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Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's been relatively quiet on the blog this week...lots to do in real life that keeps busy writing moms from pontificating.

But I'm struck today by the recent success of a brilliant campaign.  The campaign was engineered by Leo Burnett, Detroit, last summer to help us battle the anti-tax zealots over the eventual saving of our beloved Troy Public Library.

This was the campaign:  Click.

It's still timely if you ask me.  It's still timely because the forces trying to inflict their dangerous anti-tax at any cost agenda on the City of Troy are among us.

They are led by Janice Daniels, Mayor of Troy.  She must be put out of office.

She must be recalled.

If you have any time in the next three weeks to help us gather signatures toward that effort, please contact the good people at Recall Janice Daniels to help.  We're almost there...victory is at hand.  But we need the final push to succeed.

Let's remember why we started this the award-winning campaign video by Leo Burnett.  And get fired up to burn out this mayor.

Let's Save Troy again!

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