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Sunday, April 22, 2012

C&G: Top city staffers’ wages less than other cities

As the Know Nothings (Janice Daniels, Tietz and Dave Henderson)) continue to look for money wasters under every cabbage leaf, the results of their years-long fight against Troy is resulting in a lot of problems.
One is the drain brain I have already discussed. The Troy Times did a story on it.
Not only is it a huge problem because we have lost so many good people with a cumulative dozens of years institutional knowledge of Troy management, the other problem is, we can't replace those people with quality employees.
Our wages are now low and prospective employees know that we have political leaders in Troy who pride themselves on being ignorant about city management issues. Who the hell would want to work for someone like Dave Henderson or Janice Daniels????
As Henderson makes up nonsense about what printer gets to print Troy Today (oh, the people who want the city to run like a business, now want it to run like a municipal welfare agency -- huh?), Troy is in deep, deep trouble.


April 18, 2012
Top city staffers’ wages less than other cities
By Terry Oparka
C & G Staff Writer

The top spot in Troy may be a tough sell, salary-wise, based on a report from the city’s Human Resources Department that states top management salaries in the city are 7 percent below average.

According to the city’s website, Troy City Manager John Szerlag’s total compensation and benefits are $159,917 a year, not including a pension he earned from his earlier tenure with the city.

His new salary as city manager in Cape Coral, Fla., is reportedly $160,000, with a moving allowance, an 18-month housing allowance, a monthly car allowance and $6,000 yearly for medical expenses.

Troy Human Resources Director Peggy Sears presented a report to the City Council at its April 2 meeting that compared how pay and benefits for Troy city employees stack up to other communities.

Sears said Troy salaries and benefits compared very well with other communities and were in many cases lower.

Salaries of Troy’s upper-management staff are 7 percent lower than in comparable communities, Sears said.

Salaries were compared with cities that have populations between 60,000 and 125,000 people.

Salaries in 30 job classifications were found to be comparable.

Sears noted that the International City Management Association organizational restructuring study — presented to the council in February 2011 and showing that Troy city employees were not overpaid when compared with similar cities — was completed before nonunion employees had agreed to more than 10 percent wage concessions that included furlough days, a 1.9 percent reduction in wages, increased contributions to health insurance and reductions in health care benefits.


  1. I can certainly appreciate wanting to be fiscally responsible, but trying to trying to offer the least amount in compensation for a job that demands high skills and experience is fiscally IRRESPONSIBLE. There is truth in the saying, "You get what you pay for." It certainly applies in this situation. What Daniels, Henderson and Tietz think they are saving in payroll will cost the city far more in the long term.

    The voters in Troy have an opportunity to undo the damage this trio has begun to wreak. I urge you to sign the petition to RECALL JANICE DANIELS! Volunteers with petitions are canvassing neighborhoods and stationed at the library and community center to get your signature. Let's get the recall on the November ballot so that we can finally RECALL JANICE DANIELS and get this city back on track!

  2. Oh, but Sharon, you know Mr. Henderson is just striving for transparency! Now he must discredit the purchasing department! He doesn't understand it, so it must be broken! (Never mind that the purchasing director has received numerous awards for the outstanding work of that department.)

    Frankly, what's becoming more and more transparent is his hypocrisy. He'll defend the mayor hiding a presentation about Troy, but discredit the hard working city employees. They were never overpaid to begin with, but he would not stand down as he railed against them. You're right ... Troy has lost some great talent. The loud, vocal crowd that constantly criticizes them at every turn with little to no understanding of what it takes to do the job -- they need to stop. They also need to apologize. But we all know how that will go.

  3. It seems to me that you have a bit of a double standard here. On the one hand, I've seen comments from those that support pay and benefit plans for public employees lauding them for stepping up to the plate and making sacrifices in order to 'save the city' Now an article is published indicating that their salaries may be too low, and you want to focus light on that to.. what? Which is it? Either they were team players and made sacrifices, yea for them or, aww, because of the sacrifices, they are under paid.

    1. Can't it be both?

      They are underpaid AND they gave up/negotiated even more...I think it's clear with the ICMA report that there was already evidence that Troy salaries were at or below a mid-range. THEN we achieved the 10% across the board cuts.

      I see no double standard.

    2. Other cities are just behind the time. Troy has been applauded for being in front of the game on required adjustments to salary and benefits. When other cities have to (and they will have to) 'catch up' the playing field will be level.

    3. The point is, the TCU and team hollered for employee sacrifice with claims of them being grossly overpaid. The sacrifice has happened even as we learned they were not overpaid to begin with. Now what? How do we recruit new employees? How do we retain quality employees?

      Be careful what you wish for ultra conservatives ... you want a crappy, cheap local government, you're gonna get it. Penny wise and pound foolish does not equal fiscally responsible.

  4. What is being said is that we have a group in Troy that continues to berate the staff no matter what has been accomplished. Unfortunately, the Mayor takes the lead on this. The staff has always been dedicated to our fine city, even at a pay level at or below mid-range. This was shown when they took the cuts. This is due to the respect shown by management and our city manager, John Szerlag. Unfortunately, we will be hiring a new city manager and I hope and pray that sanity prevails and we are not "penny wise and pound foolish." By that I mean there are some that would raid the reserves, but not pay an employee what they are worth. What you end up getting is a lower bond rating, someone less experienced managing and potentially less services, lack of businesses and lower property values.

    We have seen the havoc this group has brought upon our city already. One of the earlier things they did was to "cap" our millage rate, while presenting it as a "tax cut" which ended up jeopardizing our bond rating and ultimately forcing the cuts to those services which helped define Troy as one of the best cities to live in. Not to mention the cost of the elections every time the city needs money. Yet, this group cries about every special election.

    This needs to stop. We need to take back our fine city. This city has been fiscally responsible. That is why the recall is so important. We need to show the country, our fellow citizens, businesses, etc. that what has transpired over the last years will not be tolerated any more. Let's show them that Troy is and will always be a united community that accepts diversity,is one of the finest cities to raise a family and is cutting edge when it comes to offering businesses what they are looking for.

    Please sign the petition to Recall Janice Daniels and spread the word that we want to take back our city!

  5. Amen to that.

    We have over 50% of the signatures we need to get the Janice Daniels recall on the ballot. If you haven't signed, find us at the library every weekend.

  6. And remember, Janice Daniels is the one who said Troy didnt need to be a full service city. She and her cronies also said the ICMA report was false and that the cost of doing the report also influenced what the report said. Paranoia and a lack of common sense runs rampant in the tea party. It's going to be extremely difficult to find a good successor to John Szerlag.