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Monday, May 28, 2012

Trying to explain

Linda tries to explain to Janice Daniels why certain gentlemen do not appear to be fit for office, and why her support of them, makes her unfit as well...

Ms. Daniels,
I apologize for not responding earlier, as I had some issues with my e-mail.
Mr. Schepke is ill-informed and reflects poorly on our city. His disparaging
comments do nothing to exhibit integrity or professionalism. He is also not
as qualified as others who were nominated.
As far as Glenn Clark being an active participant in the political process, that
does not equate to having integrity or professionalism. It has been proven
that Mr. Clark is less than truthful and will stoop to any level to achieve his
goals. I highly doubt this is what the founding fathers felt should be the norm
for the political process. Wasn't this country founded on freedom and to fight
tyranny? If Mr. Clark will lie to achieve any goal he has set forth, what else might
he be capable of. Also, the fact that his campaign finance methods are in question,
just lends more to his deceptive and unethical means being a part of his normal
method of operation. Is this the picture you want of our fine city? One that
incorporates those who do not value integrity and respect, but rather the end result,
no matter what the cost. And, who is to say what his end result is?
It is time to stop all this political posturing and power grabbing. We need leaders
that are thinking about the City of Troy. The City of Troy was a world class
destination for families and businesses alike. Today that is not the case. The
damage done to our fine reputation will take a long time to repair. These two
individuals will only shed a continuous shadow on how Troy does business, thus
dissuading families and businesses from locating here. Also, is this what we want our
children to grow up believing in? That you don't need integrity to get your
way, just do whatever it takes, even if that includes bullying and lying. It is ironically,
interesting that you are taking an interest in the children of our community, while
still supporting individuals such as these two.
As shown in previous history, hubris can be an individual's nemesis. The City
of Troy does not need leaders or individuals on committees and boards who
possess this trait, as it will ultimately result in the demise of what was once a
fine city.
It is said that selective outrage is merely acknowledging that different people get
upset about different things. Well, I am upset about what is happening to my city. A city
that I have lived in for 38 years and love to call my home. This is beyond the political
games. It has to do with the future of my "COMMUNITY." I take exception to those
that continuously use lies and unethical tactics just to get in a seat of power and
prey on those citizens that, unfortunately, have not done their homework. I take
exception to those that are using the municipal level of government to push their
ideologies regardless of what the city's needs are. So you can (and will) call this
whatever you wish, but the bottom line is that it is unacceptable!
Let's put an end to the damage being inflicted on our fine city and start
electing and appointing those with knowledge, integrity and professionalism.
The City of Troy is a "COMMUNITY," not a political volley ball and it's time
we started behaving as one. We need leaders dedicated to this "COMMUNITY."
This, Ms. Daniels, is why there is so much interest in the process to recall you.
Linda Marie Kajma


  1. Well said. There's a reason the City Council is a non-partisan body; to keep politics out. Mr. Clark's sole qualification is involvement in the political process. That should disqualify him, not give him access to influencing our lives.

  2. I like this comment very, very, very much. Thank you for posting it.

    Matt Goodman

  3. Janice is surrounded by ethically challenged individuals so she must think her behavior is perfectly acceptable. It is truly amazing to watch her so openly show her inability to be ethical. She continually works outside of the council to push her own agenda. Her partisan politics means she is not a good ambassador for Troy because her opinions will alienate those who disagree. Her job really should be to remain neutral, smile alot and say good things about Troy. It's not hard. It's amazing that there are no checks and balances to control her public remarks about Troy in speeches, etc.