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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Martin Howryak is not a Libertarian

I ran into Martin Howrylak at the Taste of Troy event last week. We started off shaking hands, moved to getting nearly homicidal with each other, and then talking much more calmly at the end. 
It was interesting.
Considering the many things I wrote about him when he was on city council in Troy, I was very surprised to learn that the thing that really made him mad was that I called him a Libertarian.
That truly surprised me.
Although I make fun, I hardly think that calling someone a Libertarian is a slur.
Also, my husband and brother-in-law are "libertarian-leaning."
Also, there is still a photo of him receiving an award from the Michigan Libertarian Party as Libertarian of the Year on the internet.
So what's the rumpus?
Mr. Howrylak gave up the L-word years ago, he tells me.
He is now a Republican.
And he wanted me to tell you that.
So I did.


  1. This is the lightest blog post and possibly the one that gave me the biggest chuckle Ive seen here. Well done :0)


  2. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Sounds like Martin doesn't want to feel like a nut right now (as he used to be proud of being a libertarian), espousing the typical crazy libertarian nonsense of total self-regulation, no taxes, states know, the way things were back in 1854.

    Probably much more likely he has designs on some other public office or position and knows crazy doesn't play to a wide audience.

    So let's be generous and call him a Republitarian, like his bestest buddy Janice Daniels and god knows who else...Glenn Clark? Bob Gosselin?

  3. Pretty sure Martin was never a Libertarian. Even when he did admit to it, he was also a Republican precinct delegate. Strange times...

  4. I've only ever heard of Martin Howrylak as being a Libertarian. Not from this blog - but in general. Until now, that is.

    When you google his name, he has been supported and celebrated by Libertarian publications that claim him as a party member. He and the L party appear to have a significant past relationship.

    He is free to change party affiliation. But to say he was angered to be affiliated with the Libertarian Party sounds odd. Is he just angry about his own past choices? Was this is first opportunity to offer you this clarification?

    Martin Howrylak -- (R) it is. Got it.

  5. News flash! Even my husband is groaning at being called a big-L Libertarian, so I have to change that, too.

  6. At least we know we can still count on David Eisenbacher to be a solid Libertarian!