamous mayor uses disparaging words to belittle and discriminate. She associates with like-minded extremists, and now holds a position of power, appointing narrow-minded, intolerant people to serve on Troy's boards and commissions. Discrimination, hate and bigotry have no boundaries, negatively impacting all of us. Like a cancer, it grows and spreads until it's too late to fix the damage. It's not too late to stop Troy's “cancer” if the 56,790 registered voters care enough to make a difference by recalling Mayor Janice Daniels.

Thanks to the positive thinkers on council and the dedicated, professional staff working for the city, we have a balanced, three-year budget, a dedicated library fund and a 100-percent federally funded transit center coming soon to Troy.

Detroit had the Kwame Kilpatrick drama. Wayne County has Robert Ficano's fiasco and Troy's story is being written.

Have you signed a recall Janice Daniels petition yet? June 14 is the end date.

Toby Gosselin


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