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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something Good in Troy

Something good in Troy

Kudos to the Troy Chamber of Commerce, Non-Profit Network, Walsh College and Flagstar Bank to name a few of the groups that put on an excellent conference today for non-profit organizations at Walsh College in Troy.

It was a chance for non-profits to come and learn about management ideas, fundraising in difficult times and using new technology. Being part of a non-profit organization is very rewarding, but make no mistake, requires hours of dedication and continual growth. In this constricting economy, non-profits are attempting to provide services with fewer dollars, and often to a greater number of people in need.

I hope that the residents of Troy will remember to support, both financially and with their time, the important work that is being done by non-profits that benefit their children (Troy Youth Assistance, Boys and Girls Clubs), seniors (Troy People Concerned, Troy Seniors), and our entire community (Friends of the Troy Public Library, Troy Historical Society, Troy Nature Society). These are just examples of the many wonderful groups working tirelessly in our community. Non-profit organizations impact lives in profound ways and shine a positive light on the resourcefulness and generosity of our city and it’s people.

And that is something Troy could use right now.

Thank you Troy Chamber, Michele Hodges and team, for your efforts to make Troy a great place to work and live. Thank you for assisting non-profit organizations to learn and grow as we strive to help others in our community.

With pride, integrity and purpose we will continue to do so.

Rhonda Hendrickson


Friends of the Troy Public Library


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  2. Kudos to you, Rhonda, for all you do in Troy as a volunteer. I'm weary of the partisan politics that has unraveled a lot of the great work done by citizens such as yourself. Unraveling by folks who never actively volunteered in the community themselves, but feel themselves qualified to critique those who have.

    Every day I am so appreciative of folks such as yourself who have been intimately involved, giving of their time, talent and treasure to keep Troy strong. Especially when some of our elected leaders actually work against you! I'm proud to be a fellow resident. And I so agree with you, thank you Troy Chamber for enabling this positive force in the community.

  3. Alias Smith and JonesApril 22, 2012 at 7:24 PM

    I'd like to know of any TCU'ers who have volunteered for anything in Troy, or contributed to the greater good of our community in any way that doesn't involve a political viewpoint.