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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reason to Recall Janice # 3 - Troy's Brain Drain

In 2009, John Szerlag told the people of Troy that we were in trouble because of plummeting property values and tax revenues.
Go back and look at videos from late 2009. The Right Guard of Troy -- the extreme conservatives like Janice Daniels, John and Jack Witt, Bob Gosselin and Glenn Clark and their blind followers step up to the city council microphone and call Szerlag a liar. They were wrong. Szerlag was right.
And so it went.
Watch the Troy City Council video archives. You will see all of the same fools who stand up today, twisting facts, or ignoring facts all together, speaking nonsense over and over and over.
The archives are here:
Most of us who have been trying to stop these people from destroying Troy were nowhere to be seen in 2009.
But one by one, we noticed what was happening. We noticed that people were lying to get what they wanted. What did they want? Low taxes, low taxes, and low taxes. Did they care who in the city lost their jobs? No. Dozens did. Did they care that staff took pay cuts, voluntarily? No. They lied about that.
I met when of my new anti-TCU friends and sat next to her in a meeting two years ago when someone proclaimed no one had been laid off in the city.
My friend, sitting right beside me had.
When are the people of Troy going to finally understand that Janice Daniels and Co. are destroying Troy?
When are they going to notice that our city clerk has left, our wonderful assistant city manager and now Mr. Szerlag seems poised to leave as well?
These are the people who held Troy together! 
Through the lies, the attacks, the endless city council meetings where TCU minions repeated falsehoods they learned at the knees of the likes of Bob Gosselin and Glenn Clark.
Stop voting blindly!
Stop taking the word of proven dis-informers, like Janice Daniels and her minions!
Stop forgiving bigotry that sends people away from our borders!
Stop electing the brainless ideologues that are causing the brain drain!
Stand up for truth!
Stand up for Troy!


  1. Sharon, you are raising some points that have piqued my own interest. and I'm willing to look more deeply into the Daniels issue. However, I think you will do everyone a better service simply by reporting cooly and straightforwardly any accusations you have of her wrongdoing and then backing them up with the facts that justify the charges.
    Concerning the above:

    "I met when of my new anti-TCU friends and sat next to her in a meeting two years ago when someone proclaimed no one had been laid off in the city.
    My friend, sitting right beside me had."

    This does not relate to Daniels directly, so why is it in your KTS post?

    You can have my attention, but it must be with relevant facts. The large-caps rant at the end of your post is an absolute turn-off, bad as the stuff you claim the pro-Daniels side is running. The last posting beside this space for posting a comment, allegedly from the Oakland Press, does not make grammatical sense as written.

    I just told you that you got my attention. Do you want to keep it?

    Ed Lambert

    1. Ed: What large caps rant? Are you trying to just divert and confuse because your mind will not accept the reality of this situation if it doesn't conform to your own view of things?

      I believe what you're seeing there is a response by Sharon to years of lying, cheating and back-alley dirty dealing by Janice, Gosselin and TCU. Personally speaking, these people have so offended my deep;y-ingrained sense of fair play, honesty and truth, that I will, honestly, do whatever it takes to boot them out of office and stop them. There are more and more people like me showing up every day.

      We're not reliving ancient Rome yet. Machiavelli is not someone to admire. For me, the ends do not justify the means. If I see dishonesty by an elected official, I won't excuse it, doesn't matter who or what political party they belong to.

  2. In 2009, John Szerlag was hastily reinstated as City Mgr after 5 finalists were vetted at Troy residents' expense. I know this because I sat through their earnest presentations at City Hall. At the time, I was a long-time part-time Troy Public Library employee, and I attended on my own time, to educate myself. Four of the candidates had city manager experience. When it came time for Council to choose, then Mayor Louise Schilling decided nobody was acceptable and successfully maneuvered Szerlag's return. At the same time, the so-called Tea Party began holding demonstrations on City property that were well attended and very lively--and ultimately underestimated by the powers that were at the time. In early 2010, those same powers decided to ask for a millage for Library, Police and Fire in a special February election. That millage failed miserably, in part because it was not exactly pitched to the public--not used to being asked for tax increases--in a reasoned, respectful way. Following that failure, John Szerlag crafted a 2010-11 budget that eliminated the Library as a City department. Some citizens, to their credit, got together to push for a millage that would fund the Library as an independent body. On June 21, 2010, I was a Library employee attending (on my own time) their startup meeting; on June 24, 2010, I was out of a job. My layoff could not have been administered in a more brutal way--by supposedly experienced, certainly well-compensated full-time City employees, still on the payroll. Needless to say, I just didn't have it in me to continue helping out with the new millage campaign. Sadly, that one did not pass either. However, a very modest 5-year millage did pass last year, and were any of us laid-off employees offered our jobs back even after some of us inquired? Of course not! But lots of new fresh faces were hired.
    My long-winded point? It's never a good idea to blindly put your faith in any kind of leadership, management, government. Always question, especially when you're paying for it! Was it really necessary of John Szerlag to completely eliminate a very vital City department to balance his budget? Whatever your answer might be, I assure you it caused unbelievable havoc in the lives of so many good people doing good work at very economical compensation (no piggies at the publc trough, for sure!). Beware, though: even if Szerlag leaves, he gets to mess with your budget one more time before he's gone. Good luck. An ill-spoken Mayor is the least of your worries!

