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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just the Facts

Let's take a look at pure facts regarding residential increases in the new budget cycle. 

The information below is presented from the city...verbatim...from an e-mail I received from Tom Darling.  I've added no information to it, no spin, no double-speak:

The increase per resident based on the 2012 average taxable value of $96,775 is as follows:
Refuse @ 0.09 mils - $8.71 per year
Debt @ 0.2 mils - $19.36 per year
In addition, the 2013 average residential taxable value increased $967 from 2012 ($96,775) to 2013 ($97,742) generating approximately $10.00 per residential household.

Due to the factors above, the total average residential property tax requirement increased approximately $38 from $986 in the 2012 fiscal year to $1,024 in the 2013 fiscal year.

Water/Sewer increases based on an average residential household of 3.9 mcfs per quarter are as follows:
Water increase of $2.25 per mcf- $8.78 per quarter
Sewer increase of $1.90 per mcf - $7.41 per quarter

The average increase of 8% is directly related to increased costs charged to the City from Detroit Water Sewer Department, Southeast Oakland County Sewerage Authority and the Evergreen-Farmington Sewerage Authority.

So, adding this all up, an average resident will pay $44.26 a year more for refuse, water and sewer service plus debt service (a mandated fee increase per residential vote years ago).

That's $3.69 a month.   The average cost of a latte from Starbucks is over $4 each.  How many of those do you drink a month?

Or $0.85 cents a week.  A large diet Coke from McDonalds is $1.06.  Do you ever think twice about spending a dollar on a pop?

I think I can handle this increase for the sumptuous luxury of flushing my toilet and having someone else take my garbage to the landfill.

Can you?


  1. But we all know it's a "slush fund!" Spend it! We should just spend it! Bob Gosselin says so. So Janice says so. Think of it from their perspective, it's soooooooo much better for Janice to vote no. It will make it much easier for Gosselin, Clark and Tietz to write up her political propaganda/marketing pieces when they run her for state rep or senator. That's her real objective. That's why political decision making is what we will continue to get from her, versus pragmatic fact-based decisions.

  2. She has no problem kicking the can down the road of irresponsible fiscal decision making because she doesn't plan to be here when the fallout from that can kicking it happens. Remember, her investment here in Troy is just a little condo. She doesn't stand to lose too much, but her political career benefits tremendously. She'll tread on us, so she can continue to carry the "Don't Tread on Me" flag of her ideology.

  3. She never, ever introduces or discusses solutions. It's just negativity and complaining. Bills have to be paid and money doesn't fall out of the sky. I have a feeling our mayor hasn't learned that lesson yet in her almost 60 years. It's no wonder her finances are in shambles. Please, if you can't manage your own checkbook, don't try to manage one for a municipality. And, does she really own that condo? I am not so sure.