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Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter to Troy Patch: Planning Commissioner's Remarks 'Inexcusable'

The following letter to Troy Mayor Janice Daniels was submitted to Troy Patch Editor Jen Anesi for publication in response to a public comment made by Planning Commissioner Gordon Schepke during the May 7, 2012 Troy City Council meeting.

Mayor Daniels:

I was appalled by the public comments made tonight by your supporter, Gordon Schepke. Obviously, he stole a page out of your book when he publicly attacked City Manager John Szerlag for no apparent reason. Please explain to me why you and your supporters find it necessary tobelittle Mr. Szerlag during city council meetings, especially now, when Mr. Szerlag is about to depart this city. What purpose does this serve?

I'd be curious if you thought Mr. Schepke's comments were justified; not only what he said but, more importantly, regarding the abusive manner in which his message was delivered. As mayor, do you care to respond?

Now, here is one of your supporters (and close friend) who never misses an opportunity at every meeting to "grandstand" at the podium. Every meeting, he presents his "holier-than-thou" speech about how we all must set a positive example to our children and publicly show respect to one another. And what does he do? He follows your lead and publicly attacks City Manager Szerlag during tonight's meeting, just as you did at the January 9, 2012 council meeting. Why?

Of course, what makes his actions even more inexcusable is that Mr. Schepke was recently appointed to serve as a member of the Troy Planning Commission, and he was your nominee. Are you proud of him, now? How dare he show such a lack of respect for a fellow member of this city council! Mayor Daniels, you certainly taught him well!

Thank goodness Mayor Pro Tem McGinnis called Mr. Schepke out for his actions. Mayor Pro Tem McGinnis appropriately pointed out that Mr. Schepke, as a member of the Troy Planning Commission, should be held to a higher standard since he now represents the city in his new role. She, rightfully, admonished him for his poor conduct and requested that he show respect to his fellow Troy citizens the next time he steps up to the podium.

Yet how did you, as Mayor, respond to Mayor Pro Tem's McGinnis comment? Exactly how I knew you would. You selfishly attempted to shift the focus back to yourself by posing, once again, as the victim. You totally misunderstood Mayor Pro Tem McGinnis' point. But then, why am I not surprised?

Nice try, Madame Mayor, but we all have you figured out.

Finally, I would hope that Mr. Schepke be removed from his seat on the Planning Commission as a result of his inexcusable remarks and his unprofessional conduct.

I would appreciate a response.

Jeff Williams
Troy resident since 1985


  1. I missed the meeting. What did Schepke say?

  2. He stood at the podium for the sole purpose of saying he did not and would not apologize for using the ChiCom slur and then said it a few more times. This man is not only professionally unqualified to be on the planning committee, but even if he was, his temperment is not suited to any position where he represents the interests of homeowners and businesses in Troy. He doesn't know when to keep quite and it is very disturbing.