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Monday, March 12, 2012

Refreshing or Repugnant: You Decide

From Rhonda...

I finally read the March 10th Detroit News article about how our “blunt” mayor stirs controversy. Most of it was common knowledge until I came to the sentence in which the mayor says she thinks it is “refreshing” that she had not sat on any public boards or committees prior to running for mayor. Refreshing? Is that a bragging point? Is it some political jab at her opponent? Because if she thinks it is, she is dead wrong.

Ask anyone that sits on a board or committee. How in the world does she think Troy Daze, the Nature Center, Historical Society, the Friends of the Troy Public Library, Troy People Concerned, Troy Youth Assistance, Leadership Troy, Zoning Board, Parks and Recreation Board and many others, do the good works they do? It is people, volunteers, mostly residents of Troy, working for the betterment of this community. The one she supposedly cares about and wants to lead. She should have gone to the Leadership Troy volunteer appreciation banquet last fall to listen to and meet the people that make this world go around. Not ideologues, but idealists: people that see that contributing to the greater good means something and helps others beyond oneself. It was inspiring.

This kind of rhetoric shows how she is utterly tone deaf outside her circle of support. She keeps showing her ignorance of the community each and every time she opens her mouth. Funny, for someone who pushes for limited government, she should be more supportive, as it will be organizations like those above managed by boards and committees that will perform much needed services as civic money disappears. Perhaps she just objects to “public” boards, like the planning committee that she was hell-bent to seat her personal cronies to carry out her personal agenda.

People that offer to sit on public boards or committees are volunteers. They often work all day and then spend several hours per week going to meetings, helping, dealing with the business of the organization. It can be time-consuming and often takes away precious family time. But people do it because they care about the organization and its important mission. What an insult to think that just because she chooses NOT to do that, she is somehow better than those that do. Or perhaps her inference is that she is not somehow “co-opted” by heaven knows what.

What a dig to all the wonderful people who give of themselves to make the world a better place for children, seniors, youth, the poor or hurting. Being in the company of the many terrific volunteers in Troy is an honor. And there are many that are unsung out there that serve this community with pride that we don’t hear about. To all of those selfless individuals that volunteer on boards and committees and give of their time and talents so freely, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to our mayor I say shame on you for once again finding a way to make a sideways dig at good people to justify your narrow worldview. Just so you know, it is not “refreshing” that you didn’t sit on boards and committees. It simply shows that you had no interest in something that wasn’t politically expedient for you personally. Your statement lowers you once again and frankly, your comment stinks.

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  1. Rhonda rocks again. Perfectly said.

    The people who love Janice's mayoral style are more than likely the same ones who want Sarah Palin to be president...'cause who needs knowledge to be in charge, anyway?