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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Response to Ed

Hi Ed. Glad you read.
Here are my responses to your reaction to "Reason # 3 to Recall Janice." Your comments are indented.
Sharon, you are raising some points that have piqued my own interest. and I'm willing to look more deeply into the Daniels issue. However, I think you will do everyone a better service simply by reporting cooly and straightforwardly any accusations you have of her wrongdoing and then backing them up with the facts that justify the charges.
True. As Faber Grad said, a lot of us have been suffering for a long time over this situation and the fact that our city manager is leaving and may be replaced by someone like Howrylak (who has never held a full-time job and lived in his parents basement until recently) or Gosselin (look that guy up for a frightening experience), I was very angry.
However,I disagree that I don't back up what I say with facts. Please read a smattering of my posts to see that although people may not like the facts I use to prove these people dis-inform the voters of Troy, you certainly can't claim I'm not telling the truth. Read a few of the first from October of 2010 when I go through the TCU misinformation campaign point by point.
Concerning the above:
"I met one of my new anti-TCU friends and sat next to her in a meeting two years ago when someone proclaimed no one had been laid off in the city.
My friend, sitting right beside me, had."
This does not relate to Daniels directly, so why is it in your KTS post?
If you take a look at my two years of posts, you will see that this is not an anti-Janice blog. This is an anti-disinformation blog. It is likely that the person who said (as was their refrain, back then) that the "city manager and the council are acting as if things are just 'business as usual,'" even thought Szerlag had laid off over 100 workers, most workers had more work to do and had taken pay cuts, and they had cut the budget like crazy. Janice Daniels was one of the leaders in the ongoing dis-information campaign about the reasons for the budget shortage (the recession!), Mr. Szerlag's income (not more than the governor), lay-offs of city staff, etc. That people often repeated what she said, even though it wasn't true, is easy to prove. That's why talking about the untruths said at the city council mike is always related to Janice Daniels.
You can have my attention, but it must be with relevant facts. The large-caps rant at the end of your post is an absolute turn-off, bad as the stuff you claim the pro-Daniels side is running.
Feel free to judge what I write as you like, but it is NOT as bad as what they say. They lied about facts, I wrote begging Troy voters to investigate what the truth is before they vote for anyone. Emotional? Yes. Untrue? No. What they do is worse. Simple.
The last posting beside this space for posting a comment, allegedly from the Oakland Press, does not make grammatical sense as written.
So this is the quote you are referring to, I guess? Janice Daniels wrote the part in quotes, so blame her for what doesn't make sense: "Whenever a ticket is purchased through any of the major airlines, each passenger already provides enough information about themselves to allow a thorough vetting of our travel history, our criminal background, our residency and our tendency to subversion." - Janice Daniels' suggested method of profiling of airline passengers - a background check on everyone, instead of a harmless body scan -- from The Oakland Press
If you don't believe that it is from the Oakland Press and that Janice wrote it, go here:

I couldn't understand why she would rather have the government investigate her for what I do and read and think than for what is on her person. So they see a cartoon outline of my body? Who cares!

I just told you that you got my attention. Do you want to keep it?
Ed Lambert
I would love to get your attention... and hold it... and maybe even change your opinion.
You know, I may sound crazy now, but that is because I have been watching these people at this for three years now.

How did it begin? Now that's my refrain--
When I was on a city committee, a TCU mailer came out saying that my committee supported a NO vote on the 2010 millage. Truth was, only one person supported that no vote--a TCU/Howrylak fan. The other 10 of us supported a YES vote.* When I confronted the man after the vote (at a city council meeting) and asked why he did that, he first denied it. Then I said, "You know, you made it sound like we all supported a NO vote and that was a lie. Then you sent the mailer out on the Friday before the Tuesday election, so we couldn't let people know it wasn't true!"
He then smiled at me and said, "That's the way the game is played."
That was the beginning of my involvement in Troy politics.
I then worked hard to try to save the library and our biggest, most vocal opponent was Janice Daniels. Initially she argued that the library just wasn't important. Then when she learned that wasn't a winning argument, apparently, she said she cared but the money was "elsewhere." If it hadn't been for Janice Daniels, TCU's fake library proposals and Martin Howrylak's astonishingly misleading letter to voters, again just days before the election, we would today have a 7-day-per-week library for the next 10 years. What do we have today? An underfunded, 6-day-a-week library that we have to save again in 4 years.
Why am I so mad? If you don't know now, I can't sway you.

