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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More great comments!

I fear that some of you may not bother to read the comments below the posts, so I will regularly post the best (or most amusing).

From Anonymous:
Mayor Daniels in news all over the place, my in-laws live in Brighton and my mother in law asked me about her, as she and her tennis friends were talking of Mayor Daniels and her inability to be sane.

From Stop the Madness:
I got a phone call from someone in Lansing that mistakenly thought I was in that area to volunteer for something. I told her that I actually lived in Troy and she without hesitation said " oh my, you have to get rid of that awful Mayor." Then she proceeded to give me chapter and verse about all her crazy behavior. So, yes, I would say that I have run into people all over Michigan, someone in Mexico and now Florida that know about our mayors less than stellar reputation. Very embarrassing for my family and our city.

From Concerned Citizen:
It would be helpful to the citizens of Troy to have a "know the players" sheet with info and links about the histories of all the folks putting their hats in the ring. Pryor, DeBacker, Howyrlak, et al. There is lots to know BEFORE people vote this time. No after the fact discoveries that we will regret. On a side note, I think that any candidate that utters any version of a statement calling for small government, or blames lawmakers in Lansing (Republican majority mind you) or disparages public employees, had better openly state that they are not taking a salary as a State Rep or an Oakland county job. Can't have it both ways. Unless of course, you are them.

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