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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Janice Daniels' self-serving webpage

How is it that Janice Daniels has a website that is separate from the city's, even though the header reads, "Janice Daniels - Mayor - Troy Michigan?"
Because the site is completely inappropriate in so many ways. It is not information of value to the city, but intended to promote Janice Daniels' good works and community outreach.
We heard that when Troy played host to the South Oakland County Mayor's Association (Troy was the regular host, in spite of Daniels making it sound as if she organized, planned and paid for the party), Daniels hired a private photographer to get photos taken of her with other mayor and then put the photos on this, her campaign website, as if to hint that these other leaders support her. Apparently several mayors called and told her to take them down (True?).
Note the current front page that shows an essay competition being run by alleged journalist Charlie Langton. The city didn't choose to run that either. The essays are limited to 50 words or less, meaning it could have been held on Twitter!
Beyond that, Daniels breathlessly logs her many "Community Outreach" events on the site, including

  • March 11 - Attended 9:15am service at Faith Lutheran Church (my home church) 
    • Um, going to her own church is worthy of note? 
  • March 5 - Chaired Troy City Council Meeting 
    • Um, what else would the mayor do? 
  • March 9 - Signed Letters of Appreciation for High School Student Volunteers 
    • OK 
  • March 9 - Dinner with State Senator to discuss public relations opportunities 
    • Perhaps it was Pappageorge? Doug Tietz's boss? 
  • March 11 - talked to high school students at Subway restaurant 
    • Um, I gather she was eating at Subway and someone talked to her? 
I mean, good golly Miss Molly! If this is all she has to brag about, not much is happening. Although she spends a great deal of time at churches and promoting right wing causes, which perhaps we don't really need to know about.
By the way, the South Oakland Mayor's Association met in Southfield this past week, but don't expect THAT to go on her future calendar. She was a no-show. 
I guess she couldn't pretend to make it all about her, so why go?
But of course my favorite image on Daniels' page remains her photo next to all the little credit card symbols!


  1. This is another example of her being ethically challenged. She should not have a separate facebook page and website where she is Janice Daniels Mayor of Troy. She is part of city Government. The city lawyer should stop this nonsense.

  2. Delusional. Then again, she needs to write something that makes her feel good about herself. Everyone needs this from time to tome. The only difference is we are not trying to be a mayor of a municipality. Unqualified.

  3. Ranks rate up there with her off and running around giving presentations on Transparency in Government (a post you had on here previously) in the name of being Troy Mayor. She is a train wreck in terms of PR in the city. And that strange wannabe journalist/lawyer Charlie Langton seems to be helping her. By the way, did the Mayor who espouses transparency ever provide a copy of that presentation to anyone? I'm assuming the answer is "no." I agree with comment above, the city lawyer should stop this nonsense.