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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mayor Daniels' letter is filled with misinformation -- mostly praising herself for things she didn't do

The people I know who are not fans of Janice Daniels', do not respond to her hair or her shoes. We respond to what she does and says.
Last week she sent out a letter to SOME Troy residents, paid for by her mayoral campaign money. Why? The letter is In defense of the recall campaign against her. That's why her campaign has to pay for it. The letter does not tell Troy citizens what she is doing for the city so that we can all make a better city.
She is giving false, hyped-up results of her first few months in office. She is taking credit for things she did not do. She is trying to also turn herself into a champion of the library.
Those of us who fought against her to try to save the library are not amused.
This is what I said to her when I spoke before the Troy City Council last night:

I started paying attention to politics in Troy when I first became aware of the disinformation campaign waged against the citizens of Troy by Janice Daniels and her friends in her group Troy Citizens United or TCU. That’s why I started my blog, Keep Troy Strong.
This was back in 2010, when many of us fought against her to try to save the library. Two times we lost. The last time we won, thank goodness. That is why we have a library today. And so I am surprised to see in the letter that you sent to some people in Troy, Ms. Daniels, that you mentioned the library. I’m surprised that you have the nerve to talk about the library because so many of us think of you as "anti-library Janice Daniels." I remember when you made fun of children who spoke in support of the library. I remember when you said, “Nobody considering moving to Troy asks whether we have a world-class library, they want to know if our taxes are low.” That was when you were talking about the relative unimportance of libraries to our property values.You didn’t understand why the library is important to so many of us. You still don’t. 
If you’d had your way, there would be no Troy public library today. If you, Mayor Daniels, hadn’t fought so hard against the Citizens to Save Troy Public Library back in 2010, today we would have a 7-day library with guaranteed funding through 2020.
Now, we have far less funding for the library and we have to vote AGAIN for funding in four short years. Also, in your letter Mayor Daniels, you appear to be taking credit for reducing the transit center budget by 2 million dollars, which we all know councilmen Fleming and Slater accomplished, not you. Actually, then you complained bitterly about it. Now you take credit for it? How odd. 
You also take credit for Troy’s returning to a 24-hour snow removal policy, which the previous administration actually did. Will you tell the people of Troy the truth tonight? Will you tell the people of Troy that the previous mayor and council, which you so vilified, are the people to thank for the return to a 24-hour snow-removal policy – a policy finalized long before you took office? Will you admit that tonight? And will you tell the truth that if you had not worked so hard to disinform the people of Troy – just as you are doing in this letter you recently sent out – that we would have a fully funded, 7-day-a-week library TODAY? 
Will you tell the truth Mayor Daniels…. 
Or not?
And of course, she did not admit the letter was a sham.
Here it is -- you decide...


  1. As I mentioned this evening at the City Council meeting. This is "smoke and mirrors" and she is the illusionist.

  2. Concerned CitizenMarch 20, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    She was in real estate and is using an old real estate trick. It's called staging. Trying to remove the crappy furniture and household items to make the house look better. You bring in a few new or borrowed pieces and try to resell the house because no one liked it and it wouldn't sell. Try to "stage" it so that people will think it is all shiny and fresh and new and perfect.
    Works some of the time. But its the same house. You better look beyond the stuff that is on the surface that either isn't real or true to the house, or you are gonna be stuck with a bad investment.

  3. What she doesn't directly say is that the State of Michigan (read: Gov. Snyder) mandated the dashboard; she had nothing to do with it. If fact, I believe it was in existence before she was elected....and remember like she has stated, she is not responsible for anything that occurred before she decided to run for mayor. So, she isn't responsible for any of the efforts that are reflected on the dashboard; Mr. Szerlag and the previous mayor/council did all that work. Councilman Fleming requested all collective bargaining agreements be placed on the city website, the Mayor didn't originate that idea.
    As for the library, she opposed the milages and supported the effort to confuse voters by the use of multiple ballot questions. A tactic her side is again utilizing in an attempt to defeat the recall effort...sounds very
    American doesn't it? Certainly doesn't reflect the transparency she brags about when those who placed those questions on the ballot wouldn't identify themselves. Another example of her transparency; requiring a FOIA before she would release the recording of a public meeting held in a public facility.
    24 hour snow removal protocol? That is a direct result of Mr. Szerlag's excellent work with unionized employees in gaining concessions and his efforts to control all other costs. The Mayor did nothing.
    I noted her typical snarky style in her verbiage concerning the transit center; "a much more elaborate location for catching the AMTRAK train for a 61/2 hour ride to Chicago". This reflects her total misunderstanding of the scope of the project.
    Lastly, why expand public comment time? The Mayor is on record stating our government isn't a democracy it's a republic. If so, the why conduct a meeting of our legislative body like a meeting a the Greek Forum? It clearly doesn't matter what people say. Like the previous comment said; this is simple staging.

    1. Very well said. I received that letter, knew it was an unvarnished, galling all-out credit grab, but couldn't refute it point by point in detail.
      It is a character issue, how can we have as mayor someone who so "transparently" lies? How will we know when she is being truthful and when she is only saying things to further her own ends? Her put-down of the transit center is probably calculated to play well with the anti-transit center or undecided populace, but is unbecoming of a mayor who is supposed to lead and go forth with the "positive synergy" that I keep hearing her talk about.

  4. Does anyone really think Mayor Daniels actually wrote this letter? Reminds me of the Wizard of no attention to the man, or men, behind the curtain.

  5. If you listen to the FOIA'd recording from her office hours you can here her admit that the 24 hour snow removal service was accomplished by the prior council. Start listening about 30 minutes into the recording.