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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just how extreme is Doug Tietz?

I wrote about him before, long before anyone was listening.
Here is an article mentioning Tietz and his anti-affirmative action crusade in Nebraska (he also ran the much-maligned Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (read the part about Michigan). I stumbled on mention of his dirty campaign at The Henry Ford Civil Rights exhibit. There was information about this dirty deed right there next to Rosa Park's bus. Tietz must be so proud.
The first article defines him thusly:
Doug Tietz, a graduate of Morton Blackwell’s Youth Leadership School, is the former chairman of the Michigan chapter of Young Americans for Freedom and also served as secretary of the national board of YAF. He was reportedly the person who videoed a confrontation in Oklahoma over whether a signature gatherer was engaging in deceptive practices.
When Doug Tietz ran for office, he said he was a simple family man just trying to help out his town.
Read on ---
Family man?
College extremist?
California Connection?
Angry about library?
Old fogies!

Now they will tell you this is all about me being a political assassin on a witch hunt.
I say, if this is the man who preaches transparency, how come he hasn't made sure everyone knows his political background? Why does he hide it?


  1. I watched someone approach Doug Tietz at a council meeting who told him before his friend David Wisz was allowed to speak that there was no way that Birmingham area racist should be allowed to speak at a Troy City Council meeting--that it was clear from his past Facebook page writing that his views were bigoted and divisive. Doug's reaction was to drop the guy's handshake and stare at him with a blank expression. Not another word was said by him.

    Now this information about his past comes out. Beyond the outrage I feel about this kind of bigotry, Troy's large population of Asian residents should be up in arms about the kind of people they have representing them. I hope they hear about this.

  2. I am always amazed at the information presented on this website. Everyday my mind is blown away by the fraudulent and deceptive tactics of elected officials and I can only thank you for your diligent work.

  3. Concerned CitizenMay 4, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    I wish all this stuff was public knowledge BEFORE elections. I know this blog had it out there. But I just wish an organization like League of Women Voters could provide a more robust look at candidates, which doesn't require any partisan leanings. I mean, just posting links to past activities and associations doesn't seem partisan unless you are worried/ashamed about them, don't you think? In a non-partisan city election, it sure makes sense to know from whence they come. It will determine much about where they will go too. Because clearly THEY aren't going to provide full disclosure and transparency.

  4. Watching this man during the budget study sessions was disturbing. There is an air of smugness about him that clearly shows his disdain for the city employees. There's no question that he approaches his role from a highly partisan perspective. Methinks he plans to use his time on Troy City Council as a political career stepping stone. It's too bad ... there were other candidates who were in it purely to serve Troy.

  5. For sure there is a lot of career climbing here. Tietz, Fleming, Daniels, Howrylak. Just look at Gosselin's career as a guide. The anti-govt folks all want a taxpayer supplied government paycheck with perks and pleasures. Pretty ironic.

    Heard from a very well-informed political insider that it will cost about $200,000 or more to run for State Rep for Marty Knollenberg's seat. Hmmm, wonder where all that money will come from and into the coffers of DeBacker or Fleming. Follow the money, it will always lead you to the answer. Interesting to watch Fleming try to row from both sides of the boat at once too.

  6. What's really irritating is watching Doug Tietz roll his eyes at the person speaking during public comment and then nod to his buddies on council, when he doesn't agree with the speaker. How rude!

    1. Really? And of course you don't remember (or won't admit ) that former mayor Schilling was just as rude during public comment?

    2. I am looking at Doug Tietz's campaign mailer from last fall. It says at the very top of the mailer -- because this was very important to his messaging -- and I quote, "The city council should not lecture at the residents dismissing their concerns as 'crap.' Doug Tietz understands that being a leader is being responsive and engaging with the public".

      It's not OK for others to say 'crap' at the council table, but it's completely OK for him to roll his eyes at residents and to smirk? I guess that is what he meant by "being responsive and engaging with the public".

      Talk about a bunch of crap....

  7. I was at many of the meetings chaired by Mayor Schilling. She NEVER rolled her eyes, or attacked people at a personal level, or used inappropriate language, or failed to say thank you at conclusion of the comments of EVERY citizen who spoke. She did disagree with people, pointed out inconsistencies, and made pointed comments. She and I had several disagreements and she always treated me with respect. Don't believe me? As they say, check the tape.
    As an aside; since when does an adult justify their poor behavior by pointing out the poor behavior of others?

  8. Schilling may have never rolled her eyes, but she tried to stop residents from speaking many times. Remember the stop watch incident when she was a councilwoman?