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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deb DeBacker and typical TCU disinformation?

Look at this KTS article from long ago. As usual, we had to spend a lot of time unwinding the typical nonsense and hystrionics in order to let the truth get through.


  1. Ok. So this is (was) about the library. But, isnt the library in fact a 'done deal'? It has been saved. You just have a propensity for repeating (or resurrecting, you pick) issues that essentially have been resolved.

    On a side note, I wouldnt vote for Deb Debacker, but that was true before ANY of this came to light. We aren't all 'dumb'.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. No, if you might notice the headline (that's what tells the reader what an article/post is about) it's about Deb DeBacker's willingness to disinform people to serve her political goals -- which in this case happened to be about trying to assure there was no funding for the Troy Public Library.
    Another TCU trick, which you will see with these folks, is re-writing history. I want to be sure the history is out in the open.
    How else are we to judge our politicians but on their behavior in the past? That's pretty much what tells us their moral integrity and shows how they will predictably act in the future.