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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recall signatures are easy to get

For months I've been very nervous about asking the woman who sits across the office from me at work how she feels about Mayor Daniels. I knew she lived in Troy. I knew she was smart.
Would she be annoyed if I brought it up?
I gently mentioned the mayor yesterday and sure enough, she thinks she is an "idiot," is bad for Troy and she was thrilled to sign the recall petition and got her husband to sign it, too!
Today, I got out of my car at Nino Salvaggio's with my girls in tow and decided to take the petition clipboard with me. Before I took three steps from my car, a lovely lady screamed out, as if it was Christmas, that if I was holding a petition, she would love to sign it and so would her husband. And they did.
Then she told me she has a whole group of friends who could get together and invite me over for a little petition signing extravaganza.
So I just want you all to know--this recall is not about a small group of people who want her out.
There is a huge groundswell of Troy voters who want the embarrassment to end as soon as possible.
And they are signing the petition.
Oh, and they wanted bumper stickers, too!
If anyone of you readers want to sign the petition, write me at
We'll make sure you don't miss the opportunity to sign it.


  1. Way to go, Sharon!!!

  2. At work? Really?

  3. Yup. Lots of people who don't live in Troy have been laughing at Troy's hapless mayor for months in the lunchroom.

  4. I got a phone call from someone in Lansing that mistakenly thought I was in that area to volunteer for something. I told her that I actually lived in Troy and she without hesitation said " oh my, you have to get rid of that awful Mayor." Then she proceeded to give me chapter and verse about all her crazy behavior. So, yes, I would say that I have run into people all over Michigan, someone in Mexico and now Florida that know about our mayors less than stellar reputation. Very embarrassing for my family and our city.

  5. Mayor Daniels in news all over the place, my in-laws live in Brighton and my mother in law asked me about her, as she and her tennis friends were talking of Mayor Daniels and her inability to be sane.