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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reason # 2 for the recall - Janice supporters want her out

Last week I met yet another person who voted for Janice Daniels and now is so humiliated by that vote, she doesn't want anyone to know about it. Her whole family, strict conservatives, are furious about the damage Janice has already done to Troy, and they want her out before she does any more harm.
This person was yet another in the long list of Troy voters I've met with buyer's regret who ALSO don't want anyone to know they cast a vote for her.
That's a reason for the recall.
Although these people will not let me use their names to tell their stories here, they are BEGGING to know when and where they can sign the recall petition.
They feel cheated by the promises Janice made before the election vs. the mayor she is turning out to be.


  1. I have recently been in situations where I am running into many Troy residents, some known and unknown to me. Anecdotal evidence obviously, but not one person has been in support of the mayor. Perhaps she isn't going to events in the city. This doesn't necessarily mean that a recall is a shoe in. It has been proven that the people that support her and that thinking are pretty loud and cunning in efforts to derail the democratic process. So yes, citizens have a legal right according to the First Amendment "to petition the government for a redress of grievances" her folks will say that they don't have one. That is how JD always viewed her weekly city council appearances. She should have no problem with others having that same right. And she will have to live with the results, just like she said she would go along with the outcome of the transit center and move on... oh yeah, I remember how that went.

  2. Comparing her on the record pre-election promises and statements made from the lectern to her post-election words and actions would make for good petition/recall election reasons. Better to show specific broken promises to the average voter than just a lack of competency or any specific embarrassing statement she has made to justify removal