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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All Spin Zone

It’s all about the spin, isn’t it? For example, regarding some recent discussion on this blog, I could say,

“Yesterday, Councilman Dave Henderson took quite a lot of time out of his day to thoughtfully respond to his constituents.”

…or I could say…

“Seems Councilman Henderson has nothing better to do than argue with people who don’t wholly share his views!”

In fact, the whole matter has to do with spin. Henderson posted something on his public FB wall (haven’t we learned about THAT, yet???) denigrating a course offering by the Michigan Municipal League. In that post (which you can see in it’s entirety below), he stated that he had gut reactions against taking any of their offerings, and was now more inclined to resist the training given the topic of the course he referenced. He felt, and I quote his words exactly, that…

... if you need to be shown how to get voters to say yes, you probably don't have a real need for a millage increase. IMHO

To me, his spin seems clear: he don’t need no stinking training courses as long as he uses his “common sense, practicality and raw conservatism.” To me, he was saying that educating himself on topics with which he disagreed was pointless – he has all the tools necessary already to lead our city.

The spin put on that topic here on the blog was that it was a shame Mr. Henderson seemed reluctant to avail himself of education on this and other municipal topics...that leading by his gut was perhaps NOT ENOUGH for a sitting council person in the eyes of a diverse electorate.

We’ll likely never all agree with each other on this…and we don’t have to. Had Mr. Henderson stated his views in a different way, it may not have even merited notice. But the underlying issue here isn’t simply that Mr. Henderson feels an MML course offering is pointless.

It’s his spin.

Mr. Henderson sees himself as the super-citizen, the one who stepped up to stand for “common sense, practicality and raw conservatism.” Numerous times he’s dogged others who didn’t do the same, giving the impression that unless we’re willing to run for council, our views don’t count and our passion doesn’t matter.

He’ll take anyone to task for their reactions to his views, forgetting that he spent years insulting our city leaders. For example, he calls out name-callers in the comments section of this blog. That’s rich from a man who nicknamed our former mayor “Schilldog” over and over. When he was chastised for that, his response was that it was ok…he called his wife a dog, too.

Stand up guy, eh?

He’ll get information wrong time after time, yet take issue with anyone correcting him on that, turning it into an opportunity to play the victim or accuse us of bullying. Just last night, I pointed out that he was incorrectly attributing a post and its spin to me rather than the author. For that, I was scolded for imposing my “intellectual superiority.” It was done, he said, because I didn’t have anything else to come at him with.

So I’m intellectually superior, but also bested by his repartee?

Or maybe I was tired and going to bed but wanted to point out one quick thing when I saw it.

I guess it depends on your spin.

The point is that Mr. Henderson wants to have his proverbial cake and eat it, too. He wants to spout off on anything and everything, but then play the victim when it’s not welcomed with open arms. He is allowed to spin his views, but takes issue with anyone else doing the same.

I could counter every point he made in his verbose defensive statements…I could show him how his logic is flawed, his interpretation of factual evidence skewed, or how he is often just plain wrong.

But I won’t because it doesn't matter. Mr. Henderson has his take, his history has shown he's not interested in anyone else's (much less mine), and frankly... makes my head spin.


  1. Spin indeed... Ha ha, you crack me up... "he had gut reactions against taking any of their offerings"... any? I specifically stated that I am not resistant to tutoring, and I might still take some courses offered by the MML, you simply forgot to post that above... you know for the sake of your spin. I further stated, just not that particular class. Now your blog post above is spin.

    I'll explain the Schildog thing everytime you bring it up. It was a joke, a light reference, I do call my wife affectionately Keldog or Keldo, my grandkids call me g-diddy, I have an email address I use the name stuntdog for myself, a reference to a more reckless time in my life. Keldos motorcycle club name is foureyes and she doesn't wear glasses, the kids call our home Club Hendo. I am a very informal guy. Heck I even call our current Mayor J.D. outside of the council halls once in a while. I get skin crawly when someone addresses me as councilman, or Mr. Henderson, I prefer Dave and not David. There was absolutely zero offense intended with the use of that term, and in no way is that remotely comparable to being called an idiot or a moron which occurs all to frequently here and on the TRUST facebook page. Does that mean I agreed with any policy our former Mayor endorsed? Of course not, thats how our government works. We are all allowed our opinion.

    I don't have a lot of time on my hands these days, but this particular blog needed some counter spin. Thanks for allowing me that.


    1. Hey, thanks for telling us what a great guy you are, Dave-o. I bet you even take the dishes out of the sink before you pee in it, don't ya?

      Boy, howdy, sure am glad we gots the likes of you representin' Troy.

    2. That you call your wife "Keldog" implies she has consented to that nickname. (If she didn't consent, then she wouldn't have answered to that nickname these many years, right?). If you guys have that agreement, then great, the two of you have that understanding that you mean "Keldog" in an affectionate way.

      But, did you ask Mayor Schilling if it was OK to call her "Schilldog"? I can't imagine that you did. And that is part of the reason that makes it disrespectful - there was no tacit consent from her to be called that name. You don't seem to think that is a problem, which makes me question the soundness of your judgment

      And frankly, the context in which you referred to Mayor Schilling was hardly positive, so it was impossible to interpret it as an "affectionate" nickname for her.

    3. Anonymous missed the point. Jill, point taken, it was a misuse of a playful thing. I doubt seriously that the Mayor saw it or really cared what I posted that one time two years ago. Again measuring that against the venom spewed by the people here below (idiot moron etc.), I guess I just don't see this as an apples to apples comparison. Call my judgement into question for that, but I'm guessing if you polled 1000 people about whether they'd rather be called schildog, moron or idiot... Schildog has a fairly good shot at an overwhelming victory.


    4. So you're called out for using what many deem an offensive term for the mayor, and your response is to defend the bad behavior because it's not as bad as some other behaviors.

      Where have we seen that before? Oh, that's right...from our mayor. Her "dictionary word" for the LGBT community was ok because others used it in derogatory ways, too.

      Is that REALLY the behavior you wish to emulate?
      You do remember this is all public, right?

    5. Sue, the former Mayor knows very well where I stood on issues during her tenure. I was far more respectful toward her on public forums, in person, and at meetings than most of what I've seen in the past three months. I don't condone anyones words or actions any more than I would condemn them. I speak for myself, and I stated the use of the term you feel is so offensive was a playful use of pop culture jargon (think Snoop dog, or Randy Jacksons use of the word dog at least 2 nights a week on national t.v.). I'm sorry you can't seem to get over it. End of story. Not sure why I should be concerned about this being public. Fill me in if you think a recall is in the works for using the term dog on a facebook post before I was elected. If thats all you can come up with, I can hold my head high. I promise to try to not use any cultural slang in front of you from today forward. A sense of humor at times goes a very long way.


    6. Irony: on your FB page you state: "if someone doesn't try to stifle the throwing around of inflammatory name calling around here, it'll never get any better. "

      Yet here you defend inflammatory name calling.

      Apparently when others do's inflammatory. When you do's playful and humorous.

      Good to know.

  2. Thomas Jefferson was a self identified Deist, who read the bible in Latin, Greek and English. He studied mathematics, metaphysics, and philosophy. He also read a wide variety of English classics and political works.

    James Madison studied Latin, Greek, science, geography, mathematics, rhetoric, and philosophy. After he graduated from Princeton, he remained to study Hebrew and political philosophy, becoming fluent in Hebrew. Madison also studied law from his interest in public policy.

    Apparently, none of it is necessary. As long as you have “common sense, practicality and raw conservatism,”then everything will be fine!

    Is this guy the best Troy has to offer? Seriously?