Note regarding the commission situation...
*The members of the commission didn't know until after the election how we all felt about that millage, because we had never discussed it in the commission meetings, as it would have been inappropriate to politicize the group. We learned that everyone but the TCU fellow supported the millage. And then, we censured him.for his behavior. It's all on record.


  1. Sharon, thanks for responding. The sidebar containing the quote from Daniels and the response from Oakland Press is not clear, not even on a third reading.
    As for Daniels suggesting that RINOs are the problem, she is right. Voters have no real choice at election time because the GOP is liberal-lite, which is not a contrast to the full-blown extremist liberalism of today's Democrat Party. That is one reason why voters by a 70% margin are dissatisfied with the direction in which the country is moving.
    More to the point, the anti-Daniels crowd has yet to offer specific concrete evidence that Daniels is jeopardizing the city in any way. I've challenged people on Patch to do just that. So far there has been no response.

  2. I'm sorry about what you don't understand.
    And I'm sorry about what you refuse to understand.
    Apparently because you like Ms. Daniels politics, you are willing to accept her poor, divisive behavior and unending inability to tell the truth.

  3. Sharon:

    I like your responses to Ed Lambert. They are generous, but I don't know why you are wasting your time. On the Patch there have been many people who offered this guy all kinds of evidence he just doesn't care to listen to.

    He can't have a discussion without making false illogical sweeping generalizations. The only thing he hears is everyone who doesn't agree with him is a 'liberal'. Extreme right wing radicals are 'conservatives' everyone else is a 'liberal'. Of course, the idea that the people he calls 'liberal' might have valid or correct ideas, or that 'conservatives' might be wrong does not enter his equation.

    After a while people stop trying to reason with the unreasonable because it is ultimately fruitless.

    1. I know you try to keep your blog civil. That's why I'm suggesting that sometimes it just time to tell people like Ed Lambert to STFU. In real life I use complete words rather than the acronym.

      At some point conversation becomes fruitless, unless you wish to be following the same thought processes and faulty logic that they do. People like Ed don't recognize facts in opposition to their beliefs as facts, and conflate their beliefs into facts.

  4. I disagree; I am a conservative republican who was fortunate enough to be in a position to see the true motives behind this TCU/Mayor Daniels/Gosselin/Clark movement. Many conservative people I personally know have been taken in by the slogans, catch phrases and soundbites put forward by this movement. This blog has and continues to reveal the true motivation of this crew, the inconsistency in their positions and high pressure, scorched earth, bullying tactics they employee. Mr. Lambert may just prefer civility in his discussion. In any case, I'm glad he's reading and hope he understands the emotion involved in this matter and what's at stake. To Mr. Lambert and any other conservative reading this; please, don't accept the Mayor's statements at face value. If this blog got your attention, research the Mayor's accusations and charges. You'll find, as I did, she's wrong and has no interest in learning what's right. Then talk with your friends and help change this situation we find ourselves in before it destroys what was Oakland County's premier city. These aren't conservatives we're dealing with, they are extremists. We can have a civil discussion because we have the facts and truth on our side.

    1. You just have to read some of the postings on Troy Patch from JD's supporters and you can tell they are nuts (and extreme):..e.g., Best Buy store closings is a government plot to track what you are buying, and further this is a reason to cut government 50%, huh? How in the world are you going to reason with someone like that who is not playing with a full deck?

      I'm going to have to move if this recall doesn't go through to someplace where stupidity is less prevalent.

    2. My favorite is the Agenda 21 people. The ones who think a sustainability initiative from the Rio conference is a New World Order plot to take away our freedom.

      Space aliens may or may not be involved.

      It's coo-coo banana time, ladies and gentlemen.