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Saturday, March 17, 2012

What kind of Troy?

Soon we will address the strange letter Janice Daniels sent out to many families in Troy, in which she apparently takes credit for doing many things she did not do. 
But perhaps the scariest thing in that letter, and another good reason to watch her activities closely, is that she says she is looking forward to getting her hands on Troy's budget, during the upcoming, annual spring budget sessions.
That is scary.
Because Janice Daniels seems to want to turn Troy into a part-time town, with few services and even fewer staff.
If you are not clear on the kinds of plans she has in store for us, it might be useful, EXTREMELY USEFUL, to listen to this episode of a documentary radio show called This American Life.
It examines the two differing mindsets ON how we should fund and control local governments.
There is no doubt which side Janice Daniels is on. The question is...which side are you on?
What kind of Troy do you want?  
At the end of the show, a man explains that he is happy to pay $300 to his city to pay for a street light to go on every night for a year only in his neighborhood. The mayor tells him that for half of that he could have had more police and the streetlights in the whole city to be on every night. For less!
No, he said. He likes it this way because it isn't taxes.
And that's the brilliant kind of thinking guiding Troy today.


  1. I hope that you will post a copy of said letter. There are many residents that don't get some of these mailings (Howylak's, drug letter, 4 page TCU nonsense). So it would be great to know what she said to counteract it with people you meet.

  2. I remember when JD said "we dont need a full service city." The lengths she will go to achieve this are scary to think about.