    1. I'm sorry for your experience, but I don't believe that it was Mr. Szerlag's fault. Many, many public and private sector managers in the economic crisis had to cut departments, and reduce personnel. Also, the city manager only carries out the Mayor and city council's policy with the budget he is given. Based on that if one was to assign blame, make sure you give equal time to the ecomomy, the city council and mostly the taxpayers for not approving the earlier millage.

    2. Anonymous...
      There is an astonishing amount of inaccurate information in your post. You had your say. Here's mine.
      I know who you are. Exlibris. You have slammed Troy and me in every newspaper comment section you possibly could. You despise the current library director and you have nothing good to say about Troy. You make jokes about Troy's likely demise, like your smarmy post here..
      I saved the library last August, not you.
      I worked to save it in Nov of 2010, not you. You repeatedly attacked my pro-library stance because you are an angry former employee. Everyone else knew who you were too.
      I see the faces of competent library workers who were laid off and rehired WHEN MY FRIENDS AND I SAVED THE LIBRARY. No thanks to you. Why should you have been rehired when you were against those of us trying to save the library?????? Are you kidding me?
      --You say Szerlag "crafted the budget to cut the library." You don't add that he also crafted an alternative budget, which the council did not vote for. That was their choice. No doubt they figured a wealthy town like Troy would pony up a few bucks to save the library.
      --The "so-called" Tea Party in Troy is not so-called. Janice Daniels and Glenn Clark were among the listed co-founders of the very real Troy Tea Party.
      --You say 4 of the 5 candidates had experience as city managers. Is that all you've got? One had never even been one? I know one was the city manager of Berkely -- much smaller town, eh?
      --And why did we need a new one? Because the conservative council of that day was so loopy and voting on irrelevant religious issues, that he quit.
      --You say Louise insisted on rehiring Szerlag, but Fleming made the formal motion to hire him. Look it up. It's in the archives (the proof of which is on this blog, but I'm not going to look it up for you--why don't you people do some flipping research for a change?)
      And while I don't want to make light of your being laid off from the library, you were hardly the only one. Staff from every department was laid off. It's terrible. It's also happening nationwide. And the TCU folks who you seem to absolve from all wrongdoing were claiming, some still calim, that no one was ever laid off.
      Why do you always blame everything on me and the people who tried to do good, and never blame anything on the people, like Dave Henderson, who argued that libraries are obsolete and can be replaced by Kindles???
      And as for your claim that and "ill-spoken" mayor is the least of our worries, I disagree heartily. She is our number 1 current worry. We'll start to worry about all the rest after we get rid of her.

    3. Dear wearyintroy:
      I apologize for not replying sooner, but I am so used to not being published, I didn't check back until recently. Thank you! I hope you'll publish this too.
      You are quite right about my anger (NOT hatred). It lingers because of the WAY the City executed this most unprecendent mass reduction of staff. I'm not an HR professional, but I can think of several ways it could have been done without inflicting such unintended (I assume) pain. I'm not the only laidoff Library employee to have inquired about getting her job back once the modest millage passed last year. Why shouldn't we have? We weren't fired, although it feels that way.
      You stress over the embarrassment your mayor causes the City of Troy. Your City (used to be my city, too) has a rich history of embarrassing itself (e.g. Hooter's, Alpine garage, the young man killed by police while protecting his van) and often with costly consequences. Only these embarrassments happened on the watches of City staff whom YOU pay much more than $175/month.
      The City of Troy should consider this when it considers the bottom line: the WAY you do things matters. If it doesn't, it will continue to have people like me freely expressing their justified anger on blogs, or, more expensively, your fellow residents/taxpayers expressing theirs on their ballots.