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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Deb DeBacker is Running for State Rep!

On the "Troy Citizens United" Facebook page, Barbara Harrell has announced that "TCU supporter DEBORAH DeBACKER is...running for State Rep. in the 41st district..."

We've covered Mrs. DeBacker in the past, reporting that she is not the simple housewife she claims to be.

What is new, however, is Mrs. DeBacker's cleansing of her opinions. Some of her posts at Lew Rockwell have been scrubbed, all to make her seem less radical than she is.

So, for posterity, I'm posting the entirely of Mrs. DeBacker's opinions about children's books, one which she is trying to scrub from the internet.

Read it and you'll understand why Mrs. DeBacker is now trying to hide. She is a radical, determined to use government to dictate what your children should read.

Without further ado, Mrs. DeBacker in her own words:


Read Your Children's Books by Deborah DeBacker

About now, the parents of elementary children are getting around to reviewing that summer reading list sent home by last year's teacher. Unfortunately, the same lists have come home from just about every public and many parochial elementary schools for the past 20 years. All those great Scholastic, Caldecott and Newberry Award Winners are available at public and school libraries. Parents BEWARE! You might want to watch "Night of the Living Dead" with your kids for some milder entertainment!

The books on this list will negatively influence your child's attitude about life. They are the written version of rap and hip-hop music. The boards who award these Newberry and Scholastic Winners must view children as little adults. The words " age appropriate" are lost on them. The behavior and attitudes resulting from reading these depressing and negative, anti-parental authority books may be just as bad as that resulting from the influence of the today's music and movies.

A book commonly found on such lists is The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson, about a child who describes her foster mother as a "religious fanatic." Here are some sample quotes:

  • "The church didn't fit into the modern world anymore than the people who went there did."
  • "Gilly of course, knew all about adultery…she offered for sale not only the definition of the word but some juicy neighborhood examples. In this way she gained seventy-eight cents in coins previously designated for the church collection plate."
  • "Nobody but a religious fanatic would put up with such gross ignorance for over an hourevery week of their lives-nobody but religious fanatics and the innocent victims they forced togo to church."
  • When discussing life her foster mother says,"Life ain't supposed to be nothin,'ceptmaybe tough…That all that stuff about happy endings is lies. The only ending in this world is death."
  • "Dammit, Trotter. Don't try to make a stinking Christian out of me."" Go to hell Trotter."
Ms. Paterson's books are not an isolated example. Much of the new literature for children today, involves uncaring parents. In the book, Maniac Magee, (Young Readers Choice Award, 1993), the main character, a young boy, lives with an aunt and uncle who have a bad marriage but will not get divorced because they are Catholic. Magee runs away, lives with, and finds happiness with various homeless people. It is reckless to tell a 10-year-old he will be safe on the streets.

Most recent children's books are about tragedies that befall the young characters. Ms. Paterson's book, bridge to Terabithia (Newberry 1978), is about the agonizing of a young boy who blames himself for his friend's death. The samples included in this article are not isolated incidents. Other children's authors write about subjects such as sole survivors of plane crashes in the wilderness and endless tales of the occult.

All those parents who do not want to talk to their children about the horrors of abortion and euthanasia better think twice before they suggest The Giver by Louis Lowery, (Newberry 1994) for summer reading. A combination of Brave New World/1984 is far above a twelve-year-old's understanding. Handicapped babies, low birth weight twins, and the elderly are "released," from this world, by injection to a mystical "ELSEWHERE." Overpopulation was no problem since new babies are limited to fifty a year, with everyone taking pills to stop sexual arousal!

These are just a few of the numerous worrisome aspects of this book. If your child has already read this book, I suggest a serious discussion to assure their understanding of right and wrong.

Parents, do you want your child exposed to this language and these ideas of intolerance and defiance? Do you want your children reading the same negative ideas produced by rap and hip-hop music? Should schools use their authority to promote this type of literature? My answers are all NO! Based on young children's limited understanding of reality you can be sure they will remember the most startling passages, i.e. baby killing, the agony and guilt of causing a young friends death, or using inappropriate language. My teens are tired of hearing me say "familiarity breeds acceptance," but they know its true.

Understand that there is nothing uplifting about today's children's literature. Instead, it is filled with anti-parent propaganda, and anti-religious views. These books present our children with overwhelming and overabundant psychological horrors at too young an age. They present political and cultural ideas long before children are ready to understand or cope with terrible dilemnas. Their depressing agendas are one more reason that our children might turn to drugs or commit suicide. No wonder "Whatever" is a common slogan and attitude!

Parents please read your children's books. And if you must chose from the list, choose those written prior to 1965. Take the time to find good literature for your children. And tell the teacher when you do not like a book on her lists.


As you can see, Mrs. DeBacker is a authoritarian zealot, sensitive to negative portrayals of religious fanatics.

Maybe because she is one.


  1. Has she been known to idolize and compliment Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman? I bet she does. Her views on children's literature are interesting. Has she herself written a children's book, err, had a children's book published and circulated? Probably not. So, how can she criticize something she has no experience nor expertise in? Oh, yes. Silly me. That is how she thinks she is qualified to run for a Sate Rep. Silly, silly, silly me!

  2. I have no respect for Ms. DeBacker, Aleck, but I have even less for you. Any parent who takes the time to read some of these titles, chosen by ultra left-wingers - after all, you can't get through an English Lit program, particularly a graduate degree, without being clearly stamped and approved "Liberal" (no better than ultra right-wingers; out to rule what you think and how you think), would be appalled by some of these stories and narratives. The real problem we have here isn't that Ms. DeBacker is concerned about anti-religious bigotry, but why aren't you?

    Anonymous (by necessity)

  3. Mrs. DeBacker is entitled to dictate what her children read but not mine. As far as the bad influence of the outside world that right-wing parents seem to fear, why not be secure in their own living example and home life? That has the most impact on our children in the long run.
    What's Mrs. DeBacker's opinion of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, both of those were written before 1965, have violence, bad language and bad behavior to authoritative figures. My son read one of those books for the summer for Honors English in middle school, and loved it, one of the few books that he did. I'd hate for blanket censorship to deprive students of what could be a great reading experience.

  4. I'll be back tomorrow with some more substantial information on this topic. Collected it earlier but never posted it. Now it's time.

  5. Concerned CitizenApril 11, 2012 at 7:31 PM

    It would be helpful to the citizens of Troy to have a "know the players" sheet with info and links about the histories of all the folks putting their hats in the ring. Pryor, DeBacker, Howyrlak, et al. There is lots to know BEFORE people vote this time. No after the fact discoveries that we will regret.
    On a side note, I think that any candidate that utters any version of a statement calling for small government, or blames lawmakers in Lansing (Republican majority mind you) or disparages public employees, had better openly state that they are not taking a salary as a State Rep or an Oakland county job. Can't have it both ways. Unless of course, you are them.

  6. A parents role is to protect the innocence of their children. TRUE caring parents would read books prior to their children so they can determine if they are mature enough to process the information.Having read the book they can then help their child process the book and explain anything the child cannot understand. I do not see what Ms DeBacker says should be cause for alarm. She is just saying to be aware of what's out there. It is not censorship, it is selection. You would not allow your children to read something that would cause them to be fearful or give them information that they are not mature enough to process.