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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gathering signatures for the recall (video)

Well, I went to the library today to help gather signatures for the Recall Janice Daniels petition.
Dozens of people came out just to find us and sign the petition and then got back in their cars to leave.
Even as I saw at least five new people I had never met who were helping the effort, there was a small crew of Janice Daniels' supporters demonstrating against us -- the usual suspects.
Surprising to me, though, was that they were handing out Janice Daniels' recent letter in which she takes credit for many things she did not do.
That letter was discussed in detail in this week's Troy Times. Former Troy mayor Louise Schilling explains how the majority of actions Daniels seems to take credit for in the letter were actually completed long before Daniels took office. Ironically, Daniels apologist Ray Watts was quoted in the article saying that Daniels was not taking credit for those measures: "Resident Ray Watts said 'I don’t see the word ‘I,’ but it’s ‘we’ and ‘our,’' during public comment at the March 19 council meeting. 'You’re not taking credit that I can tell for these things; it’s for the past several months, and it reaches back to the previous council as well.'
Why is that ironic?
Today, in front of the library, Watts was handing out that same letter, telling people those were Daniels' accomplishments. Ha! Which way is it, Ray???
They simply can.not.tell.the.truth.
Fellow Daniels apologist Nick Cherasero was handing out the same letter, plus standing in the spot where drivers let passengers out of their cars and snarling at every person that we have Janice to thank for the library being open on Saturdays.
While it is true that she pushed toward opening the library on Saturdays, (the library is now closed on Fridays), I and many of the people who signed the petition knew that if Janice Daniels had her way, the library would be completely shut down!
And, if she hadn't fought so viciously AGAINST Proposal 1 in 2010, we would today have a seven-day-per-week library with full funding guaranteed for the next 10 years (at 0.9885 mills).
Surprise surprise -- Janice and her buddies want to have it both ways. She was against the library before she was for it, I guess.
Don't want to take MY word for it? Watch this video. She even makes fun of the children who begged to save the library.


  1. Proof again that Janice Daniels will say anything to get her way, or to project a certain persona. We should have a video player continuously showing this in front of the library during signature collection time!

  2. Someone should put together a dvd with these clips and documents organized by category. Library, City Manager, train station, intemperate statements about gays, ad infinitum.
    Links to the documents and the video and audio clips would allow people to verify for themselves what she has said and done.

    The dvds could by played on portable devices, and made available to voters for a nominal duplication cost. Janice and her backers will have no reasonable response to these facts, unless she decides to resign. Shape the debate.